Know Your Place

Angel De Santiago is new to a boarding school. An all boys boarding school that just recently opened to girls. She thought making friends would be hard but that and her school work come easy to her. The only hard thing was keeping her crush on her math teacher hidden. Daniel Morris has been teaching at the same boarding school since his teaching career began. Always get hit on by the older female teacher and even attracts a good amount of men teachers and students. When he found out about the school letting girls in he was glad. Ready for something new and different. But he wasn't ready for the girl who would take his breathe away. And possibly his job. Just started. Might take a while to update. Comment, favorite, read!


3. Chapter 2

"Guys hurry up I don't want to be late," I yell at my roommate who are practically running to keep up with me. "Ang chill. If you go any quicker I'm gonna pass out," Tina says once her and Sasha catch up to me. We had already gone through most of our classes and it was really good so far. No homework yet and in the afternoon we have the really fun classes but right now was my flavor it's. Math. Call me crazy. 

I walk with them the rest of the way and soon we arrive at class. I see students chatting away and the teacher is nowhere in sight. I scan over the room looking for a seat. There were ten small tables that could seat two people. Sasha and Tina take one off the tables and I'm righteous next to them in an empty one. I look around the room and the class is mostly boys. 

"Long time no see," someone says taking a seat next to me. I turn around and see Derek. "Hey I didn't know I had any classes with you," I say excitedly. He holds his hand out and I rummage through my bag to find my schedule. He hums to himself while looking it over. "Well we have all the afternoon classes together," he says with a smile and I can't help but smile to. All of a sudden a guy walks over to our table. Him and Derek start talking so I pull out my phone and open up my twitter. 

"Angel," I hear Derek say so my head snaps toward him. "What," I ask clearly confused. "Nothing. Just Tyler over here wanted to know your name," he says causally. I finally get a good look at the guy who I guess is Tyler and he is quite attractive. I guess I'm staring at him so long I didn't notice him stick him hand out until I felt Derek tap my arm. "I'm Tyler," he says smoothly," and you must be the lovely Angel." I can't help but smile and blush a little as he said that. I look away to hide it. "See you later man,"he says giving Derek a friendly pat on the back. "And I hope to see you around later also," he says giving me a wink before we walks to his seat on the other side of the room.

The sudden ring of the bell startles me so I jump a little. Derek laughs at me which earns him a glare. the door suddenly swing open and everyone's attention goes to the person coming in through the door. 

He can't be older then twenty five but he is fine. And he is also my teacher.

~~Daniel's POV~~

Can today go any worse. First I spilled coffee on my shirt which made me late for my first class then I fell asleep in between classes and more things that I can't keep track of. It's finally math class just before lunch and if I make it through this I'll be alright since the afternoons this year are fairly simple. I reach my class just on time and I accidentally swing the door open to fast so the whole class stares at me. I shut the door and walk to my desk. I scan the class recognizing some familiar faces but most are new and girls. 

I flash the class a smile and my of the girls swoon. Same reaction as from all the classes before. "Hello class I'm Mr. Morris your teacher for this year. Since I see so many new faces how about we play a game of twenty questions," I announce. The kids seem pleased with this so we began going around the room. I ask general questions and the time goes by quickly until we are at the last student. A girl wearing jean shorts some short of band tee shirt with matching vans and beanie. 

"Name?" "Angel De Santiago." That's pretty

"Age?" "15" Why does this class have to be so young

"Where are you from?" "Santa Monica." 

  "Family?" She takes some time to answer, swallowing hard and she looks at the ground. "Mom and two siblings both younger." 

The bell rings and the whole class starts to pack up. I keep my eyes on Angel watching her. She looks uncomfortable and shaken up and I know I'm the reason. "Miss Santiago can I please speak to you after class," I say and she looks up at me with wide eyes. I flash her a smile and look away. Once the class has left I shut the door and turn back to her. "I'm sorry," I say just to get it over with. "For what," she ask clearly confused. "For making you uncomfortable. I didn't know the question was a sire spot for you. I'm sorry," I say. 

She finally looks up at me and I'm close enough to see her striking green eyes. I feel something in my stomach but I can't put my finger on it. I see her smile at me and my stomach almost explodes. "Thank you Mr. Morris," she says grabbing her bag, "it's okay really." I nod my head and she turns to leave.

"Favorite color," I say as she reaches the door. She laughs quietly and turns to face me. "Maroon." She eyes me up and down, "why did you ask?" "We never finished the game so take a seat," I say motioning to my chair. She sits down and looks at waiting for me too ask. 

I ask question after question going well passed over twenty but she doesn't seem to mind and neither do I. I find myself answering questions. The bell rings signaling lunch is over. "Sorry mr. Morris I have to go," Angel says getting up quickly, "this was fun I'll see you soon." She leaves and I can't help but smile

I think that feeling in my stomach defiantly had to do with the girl in red vans. 

And I love it.

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