Know Your Place

Angel De Santiago is new to a boarding school. An all boys boarding school that just recently opened to girls. She thought making friends would be hard but that and her school work come easy to her. The only hard thing was keeping her crush on her math teacher hidden. Daniel Morris has been teaching at the same boarding school since his teaching career began. Always get hit on by the older female teacher and even attracts a good amount of men teachers and students. When he found out about the school letting girls in he was glad. Ready for something new and different. But he wasn't ready for the girl who would take his breathe away. And possibly his job. Just started. Might take a while to update. Comment, favorite, read!


2. Chapter 1

I get out of my car and pop open the trunk. The drive was nice I must admit. The drive only took about 45 minutes. I haul out my big bags of luggage, close the trunk and finally turn to face my mom. She look like she was on the verge of tears and in all honesty I was kinda sad. I give her one last hug and look at the car as she pulls away and leaves me. 

 Pulling three cases of luggage with you is hard enough but when u involve stairs it's like mission impossible. 

 "You need some help," I hear a soft voice say followed bye a laugh. I jump a little startled by the sudden noise which cause them to laugh again. I turn around to met this boy. He was none or teninches taller then he with kind brown eyes and a goofy smile plastered over his face.

I nod my head and he takes two bags from my hand. "I'm Derek. Derek Willis," he says giving me a nod because his hands are full. "I'm Angel. Angel De Santiago," I say, "do you know where dorm 17B is." 

He smiles again. "Yup. Follow me." We walk a bit more until he breaks the silence. "Are you new here," he ask but shakes his head. "Of course your new here they only let girls in this year. Duh." I can't help but laugh.

"Yeah I'm new, but I'm guess your not since you found my dorm," I say looking at the big building in front of us. You could see girls going in and out of two double glass doors and a little sigh that says 17B over it.
"Do you want me to help you take these up stairs," Derek ask with a hopeful glint in his eyes. "Sure," I tell him not wanting to burst his bubble.

 "Thanks again," I say to Derek as I finally set the bags down out side my room. "No problem it was fun. Your cool," he says leaning against the wall. "Well I better get inside and start unpacking." I reach in my pocket for my key and unlock my door. I wheel the bags in while I feel Derek watching me. 

"Well I guess I'll see you around," I say kinda uncertain. I'm about to close the door when he puts his hand on it to stop me. His has his phone in hand and he points it in my direction. I look at him and he gives me a guilt yet pleading look. We exchange numbers and soon he is on his down the hall. As he turns the corner he waves back at me and I can't help but smile I have a friend. 

I shut the door and look around the room there a set of bunk beds a single bed a mini fringe couch bean bags and a computer. What really catches my attention is the two girls looking at me with wide eyes. They stare me down for what seems like forever until the blonde girl jumps up and attacks me with question.
"Tina, calm down. Don't overwhelm the poor girl," says the other girl making her way over to me. "I'm Sasha and that's Tina." They both seem nice. "I'm Angel," I say sticking my hand out for them to shake. "Nice name. If you don't mind me and Sasha already picked out our beds and made them so the solo bed is all yours," the girl Tina says giving me a white smile. "That's fine," I say simply.

 They go back to unpacking and getting everything settled. They finish before me so they offer to help with my stuff and soon we're all done and everything looks nice. "Are you guys hungry," Tina ask all of a sudden. We all look at each other and nod. "Well on my way I say a pizza place near the courtyard. Does that sound good," I ask. I was starving since I hadn't eaten since this morning and it was already 6:30. 

 "Sound great," Sasha says. We grab our purses and keys and head out.


"I'm stuffed," Tina says sitting on the couch. I groan in agreement from my spot on my bed. The pizza place was fantastic and since it was the first day everything was free. "Hey I wonder if we have any classes together," Sasha wonders out loud. I roll over to get my schedule from my night side and hand it to her. She reads over all off them quickly and smiles. "Cool we have almost every class together. Did you guys know we have to take hand to hand combat and survival kills," she says. Those classes actually sound interesting and could possibly be loads of fun. 
 For the remaining part of the nite we watch tv, chat a bit and soon enough I can shift snores coming from Tina and Sasha passed out with her head phones on. I was on my laptop looking through some information on the school. We don't need to carry around books since all of the stuff is on our laptops, the food seemed really good, the classes were for both boys and girls which was a plus and all of the teachers taught two or more subjects.   

 I turn my laptop off and claw into bed trying to make myself comfortable. Maybe this place wasn't so bad. Maybe it will be a fresh start. 


Beep beep beep beep beep beep
I roll over groaning as if that would shut the cursed thing off but it doesn't so I have to find my phone which is of course on the couch. I practically crawl to get it. I see Tina and Sasha rubbing their eyes and yawning . Today was going to be good.

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