The Truth About Bethany McAllister

JennxPenn is a Youtuber. People say/think she has the perfect life. Only child. Parents. She is utterly beautiful. She is a famous youtuber. She knows the O2L members and other Youtubers. But Jenn has a secret. She has a sister.
Bethany McAllister. Jenn's younger sister by a year. Jenn doesn't want ANYONE knowing about Beth. Because Beth has a couple secrets of her own...
Find out in "The Truth About Bethany McAllister."


2. Meeting Everyone.

Beth's Pov

Me and Sam arrived at Starbucks and I can see Jenn already talking to Jc and Connor. Sam ran over to them with me trailing behind. "Guys. I met someone who looks EXACTLY like Jenn!" He exclaimed then ran over to me, grabbing my hand and pulling me toward them. Jenn looked at me and then realized who I was. "Beth...?" She said quietly. The boys looked at her confused then at me, "Oh, so now you remember me." I told her. "Beth..I-" She stammered, "Nah, I think I'm gonna go. Almost 5 and yeah. Got places to go people to see." 

Jenn still came around so she knows what I'm talking about and she nods but Sam stops me, "Why do you have to go?" "Because if I don't go my mom will probably kill me." He frowns, "Can I come with?" I cringe when he says that. "Um..No." He frowns and I skate off to therapy.

I know what you're probably thinking. I'm some crazy physco. But no. A couple years ago my mom found out I was starving myself and blah blah blah. She sent me to therapy until I get "better". 


After therapy, they hand us our journals for the weekend, to write our shitty feelings. I take it with me and start skating home.

I open the door to my house and see everyone in the living room. Literally. Jenn, my mom, my dad, Jc, Sam, Trevor, Kian, Ricky, and Connor. They're all looking at me,"Um?" I raise my eyebrows, "We got some news and since the boys are like family we invited." I chuckled, "Family? I barely met them today." Mom glares at me. "So what's the news?" Mom looks at dad, "We're getting a divorce." Jenn frowns, "FINALLY!" I yell. They all look at me. "Well you guys settle this. I'm gonna be up in my room. Bye!" I say and start to run to my room but mom stops me, "You're going with Jenn to Vidcon. We all discussed it." "Haha no. I rather be shot. Twice." Mom and dad glare at me, "You're going and that's final." I glare and run upstairs to my room. I hate her so much. 

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