The Truth About Bethany McAllister

JennxPenn is a Youtuber. People say/think she has the perfect life. Only child. Parents. She is utterly beautiful. She is a famous youtuber. She knows the O2L members and other Youtubers. But Jenn has a secret. She has a sister.
Bethany McAllister. Jenn's younger sister by a year. Jenn doesn't want ANYONE knowing about Beth. Because Beth has a couple secrets of her own...
Find out in "The Truth About Bethany McAllister."


1. How you remember me. And. How you forgot me.

Beth's Pov

   I was skating through the skatepark and thought about everything. How Jenn was so "famous" and how she totally forgot to ever mention me. It's not my fault I'm like this. Why is she so perfect? I thought and then bumped into someone. 

Before we get any further let me mention something. No one knows about me. I'm just Beth with no siblings. And Jenn is just Jennxpenn with no siblings. We're twins though, so we kinda look alike. Back to the story.

I fell to the ground and scraped my knee, "Oh I'm sorry." The stranger said and I got back up and grabbed my skateboard, "Nah, It's fine I wasn't paying attention." I replied and looked up and saw the one and only Sam Pottorff. He's sometimes in Jenn's videos. Believe it or not, I do watch them. "Jenn?" He asked. Oh god. I shook my head, "Nope, not me. Sorry" He looked confused, "Oh. Sorry. You just look a lot like her. I can show you, they're at Starbucks. You can come." He asked. Oh god I rather be shot. Twice. "Um. I'll pass..." I said. He looked upset, "Pleaseeee." He begged. I sighed, "Fine. I'm Beth, by the way." He smiled as we started walking towards Starbucks, "I'm Sam."

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