Mine ❤️

Niall and Paris meet at a one direction concert but what happens when niall didn't get her number and soon finds her on YouTube......??


2. concert

We arrived at the concert

Eliza: hey Paris?

Me: yes

Eliza: thank you for bring me

Me: no problem

Eliza: where our seats?

Me: front row

Eliza: really???!!!


After we found our seats we got on our phone. I will describe me I have brown hair with blonde high lights and eyes with all different colours they have brown in the outside then green then blue! Eliza has dark brown hair with brown eyes! My name is Paris! I was wearing a crop top with a infinity sign on it an it said Directioner on it with jean shorts on. Eliza was wearing a shirt that was one direction with jean shorts on too

After 5SOS came out we all started to scream and during the middle of the song which was gott be you Niall spotted me and waved and of course all the girls behind me thought they were waving at them so I just waved back at him! The while concert he stared at me and at midnight memories Niall started to talk "we met these girls today and they have amazing voices and we want them to come sing with us" with that he walked over to the security hard and whispered something and with that the security came over and helped me and Eliza up on the stage they handed use mics. And we all started to sing I got a few solos during the song and Niall stood by me the while time! It was amazing! After the song we got off stage the boys sang one more song to close of the concert it was amazing!

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