Chasing Dreams (Kalin and Myles)


2. chapter two

• • • •

"want to hang out tonight, bruh?" he asked as i was fiddling with his radio.

"u h m, sure. have anything in mind?" i asked just as his phone chimed. he unlocked his phone and rolled his eyes. "what is it?" i asked him.

"this freaking guy. he found out about me singing and now he has been messaging me about hooking up and doing something together" he moaned.

"well, who is it?"

"myles. myles parrish", he sighed, not sounding happy. I sat pondering this when he interrupted my thoughts,

"how about the movies?" he asked, snapping his fingers.

"i'm down" i said, turning the radio up.

• • •

"this line is so long" i complained as we waited outside for our tickets.

"hush" he hissed as he scrolled through twitter.

"kalin? excuse me, are you kalin white?" we heard coming from behind us. we turned to see a guy with brown hair, rosy cheeks, and a snookie poof looking at us.

"yes. can i help you?" kalin asked, confused and taken back.

"i'm...i'm myles" he said. his hand was trembling a little as he ran his hand through his poof nervously.


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