Chasing Dreams (Kalin and Myles)


3. chapter three

• • • •

'holy shit fire balls' i thought as i took him in. he. was. so. attractive.

"oh, yeah, man!" Kalin said, sounding kinda weirded out.

"bruh, i heard you one time and you're really good. we should get together and mix something up." myles started babbling. "I have tried contacting you a bunch of times. i guess you were just too busy..." he trailed off, looking over at me. "are you two on a date? dang. i'm sorry-"

"NO!" we both yelled as we laughed, cutting him off.

"just friends" i laughed.

"but we really need to get to this movie..." kalin said, looking over to the doors and back at me. "put your number in my phone, myles. i'll call you afterwards".

"yeah, yeah, man. no doubt. just hit me with that bbm" he said, putting his number in his phone. i looked away to hold back from laughing. he handed the phone back and we walked inside.

"bbm?" i mocked. he started laughing as he playful pushed me.

• • •

"I hated it. worst movie ever." kalin whined as we walked out.

"shut up and call myles. if you two don't get together i will hurt you. this could be your big break." I encouraged. he rolled his eyes and pulled his phone out. i continued to walk as he stayed back and talked. a few minutes went by and he came walking up. we got in the car and he started driving. he didn't say anything. he took a turn i didn't recognize.

"where are we going?" i asked, looking at him.

"to myles' house" he smiled.


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