Chasing Dreams (Kalin and Myles)


10. chapter ten

• • • •

"COTTON CANDY!" kalin yelled as soon as we were in sight of the man swirling the cotton candy on the stick. i chuckled knowing this would happen and then stopped when in a blink of the eye i was by myself. i looked out in front of me to see both kalin and myles running towards the man with a smile on their faces that seemed like they were five years old. a smile grew on my face as i made my way over to them. i stood beside the booth as they got their cotton candy and then as soon as kalin was by my side i grabbed a hand full of his and shoved it in my mouth, smiling up at him. "hey now, playa playa!" he laughed as he playful guarded his snack. i laughed and acted like i was going for more when i noticed myles was staring at us. i froze.

"what?" i asked him as my smile faded.

"you two. are y'all dating? like, seriously." he said with no trace of joking on his face. i looked up at kalin who was looking at me.

"myles, we're not dating." I stated and noticed then that he was trying to hide a smile that wanted to appear on his face.

"but we have before." kalin followed and i noticed myles eye kalin.

oh crap, i thought.

"what happened?" he asked as we started walking away from the booth.

"if you don't mind me asking" he followed up. kalin had a mouthful of cotton candy so i took this question.

"we just...fell apart." I said. even i could hear the sadness in my voice. it still hurt. after everything, i was still wounded by him. immediately i started thinking about rachel. how i wasn't her. how she took him from me. how she had something i didn't. how he wanted her over me. even if he said it was a mistake, i knew it wasn't. you don't make the same mistake twice.

"shelby?" i heard someone say with concern in their voice, pulling me from my thoughts. i blinked and looked over to where the familiar voice was coming from. kalin.

"yeah?" i said quietly.

"you okay?" he asked. i shook my head, feeling my throat tighten.

"i'm sorry, shelby. i really am. i didn't know-" myles started to say but i cut him off.

"lets go ride that." i said, trying my hardest to change the subject. i saw kalin out of the corner of my eye drop his head and then myles gave me a small smile.

"alright. lets do this." he said as he took my hand and pulled me with him. i stopped and looked back.

"kalin? are you coming?"

"no. i'll sit out this one. go ahead. i'll be waiting here." he said, pushing a smile. i nodded and allowed myles to take my hand again. i didn't think anything of it. i just figured he wanted to keep me close so that i didn't get lost or pushed around by bigger people. we got to the Egyptian boat and got in line. a few minutes passed and we were loading in. he picked the seat closest to the back. i looked at him once we got clicked in and he was smiling so big at me. I grabbed his hand which seemed to have taken him by surprise but not for long because he grubbed my hand and winked at me.

"i've got you" he said and he tightened his grip. i got hit with a wave of butterflies and my heart started to race. what was happening? this couldn't be happening. i haven't felt this way since..since kalin. my thoughts got interrupted by the jerk of the ride starting. i didn't know i jumped until myles looked at me with a small smile on his face. "you okay?" he asked. i nodded and faced forward. we were heading down when i threw mine and myles hands up in the air, letting the wind take my hair everywhere.

i was enjoying my time. i was enjoying this with him. the ride was over and i gently let go of his hand as i stood up. we started back towards kalin when i realized someone was standing in front of him laughing with him. i stopped to figure out who it was and felt my heart stop when i figured it out. rachel. i don't know how i got over there but i knew it wasn't going to be good. i grabbed her shoulder and jerked her around.

"have you not done enough damage?!" i yelled, just inches from her face. i felt someone wrap their arm around my waist in the attempt to make sure i didn't get any closer. i jerked the persons arm away from me and continued toward her. "you ruined our relationship and now you still have the courage to come around him! are you stupid! get the hell away from here before i beat the hell out of you!" i yelled in her face as she started backing away. she turned away and walked off. i looked back to see who grabbed me and noticed that it was myles. myles had me. not kalin. i looked around for kalin who was just staring at me. anger on his face. "what!" i spat at him. tears started forming in my eyes from the amount of anger i had rushing through my body.

"I can't believe you just did that. you don't even know what we were talking about!" he defended himself.

"oh, really? you're sticking up for her?! fine! take your happy self over to her then! chase after her. because you sure as hell never came after me!" i yelled before i pushed through him and took off into the crowd. about five minutes passed and my phone was buzzing. unknown number. i answered. "hello?"

"shelby! geez. where are you! i have been looking for you everywhere. kalin gave me your number before he...whatever. just tell me where you are. please." myles pleaded. i sighed and let the tears fall. he went after her. again. he chose her again.

"by the Farris wheel" i whispered before hanging up. i slid down the side and let myself go. i let myself cry. i don't know how long i had been there but i knew it was long enough when i got lifted up and held by someone. i could tell who it was by his cologne. myles. i fell into him and, for the first time, let myself cry. he pulled me away and i saw the sadness in his eyes. i quickly wiped the tears away and pushed a smile. "what's next?" i asked, looking around at the rides.

"shelby..." he whispered as he took my hand. it wasn't like before. he intertwined us this time. i looked down at our hands and exhaled. "talk to me. what happened. who was that." he asked, taking his other hand and placing it under my chin to make me look at him. i sighed and began telling him everything.

• • •

i shut the car door after getting out and walked over to the drivers side window. i smiled at him as he looked over at me. it was about midnight now and i had spent the whole night with myles.

"goodnight." i said sweetly as i smiled at him.

i was at my door when i heard his car door open and shut. i turned around to see him behind me. i looked at him confused when he moved in closer as he put his hand gently on the side of my neck. he was nervous. i could tell by the way he was watching the emotion on my face. i smiled and slowly moved in as he did the same. i could feel his cool breath on my lips. i closed my eyes and allowed him to connect our lips together. it was slow, gently and passionate. it was something not only i wanted but he wanted, as well. i slid my hands up his chest and wrapped my hands around his neck. he stopped kissing me and leaned his forehead against mine as a smile formed on his face. i couldn't help but smile back as i wished him a goodnight. i quickly turned back around and yelled out to him. he stopped just before he got in his car.

"yeah?" he asked.

"text me when you get back home to let me know you got there safely. no texting and driving. no speeding. be careful." I said sweetly. he nodded and i waved bye to him as i went inside. i took a deep breath and walked upstairs to my room. i put on my pajamas, went to the bathroom to brush my hair, teeth and remove my makeup. i got done and laid in my bed replaying the evening in my head. replaying our kiss over and over again. i gently placed my fingers over my lips and smiled lightly. my phone rang and i looked at it. kalin. ignore. i didn't want to talk to him right now. i didn't want to talk to him any time soon. i was happy and i wasn't going to let him ruin that right now. i rolled over and within seconds i fell asleep. i woke up to my phone vibrating. i opened my eyes to see it was still dark in the room. i picked my phone up without seeing who it was.

"hello?" i mumbled as i sat up.

"did i wake you?" myles asked.

"oh, yeah. i must've fallen asleep

without knowing." I said as i started waking up.

"well, i was just letting you know i got home safely." he said. i could just see him smiling now.

"thank you. i'm glad you did." i said, smiling.

"i'll let you go back to sleep. be ready by 11 tomorrow. i'm going to take you out for lunch." he said.

"sounds good! will do. goodnight, myles. sweet dreams and sleep well. don't forget to say your prayers." I said into the receiver.

"sweet dreams, shelby" he said before hanging up. from that night on, i fell asleep with a smile on my face because of Myles Blake Parrish.


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