Chasing Dreams (Kalin and Myles)


6. chapter six

• • • •.

it was spring so it was warm even with the sun down. the wind kept it cool and relaxing. i was about a street away now and i was praying he would be up. i got to his house and knocked on the door three times in a row. by this time, my thoughts were driving me crazy and causing tears to start reaching the brim of my eyes. the door opened with caution and i saw him standing before me with a puzzled look on his face.

"are you okay?" he asked just as i busted into tears. he pulled me in by my wrist and wrapped his arms around me. comforting me as i cried. "another nightmare?" he whispered as he rested his chin on my head. i couldn't talk because now i was in full out panic attack so i just nodded my head and heard him sigh. "baby, you're okay now. it's been over two years now. i'm here. don't worry." he reassured me. i pulled away and wiped my face free of tears and took a deep breath.

"can i stay?" i whispered as i looked into his eyes.

"of course" he said, sympathetically. i pushed a small smile as he took my hand and led me up the stairs and into his bedroom. i laid down in his bed and curled up into a ball and closed my eyes. after a few moments of silence and realizing that i never felt him lay next to me i opened my eyes to see him sitting by the door looking directly at me. i furrowed my eyebrows and leaned up.

"aren't you coming to bed?" i asked him. he didn't answer, he just kept his eyes locked on mine. "kalin?" i asked getting worried.

"yeah. i'll be right there" he said as he shook his head lightly before getting up and climbing in next to me. i felt him close to me and let out a sigh of relief. now, i was a hundred and ten percent sure that i was safe.

• • •

i woke up to see kalin's face. he gently smiled at me before asking me how i'd slept.

"I slept like a baby" i smiled. he kept his eyes on mine and i moaned before sitting up and slamming my hands down on the covers. "what do you want for breakfast?" i asked as i pulled the blanket off me and standing up. he bolted out of bed and started naming things off.

"waffles. no pancakes. with strawberries. oh oh oh and bananas. naaaah, maybe some eggs and toast. WHAT ABOUT-"

"kalin!" i laughed, cutting him off before he went too crazy. he rolled his eyes and chuckled as we headed downstairs and into the kitchen. his house was practically my second home so i knew where everything was. i slammed and hit everything together while i tried getting it all prepared.

"hey, can you not make so much noise?" he asked. i dropped the bowl in my hands onto the counter letting it hit with a hard thud and turned around.

"oops" i sarcastically said and giggled. he didn't respond so i turned around. i was fixing the pancakes when i felt water all over me. i gasped and turned around to see kalin having the water sprayer from the sink in his hand and the biggest smile spread across his face. "that does it, cali boy!" i yelled as i started pelting him with eggs.


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