Chasing Dreams (Kalin and Myles)


7. chapter seven

• • • •

"truce! truce!" i heard him yelling from behind the refrigerator door. as soon as the second egg had hit him he throw the door open to his behind it. i stopped throwing and starting laughing as soon as i saw a roll of biscuits in his hand. "can we pleasssseeee have these, shelby. please. please. please!" he begged, peaking around the door. this boy could eat!

"sure thing, garbage disposal." I laughed and he walked over and put them down beside me. "now go clean up all that mess!" i demanded as i hit him with a rag. he sighed and marched away like a little kid. an hour later and the food was done. we were sitting around the table eating- scarfing, for kalin- when his phone started to buzz which had reminded me about my phone by the door where i left it late last night. i got up as he answered the phone and went to get it. four missed calls from my mom. oops. i dialed her number and listened at it rang.

"shelby, honey, are you okay? where are you?!" she asked, frantic.

"mom, i'm fine. i had a nightmare and came over to kalin's to stay. i couldn't be alone and you still weren't home. i'm sorry i didn't call you or text you to let you know. it just wasn't my first thought." I informed her. i could hear her sigh on the other end.

"it's okay, baby. i'll be home all day today so come home when you want. tell kalin i said hello." she said before hanging up. i walked back to the kitchen and sat down. kalin was texting someone so i just sat there patiently.

"myles called. we're going to get together today and work on a song." he told me as he put his phone down and shoved the rest of his last breakfast in his mouth. i nodded and took a drink of my milk. "you're okay, yeah?" he asked, eyeing me as i played with my food.

"yeah, i'm fine." I said as i pushed a smile.

"would you want to come with? i'm sure he wouldn't mind." he asked and smiled when he mentioned myles. kalin was good at reading people. he always knew when i liked someone or there was a possibility that i would like them.

"that's fine." I said, smiling back and letting him know he was right.

• • •

i laid on myles' bed as they sat against his all glass closet door and brainstormed on lyrics. two hours went by and they were finished. they stood up and myles went over to his computer and started messing with some beats and i wasn't going to lie, he was really good.

"that's great!" kalin exclaimed as he nodded his head slightly to the rhythm.

"I like that one." I stated. myles looked over at me and smiled.

"yeah?" he asked and i nodded. "this one it is" he said. "kalin, grab the lyric book and lets try this out." he instructed and kalin did exactly that. i listened as both of them did what they did best. myles took sudden glimpses at me from time to time and it made me feel nervous. i pulled at my sleeve and bit my lip in hopes that no one else could tell i was nervous. they were done and i started clapping.

"bruh, that was sick" kalin said all pumped up.

"helllllo, first video" myles said with excitement.

"i've this guy named Tyler. he can shoot the video for us!" kalin said as he pulled his phone out. myles nodded and then looked over at me.

"so you like it?" he asked me, looking into my eyes.

"yeah. it was pretty great" i answered. he smiled and i couldn't help but smile back. kalin stopped talking and put his phone away.

"he's ready right now." kalin told myles.

"lets go!" he said, getting up and running out with kalin. i laughed at their excitement and took off after them. we got in the car and headed to where they were shooting.


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