Chasing Dreams (Kalin and Myles)


1. chapter one




i had my chin rested in the palm of my hands as i stared at the clock above my English teachers head. spring break is less than fifteen minutes away and he was trying to assign the class an essay to write. was he crazy or was he crazy?

"pst. pssssst." I heard as i rolled my head over to the left knowing exactly who it was. the only one who would decide to talk while the strictest teacher was talking.

"yes?" i whispered, moving my eyes from him back to the teacher.

"what are your plans for this break?" he asked as he poked me with his pencil.

"well, beyoncé called and invited me to her mansion for a nice cup of tea. she's flying me out and everything!", i said sarcastically as he glared at me jokingly.

"Mr. White! Ms. St. Laurent! do we have a problem?!" my teacher snapped as he slammed his hands down on his desk.

"no, sir." we both mumbled as we faced the front of the class.

"would you like-" he started to say before he got cut off by the final bell. everyone gathered their stuff and bolted for the door. "don't forget your essay!" he yelled after the class.

• • •

"saved by the bell" kalin laughed as we were walking through our peers in the hallway trying to push our way out of the school.

"thankfully" i sighed as i bumped into him on purpose.

"you did n o t just bump me!" he said and in a swift movement he had swooped me up and thrown me over his shoulder and was running outside.

"KALIN, PUT ME DOWN, YOU GOON!" i shrieked as he put me down by the passenger door. he opened the door for me and then jogged to his side of the car and got in.


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