Chasing Dreams (Kalin and Myles)


9. chapter nine

• • • •

it had to be at least one in the morning, why on Earth would my phone be going off this early. i rolled over and saw a twitter notification. i unlocked my phone and allowed it to update my twitter app. i had a new follower. myles. i smirked and followed back. seconds later i had a dm from him.

he was so cute that it made me smile.

"@yourboymyles: hey, buttercup. i found you. :)" i read, smiling i started to reply.

"@shelbyrrenee: i see that. hah. did you find kalin, too? :p" i replied.

"@yourboymyles: yeah!! hey, i'm getting off here. i'll see you tomorrow!"

"@shelbyrrenee: tomorrow? u h m. what do you mean?" i asked him, confused. i waited. and waited. and waited. but didn't get a reply. i fell asleep in no time and woke up to my mom kissing me on the forehead.

"hey" i moaned as i stretched.

"good morning" she said, "kalin is here". i sat up and scooted my feet to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, ran my hairbrush through my hair, and put on some makeup before heading downstairs. i moved passed him and headed to the kitchen, knowing he would follow me.

"good morning, sunshine" he greeted as he sat in one of the red stools that went well with our black kitchen appliances.

"morning" i grumbled, pulling out the orange juice and a glass from the cabinet. i took a sip and winced at the taste it left. toothpaste and orange juice don't mix well. "why are you here so early?" i asked, sitting next to him.

"I was headed to myles' and decided to drop by and see you". i nodded my head slightly while taking another sip.

"do you want to come?" he asked, twisting in the chair to face me.

"eh..i don't know if i should" i said cautiously.

"come on. i'm sorry for yesterday. i'm sure he wants to see you. plus, you're kinda like a good luck charm. everything is always good when you're around" he said, nudging my arm and smiling. i chuckled and stood up.

"let me go get ready. ten minutes" i said as i backed out of the kitchen, my eyes still on his.

• • •

"myles?" kalin called out as soon as he opened the front door. we stood there and knocked on the door for five minutes. kalin isn't vey patient so he decided to just walk in. of course, there was no answer. i heard some water running from upstairs and i nudged kalin.

"he must be in the shower" i suggested, looking up the stairs in the direction where the noise was coming from.

"lets just go wait in his room." he said, starting up the stairs. i hesitated at first and then quickly scurried to catch up with kalin. he pushed myles' bedroom door and sat on the edge of his bed, i took the computer chair. we sat in silence for a while as i twisted around his chair and fumbled one of his hats in my hand. suddenly, i heard the water shut off in the other room and my nerves shot. the door creaked open and i heard his footsteps getting closer. my heart stopped as i saw him standing in the doorway, towel around his waist, no shirt on, and messy hair.

"oh, shoot!" he exclaimed as he looked at me and kalin.

"we knocked for a good five minutes but no one answered so we just came in." kalin explained, looking at me and chuckling. i turned around in the chair so i was facing the wall and put my head down, feeling embarrassed.

"oh, yeah. uhm. let me just..just get some clothes on.." he stammered. i slightly turned to see him quickly gathering an outfit and then looking over at me, embarrassment all over his face. he left and a few minutes later came back in, clothed this time.

"alright. so what are the plans for today." he asked.

"the fair!" kalin said as soon as myles asked the question. i hadn't even been paying attention to the fact that i still had myles' hat in my hand until he nodded to it.

"you can have that if you want. i barely wear it anymore. plus, i have a hundred more around the house" he said as he smiled at me.

"oh, no. that's fine." I protested, putting the hat back down next to his computer. his smile faded and he barely nodded. something was wrong with him. but what? for some reason, seeing him not smiling really upset me. but it's been only a few days of knowing him and i already was controlled by his happiness.

"but, seriously, guys, lets go to the fair." kalin repeated. i looked over at him and he was staring at me.

"sounds good" myles and i said at the same time causing us to laugh in unison. myles grabbed his phone and we headed out to the fair.


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