Chasing Dreams (Kalin and Myles)


11. chapter eleven

• • • •

it's been about two months now, leaving the date to be July third. I have been sitting in my room for almost two hours staring into my closet. i have nothing to wear, i thought. i have an hour until Myles picks me up for our two month anniversary surprise date and i only have my hair and makeup done but absolutely nothing to wear. i sighed and flopped down on the floor in an attempt to throw a tantrum when i noticed my shiny black cocktail dress in the far back of my closet. i jumped up and quickly threw it on. i went over to my body mirror and smiled at myself. finally. i slipped on my silver high heels and grabbed my phone before heading downstairs. as soon as i hit the bottom step the door bell rang. perfect timing, i thought to myself. i opened the door and saw him standing there with a smile on his face so big that you'd think he just won a lifetime supply of Reese's cups. my smile grew just seeing him and i took a step out before shutting the door behind me. he led me down the stairs, hand in hand, and walked me to the passenger side door before opening it. i slid in and watched him with gentle eyes as he shut the door and made his way over to the drivers side and got in.

"you look gorgeous" he breathed as he looked over to me.

"thank you. but, look at you! you look so handsome" i smiled, leaning over to him and kissing him on the cheek. he smiled and started the car. with that, we were on our way. we rode the entire time with our hands intertwined. he let go of my hand and i followed to where it was going. the glovebox? he popped it open and got out a blindfold.

"oh, no. you're kidding. you're not being serious!" i protested, knowing exactly what he wanted me to do with that.

"please, baby. it's a surprise." he begged. i looked at him and he gave me that look that defeated me every time. i sighed and covered my eyes and tied it behind my head.

a few minutes passed and he stopped the car. i heard his door slam shut and then heard mine open before i felt him take my hand, which gave me instant butterflies, and as soon as my feet landed on the ground i was off of it again. he was carrying me bridal style.

"kick your shoes off" he whispered. i smiled and did as he said before he put me down. i felt the cool sand in between my toes. "I'll be right back" he whispered into my ear. i stood there waiting and listening. that's when I heard him off whispering to someone. "alright, bro. lets go." he said to the mystery person. it was quiet and then i felt his hand slid around my waist. he unfolded the blindfold and i froze.


• • •

it's been two months since the fair. two months since I've been dating myles. two months kalin had been out of my life. see, we never worked things out after the fair. actually, this was the first time seeing him since then. we hadn't talked either. my throat tightened and my eyes started to burn. he gave me a weak smile and i took a step back. i felt myles drop his hand from my waist and then saw him move into sight. he didn't say anything. no body said anything. i tried blinking the tears back but that only caused them to fall from my eyes which upset me more. i looked at myles; confusion all over his face.

"why did you do this" i asked in a hush voice, tears streaming down my face.

"i thought-"

"no. this was supposed to be our night, myles. why did you bring someone who hasn't bothered being in my life the last two months to something so special like this." i couldn't stop the tears and by the looks of it, myles was on the verge of crying too.

"shelby, i thought it would be a nice surprise. i know you miss him. i know you think about him when you're quiet. i can tell. just..let him in." he begged. i saw Kalin step towards me and i quickly turned my attention to him. he wasn't stopping. he didn't plan on stopping. before i knew it he was wrapping his arms around me and holding me tightly. i heard him sniffle and knew he was crying, too.

"i'm sorry i didn't call or text or tweet or come by. i just..i was angry with you for the whole rachel thing and i was too stubborn to apologize. i let my best friend get away because of my pride. i want you back. no. i need you. you're my world, shelby. i just..i can't go without you anymore" he said into my ear. by this point i had already wrapped my arms around his torso and was hugging him back.

"i forgive you" i said, barely audible, after a few minutes of silence. i dropped my arms and he did the same. "but i can't let you in. not right now. you weren't there for me when I needed you. now you want me when i'm healed and okay? that's not how friendships work, kalin." i said, shaking my head.

"what do you mean?" he choked out, stepping closer to me. i shook my head and stepped back toward myles, taking his hand in mine.

"shelby" i heard myles breathe out like he was shocked.

"don't do this. please. i need another chance. a chance to fix this." kalin begged, taking yet another step closer.

"people always leave, kalin. you know that. i know that. happiness never stays with me for too long. you leave. i leave. eventually myles will leave. you can't win them all." I said. i saw myles jerk his head to me when I said that but ignored it.

"i never left you. i drove by every night just to see if you were doing okay. i called your mom almost everyday to see if you were fine and how you were. i never left. not once. so don't. don't you dare say i left you." he said defensively. that took me back. all those nights my mom would have secret phone calls, and i would always wonder who it was that was slowing down at my house before driving off. i let go of myles' hand and stepped up. i didn't say anything. i had nothing to say. i just walked right up to him and wrapped him up in arms.

"don't you dare leave again." i said sternly into his shirt and i felt him shake his head.

"i wouldn't dream of it" he finally said as he kissed the top of my head.


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