Remember Me

If you love something set it free, if it comes back it's meant to be.

Katrina is starting her senior year, not knowing that her ex-bestfriend Harry Styles will be in mutual classes as her. After not talking for 2 years over a massive fight, will Harry and Katrina forget the past and move on with the future?


2. chapter two

He said hi?! He spoke to me? I couldn't believe this. He said he never wanted to speak to me ever again. Didn't know what to think. I felt weak in my knees, thank god that I was sitting down.

"Hi…" I said uneasily.

"Is this awkward?" He asked in a husky whisper.

I could feel his eyes burning through my soul.

I refused to make eye contact. Tears formed in my eyes. This is what I wished for two years ago when I was broken with no one by my side.

"Um, yeah?" I replied with slight confusion in my voice.

He nodded and faced forward.

I wanted to speak to him more, I missed him. He changed so much, his curls are not as curly as they were two years back. I had to think of something to say to him. But what?

"Do you think it's awkward?" I asked him, choosing my words carefully.

"No" he said as the bell rang.

The entire day I barely payed attention, my mind was filled with him. When I came home the first thing I did was call my sister. Like usual she didn't pick up. I was quite disappointed, she was the only one I could tell everything to.

As the night approached, I laid in bed and thought about Harry, why was I so dry towards him with my sour responses? Tomorrow I thought, tomorrow everything will be better as I fell asleep.

The next morning when I arrived to my culinary class I dropped my bag on my chair, as I read the standards for today's recipe I saw Harry walk in. What was he doing here? I was beyond confused.

He walked towards the teacher and then back to me.

"I can't believe you are in two of my classes." He said and with a chuckle

I gave him a big smile as I said,

"Amazing hey?"

"Still sassy, as always I see"

We sat down as the teacher gave us our new cooking groups for the first month. Sadly Harry wasn't in mine.

Before the class ended, Harry walked up to me holding a paper bag.

"Do you want some cheese biscuits?"

"Didn't you over cooked yours?" I joked

"Hey, they are delicious!"

"Whoa, look at all that sass!" I laughed, a few seconds later the joined.

When class ended, we walked out together, we talked about our cheese biscuits and how amazingly delicious they were.

"Katrina by the way do you still have my number?" Harry asked me

"I actually um, blocked your number, after the um, the fight." I said as I faced him. I quickly added

"I got a new phone, here, add yourself." I handed him my phone.

He took it from my hand, our fingers touched and I felt a spark.

"You have a tank case!" He laughed as he observed my life proof otterbox case

"Knowing me and how much I drop my phone, this is the only case that could protect my phone"

We talked until we reached my math class. I told Harry that I'll see him in English. I turned and started walking towards the classroom.

"Katrina wait!" Harry yelled across the busy hallway filled with millions of students.

I turned around and saw Harry approach me. I gave him a puzzled look, waiting for him to tell me what was up.

"Can I, um give you a hug?" He blushed

I thought my heart was going to explode. I wished our hug lasted a life time instead of couple seconds.

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