Remember Me

If you love something set it free, if it comes back it's meant to be.

Katrina is starting her senior year, not knowing that her ex-bestfriend Harry Styles will be in mutual classes as her. After not talking for 2 years over a massive fight, will Harry and Katrina forget the past and move on with the future?


1. chapter one

September 5th. My senior year has already started 5 days ago. I was wondering what everyone wore and if all if my teachers were nice.

I was sitting inside an international plane waiting for the connected flight to board. I was coming from Canada to go back home to London.

I've spend my entire summer there, visiting my sister. But throughout all those months my mind was still thinking the same thing. Him.

I got goosebumps and shivered as the memory hit me. I put my feet under me to keep me warm. Damn air ventilations.

I still remember that day. That response. That text. That fight.

As the memory took away my focus, I felt something bump into my shoulder, my memory quickly vanished and I realized the connected flight was boarding to the plane I was in. I leaned on another side of the arm rest and took out my iphone and looked for a new song to play during take off.

During my last takeoff I spend 10 minutes trying to explain to the stupid flight attendant that I don't have to put my phone away or turn it off when I put it on airplane mode. That stupid head replied with a fake smile and a reply that was filled with sass and annoyance. This time I was going to hide my phone under my lap.

When I finally settled on a song I looked up. It was him. He was there 3 feet away from me. After 2 years he was closer to me than ever. He is 3 seats in front of me. Holy shit.

I unbuckled my seat belt and was about to run his way, when I remembered that fight between us. I went back to my seat and sat down like a loser, ignoring the glares from people beside me.

I don't remember much of the flight but I do remember landing. I bumped my head hard against the persons seat in front of me. Damn.

The following weekend was a total blur. My parents greeted me, I was faking my emotions around them telling them I've missed them and all. As soon as they went away. I broke down and started crying as I was hanging back my clothes from the luggage. I didn't want to be back. Not with him in this city. I can't deal with all this. I hate it all.

When Monday showed up I woke up extra early to have more time to spend on my hair and makeup. I spend way to long trying to decide what to wear. My final decition were dark washed capris with a while tank top that showed off my tan quite well and a black button down shirt over top the tank too. I was feeling dressy, so, I wore a gold bib necklace with moccasins for shoes. I did my regular makeup with a hundred coats of mascara followed by bronzer to contour my cheekbones like Kim Kardashian and a nude lipgloss. I toped everything off with a loose fishtail, and gucci rush perfume.

As I sat in the car with my mom, I felt like a total loser. I was sure everyone in my grade had their license and cars and they didn't have to get their parents to drive them, because they didn't want to take the bus. As she dropped me off, I said my bye and walked towards the school. My first class was a culinary class where you get to cook and make tasty dishes, my class was alright I didn't know anyone but my teacher was a total sweetheart, after that I had math which was horrible but again with a sweet mid aged woman. When lunch came I found my friends and spend the entire lunch with them.

When the bell rang I walked to English, I was scared to go in because I hated presenting and speaking in front of the class. As I walked close I found a man standing outside the class.

"You must be Katrina!" He said with a smile

"Yeah" I said and smiled back

"You missed 5 classes, but it's okay, take a seat at the 3 rd row, second last desk."

I walked in the class and saw the desk he was talking about. There was also an empty desk right I front of it.

"Should I sit in this one instead?" I asked and pointed to the third last desk.

"No sit there, I made a seating plan."

20 minutes in the class, Mr Holts talked about some short story, I looked around the class and realized that I only know 2 people that I never spoke to. Well this is going to suck. I thought.

There was a knock on the door. Mr Holts stopped his speech, and walked towards the door to open in. When he opened in a person walked in. When I saw who it was my heart dropped.

"Motherfu--" I whispered quietly to myself

"Harry, take a seat in front of Katrina, the girl with long hair and a black shirt."

Holy shit. I couldn't believe this. He had to sit right in front of me? Jesus. The entire class I spend just staring at the back of his head. I couldn't believe we didn't talk for two years, before the fight we were best friends for six years. He was the reason I came to school every morning, just to see him. I'll admit I liked him a lot but I refused to tell him. He then started dating this girl, whom I thought was really ugly. To be honestly any girl that Harry thought was cute I automatically thought was ugly. When he started dating a girl younger than him, I made a big deal and we threw insults at each other and didn't talk due to ....

My flashback was interrupted when Harry turned his head and faced me.

"Hi" he said with a smile

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