Simply, Mine (Louis Tomlinson)

London Ella Carter


"There it is." I said as Charlotte drove into our new driveway.

"Yeah, do you guys like it?" She asked as she unbuckled herself. I nodded with a smile in response. "What do you think, Lettie?" Charlotte asked Scarlett who was peacefully sleeping in her car seat. I chuckled lightly and opened the car door. I got out and stood there taking in our new house...


2. We Meet 1D

London Ella Carter


"Hey London, wake up babe." I heard as I was awoken from my sleep. I groaned and laid on my stomach with my head buried in my pillow. "Hurry up, we have to finish unpacking." Charlotte said as I covered my ears. She pulled my hands away.

"Stop. I'm tired." I said stretching the 'R'.

"Just hurry up." She finally gave up and left me in peace. I glanced at the clock and shook my head. It was 6am. Haha, she must be crazy thinking about waking me up this early. I decided to sleep for another hour or so, and soon dozed off.


I woke up at about 7:45 and finally chose to get up. I lazily got out of bed, walking towards my bathroom, I decided to take a shower. First, I brushed my teeth, then washed my face. Afterwards, I got into the shower.

When I was done, I wrapped a towel around myself and my long, brown, wavy hair. Still half asleep, I walked out of the bathroom, to my room. I changed into my undergarments. Then, managed to find some baby blue skinny jeans and a white, sheer button up blouse. To complete my outfit, I grabbed my white toms.

I chose to let my hair air dry and left it down. When I was satisfied with my look, I went downstairs to find Charlotte unpacking.

"Took you long enough." She said a bit annoyed that I chose to sleep in. I walked over to her and started to open a box.

"I'm sorry, I was really tired." I responded taking the box to the kitchen. I started putting away things where they belonged, cups over there, plates over here...and so on.

Around 10am, Scarlett woke up and thank goodness we were done. At first, she just stood on the top of the stairs looking baffled.

"Good morning Lettie." I said as she finally came downstairs. She waved and came over to where I was sitting on the couch.

"Hello!" She said as she gave me a peck on the cheek and sat down in my lap.

"Wanna watch tele, princess?" I asked as she her little head nodded rapidly. I laughed and turned the tele on. We searched for some cartoons and chose to watch iCarly.

"I like this show, London." She said.

"Yeah?" I asked and she nodded in response. After a few minutes, I remembered this was the episode One Direction starred in. I squealed and Lettie looked at me funny.

"What is wrong with you?" She asked in a sassy voice, I laughed.

"One Direction comes on thi-" I said, but was cut off by One Direction coming on the tele. Scarlett looked back at me and soon, we were both squealing as they performed 'What Makes You Beautiful'.

We sang along, and soon enough, Charlotte who was in the kitchen making breakfast, joined. After they finished performing, Sam took Zayn away and Lettie let out a squeak.

"Sam... She took my hubby!" Scarlett yelled as I changed the channel.

"Hey, its okay. She was just playing." I said calming her down by giving her the remote. She furiously switched the channels as I french braided her long, light brown, straight hair. It was weird how me and Charlotte both had dark brown, wavy hair like our parents, but for some odd reason, Scarlett was born with light brown, straight hair. Eh, whatever.

"Breakfast is ready!" Lottie yelled from the kitchen.

"I'll race ya." Lettie said as she ran to the kitchen. I ran after, but sadly, she had won. "I won." She said with pride as she struggled getting up on the bar stool. I gave her a push, and she was up.

"Need any help?" I ask Charlotte as I sat down. She turned around from what she was doing, then shook her head.

Once she was done, she handed us a plate of pancakes.

"Thank you." Lettie said digging in.

"You're welcome, Scarlett." Charlotte responded and began eating.

"So, when in Matthew coming over?" I asked her. Lettie looked up and her eyes went wide.

"Matthew is coming over?!" She yelled with a huge smile on her face.

"Yup." Is all that came out of Charlotte's mouth. "Oh, by the way, he's coming over around 1 o'clock."

"Oh okay, so what shall we do in the meantime?" I asked wondering what we were going to do.

"I was wondering if you and Scarlett could run to the store and buy some supplies, like food, you know." She responded and I nodded.

"Yeah, sounds good. Right Lettie?" I turned to Lettie, who was distracted with her pancakes. Me and Lottie just laughed.


"Okay, let's go Scarlett." I said as I waited for her to put her shoes on.

"Coming." Scarlett said running to me. I caught her and picked her up I we said our goodbyes to Lottie.

"Bye, now don't be late." She reminded me as she rushed us out the house. I walked towards Lottie's black Range Rover with Lettie balanced on my side. We got in and we were ready to leave. I turned the radio on as I backed out the driveway.

"Ready Lettie?" I asked her. She nodded her little head and then, 'Story Of My Life' came on. I heard Scarlett start fangirling and soon she was singing along. Who knew that a kid at the age of 3, could be a big fan of One Direction. I guess she got it from me and Charlotte.

After driving around London for a while, (Hehe they live in London and her name is London) we finally arrived at Asda. (Its like Walmart)

"Let's go, Lettie." I said as I unbuckled myself and got out of the car. I went around and opened her door as she jumped out. I smiled. "Here, give me your hand." I said as she gave me her little hand. I locked the car doors and we were off to shop.


"That will be a total of £95." Said the nice cashier. I nodded politely and grabbed my wallet getting out £100. I handed them to her as she gave me £5 back. "Have a nice day."

"Thank you." I replied as I pushed the buggy out of the store and to the car.

"Ma'am! Ma'am you dropped this." I heard someone say as I turned around. Three guys wearing hoodies and Ray-Bans ran up to me handing me my iPhone 5S. I looked at them.

"Thank you so much." Lettie said as she took the phone from them. They chuckled and I quickly noticed some blonde hair sticking out of one of the guys hoodies. I mentally slapped myself for not knowing that I was standing in front of Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik. I stood there, quite surprised they were here.

"You''re Niall, Liam, and Zayn..." I whispered making sure nobody heard me. They looked at me and nodded.

"Please, just don't say anything." Liam said looking around. I nodded.

"Thank you for returning my phone." I politely said.

"You're welcome, love." Niall said as I blushed. Lettie just stood there, looking at me and Niall back and forth. Then her eyes went wide.

"London, you have a boyfriend?" She asked. I laughed and quickly told her no. "Hmm."

"Is that your name? London." Zayn asked. I nodded.

"It's a pretty name." Liam said.

"Thank you." I replied.

"London, why are you talking to strangers?" Scarlett asked me. I looked at her.

"Scarlett, they're Niall, Liam, and Zayn." I whispered and her eyes went wide again.

"You're-" She began as I cut her off by placing my hand on her mouth. They laughed and nodded. She squealed and hugged Zayn. He smiled and picked her up.

"She's only three and is a big fan, like me and Charlotte. Zayn, you're her fave." I said. Zayn kissed her cheek and she went wild.

"May I ask who Charlotte is?" Niall asked.

"Oh, she's our 22 year old sister. You guys should meet her one day." They nodded.

"Can I have your number." Liam asked. I nodded and quickly gave them my number. "You seem like a pretty nice person," I blushed. "We should hang out sometime."

"Yeah, we should." I said.

"Just, please don't give our numbers away." Zayn said. "We trust you."

"Oh, yeah I promise I won't give them to anyone." I said.

"Thanks, now we have to get going. Its was nice meeting you." Liam said giving me a quick hug, followed by the others. "Bye."

"Bye, and it was nice meeting you too." I responded as Zayn put Scarlett down, and waved as they walked to the entrance. I smiled and unlocked the car.

After I finished putting the groceries in the back, I got into the car and got buckled up.

"Ready?" I asked Scarlett as I heard a click signaling she had buckled herself.

"Ready. Can you put some music on?" She asked. I turned the radio on and we were on our way home.


When we got home, I saw a white Charger in the driveway. I pulled in and noticed it was Matthew's.

"Hey, Matthew's here so be on your best behavior." I said as Scarlett jumped out of the car and ran to the door. I followed her and unlocked the door. We walked in and found Matthew and Charlotte in the kitchen talking.

"Hey, look its London and Scarlett." Matthew said giving me and Lettie a bone crushing hug.

"Hey." I said as he pulled away.

"Matthew!" Scarlett yelled.

"Lettie!" He said mimicking her. She laughed as they ran off upstairs to her room.

"Hey, can you help me unload the car?" I asked Charlotte. She nodded as we walked outside. We got to the car, and started unloading.

Once we were done, we decided to make some lasagna.

"So, how'd it go?" She asked.

"It went well. Oh yeah..." I said getting excited.

"Oh yeah, what?"

"We met Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne!" I fangirled.

"Uh, did you really?" She asked a bit sad she didn't meet them. I nodded.

"That's not it. They gave me their numbers and said that they wanted to hang out sometime!" At this point, Charlotte and I were both fangirling.

"What's going on?" Matthew said as me and Lottie stopped in our tracks and turned to look at Matthew, who looked puzzled. I laughed along with Charlotte and told him everything that happened.


After a while, the lasagna was ready. We sat in the dinning room talking about how Charlotte was soon going to start UNI for her last year, and how I was going to have to look after Scarlett.

"So London, your birthday's coming up." Matthew pointed out.

"Oh yeah." I said.

"So, what do you?" Charlotte asked as she cleared the table.

"Erm, I'm not sure really. I could use a car, you know..." I said looking at her. She just rolled her eyes and walked to the kitchen. I laughed. "Some One Direction tickets, maybe. I dunno." I said.

"Well, you'll know sooner or later." He said as he went to go help Lottie in the kitchen.

"Can we watch a movie?" Asked Lettie as she hopped off the chair.

"Yeah, what do you want to watch?" I asked as I grabbed her hand and we walked towards the living room. She ran to the couch and plopped down.

"Toy Story!" She responded. I chuckled at how my little sister had so much in common with Liam Payne.

"Okay." I said as I found the movie and put it on. I turned the tele on and switched the channel. Soon, the movie began.

Half way through the movie, Charlotte and Matthew decided to go out, so that left me and Scarlett.

After the third movie, consisting on Toy Story 3, we decided to order some pizza for dinner. It was already 6pm. In the meantime, I made some popcorn. Right when it was done, the doorbell rung. I took the popcorn out and went to the door. It was the pizza man.

"London Carter?" He asked and I nodded. "That will be a total of £18."

"Okay, let me grab my wallet." I said as I went to the kitchen and grabbed £20. I walked back to the door and handed it to him. He took it and gave me the pizza. "Keep the change."

I closed the door with the pizza and popcorn in my hands. I went to the living room and set them on the coffee table.

"Yay!" Scarlett said as she popped some popcorn in her mouth while opening the pizza box. I laughed and took my phone out. Two new messages, one from Charlotte and another from Niall. I opened Charlotte's first.

Hey! Just letting you know that I'm staying at Matt's. So, I'll be home 'round 10 tomorrow. Make sure to lock the doors :)

I replied, Hey! Yeah, I'll lock 'em, just make sure you don't have too much fun without me ;)

Next, I opened Niall's...

Hey Charlotte! What's up? :)

I responded, Hey Nialler! Nm wbu?

I put my phone in my pocket and got a slice of pizza. Cheese!

It was around 11pm, and I was pretty tired. Scarlett was fast asleep on the couch. I decided to join her slumber, and soon, I was passed out.


Hello! Here's chapter two of Simply, Mine and I hope you guys enjoy it! Don't forget to tell me what you think in the comments! Love you guys! :))


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