Beat to the pulp

Hi my name is Kylie Horan yes as in all famous hottie Niall horan's little sister


2. telling Niall

We'll I'm Niall Horan I'm 19 I have an older brother named Greg who is 20 and a little sister who is 17 ok we'll my sister still actully stats at home every day while I'm gone and I no she gets beat but I'm just waiting for her to tell me so I can beat the shit out of who ever is beating her ALL GIRLS SHOULD NOT GET BEAT ITS RONG I am coming home to see her and I hope she tells me but if it's dad who beats her then I'm beating Greg and dad and I'm disowning mom and theo because I love KYLE she is my world. My baby girl my little sister without her I'm week that's why I wrote the song strong Kylie makes me strong when I come home I look for word to see her my light my world and she keeps things from me like if she has a bf or if she is prego or when she needs pads or when she is on her period at all but I no I'm a guy so I don't need to know but I'm the only one who cares about her no one else does.

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