Beat to the pulp

Hi my name is Kylie Horan yes as in all famous hottie Niall horan's little sister


1. my big bro

Hi my name is well u no Kylie Horan I'm 17 I have 2 big brothers Greg who is22 years old and Niall who is 19 I'm the youngest me and Niall still live at home but he leaves all the time for one direction and all when he leaves I get beat some weeks or years at a time it's horrible but when he gets back I'm supposed to act like it never happend even the bruses I say I got them frome soft ball but not all of them . My big bro is my only protection from my mom and dad and Greg we'll Greg acts like I'm not his sister and he tells theo that I'm not ha ant we'll it's not my fult I get beat all the time but I do and I no that one day Niall will come home and stay hear forever till I move out that is my dream that's all I ever wanted for Christmas but I never have one and it seems like forever when he leaves and when he comes home I'm all happy not fake happy but reall happy my mom sayes what Niall doesn't no won't kill him but in my eyes it will it will hurt him that I'm being beat and that Greg and theo don't care at all or that mom doesn't leave that pies of shit boyfriend of hers and tomarrow Niall is coming home for 3 months and I no u no I no that I'm only happy cuz that means no beatings for 3 months and I get my big bro Niall too and I gess to be fair I'm gonna tell him bout my beatings and hope for the best!.

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