The girl from the stables

Justin Beiber decides to take Jayden Smith horse riding at his country house but what happens when Jayden falls for the girl working at the stables for summer


1. Meeting them

Chrissa's POV

Hi I'm Chrissa I'm 14 aqnd work at a stable because I'm trying to earn enough money to buy a new horse.

Carla ( boss also my big sisters friend) _ hey your going riding today you are taking three new riders for a trek.

Me- Awesome thanks

I got up and went to get changed, I wore black skinny jeans and a light blue Ralph  Laauren polo shirt and some boots, I put my hair into a fishtal grabed my hoodie incase I got cold rabbed my hat and headed out I went into the barn and sadled up 3 hrses, one white, one brown and one chestnut. I then went In to Charms and sadled her up.

I walked back out and saw Carla talking to thre guys with theirs backs to me,

Carla- This is Chrissa

The three boys looked at me and I realised who they were.

Me- Hi I'm guessing I'm taking you three out on the horses?

Carla- Yeah this is Brooklyn, Greyson and Jayden.

Me- Beckham? Chance? and Smith?

Them- yeah that's us

I leaded them to the horses and brought out the white one which was called Crystal, the brown one which was called Mocca and the chestnut one which was called Copper.

Brooklyn chose Mocca Jayden cose Copper and Greyson chose Crystal, I then took them to the riding paddock and helped them on, and Carla was watching tem so I could go get Charm. I came back out riding Charm and got faster and jumped the fence, they all except Carlaa stared at me in awe. After that we left and went for the trek.

Brooklyn's POV

She was gorgous, Chrissa not the horse. I as so glad she was taking us. The way she jumped that fence was amazing she is actually a godess.

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