Heart On Fire

She can still smell the smoke. She has no one. Abusive foster homes. The only person she has is Spence. She loves him.


1. Prologu


June 14th, 2011


    I wake up to the smell of fire smoke. Then hands are on me, shaking me. “Neri! Neri get up! The house is on fire! Neri please wake up!” I jump out of bed. I see me little brother August. I grab him and hug him. “Are you alright?” His face is covered with soot, and he is crying. “I’m fine. I called 9-1-1. They are on their way.” I hold his hand and we run trying to find a door to leave. We scream for our parents. Then we hear our father scream our mothers name. “Meagan! Meagan wake up! You’re gonna be okay, just please wake up!” We scream for him, but he’s ignoring us still yelling for our mother to wake up. Then there is an explosion. It becomes dark. The last thing I saw was August, holding my hand, crying. I wake up in a bright white room. I look around, petrified. Then a nurse walks in. “Oh you’re awake!” She looks surprised, but relieved. She yells into the hall, and then a strange man walks in. “Hello Neri. I’m Mr. Walker. I am from the government. I am here to help you.” I am less scared, but I need to see my parents. Now. “Where is my family? August? Is he alright?” He stares at me and frowns. “Neri, your parents died in the fire. Boards fell on your mother and burned her to death, and your father suffocated.” My parents. Dead. This can’t be happening. They couldn’t be dead. Who will take care of me and August? August. “August. Where is my brother? Where is August? He needs me!” Mr. Walker grabs my hand lightly. Trying to be comforting. “He’s in bad condition. He has a very low percentage of living. He is awake. Would you like to see him?” I nod and get out of  my bed. Mr. Walker takes me to August’s room. I run to his bed. “August!” I don’t mean to yell, but he is the only person I have. “Neri? Neri is that you?’ His voice is low and in a gasp. He is dying. I refuse to tell him he is going to be alright. He is strong, but he is a little boy. He is only five. It isn’t fair. He didn’t deserve this. He has so much to live for. This isn’t fair. “Hey baby. I am right here. I love you so much. Just remember that. I love you so much. You deserved so much better.” He has a tear dripping down his burned face. I couldn’t help but start crying myself. I try to pull myself together, not for me, but for him. “You need to take care of  yourself Ner. I love you too. I need you to stay strong. For me, Mommy, and Daddy. Okay? Can you promise me that?” I nod. I start crying hard. I can’t lose August. He is the only one I have left. “I love you Neri….” and his hand goes limp in mine. I can’t do this. He has to stay alive. I say his name. “August…” I shake his body. I shake harder and harder trying to make him wake up. I start screaming is name. “August! August please wake up! August! August please I need you! You’re the only one I have left! Please!” The nurses pull me off his limp body and drag me out of the room. Kicking and screaming August’s name.

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