Holding My Breath

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8. The night before

“Are you ready for tomorrow?” Bramai asked. I looked around in the cell and nodded. He smiled to me, and got back on his favorite spot. I hate the cell at night, I can’t believe I can’t even get a candle! I hate darkness… reminds me of the Nadow. Some rang a bell, making it hurt in my ears. I sat on the mattres.

“What now?” I asked him. He didn’t answer at first. I could hear footsteps approaching. To people. A prisoner and a guard? A heavy breathing sound too…. A chill went through my bones, trying to remind me of something, but even though it felt right on the tongue, still it was too far away to reach. Damn memory! I rested towards the wall, starring out into the hallway for the cells. It must be unnerving to have people seeing you like an animal.

“Let’s see… who shall we chose today?” some high druken voice sounded all through the hallway and into my cell. People started to beg, from the different cells, some even touched the bars, making a sound of electricity ring this way.

“Whoe-who a-RGH you guard-ing” the voice said, near enough to let me know, he must be talking to Bramai.

“Rachael” he answered.

“You don’t usua… usual… usualle staaaand here!” the man noticed. How drunk is he? I tried not to laugh for myself. Alcohol is not a good friend, especially if you are guarding prisoners!

“No I don’t, since Rachael don’t usually is here” Bramai seemed patient. The man moved to the side, so I could see him. And so he could see me.

“SHE DOESN’T  LOOK DANGEROUS AT ALL!” he outburst. Bramai came with a small sigh. He’s skin looked greasy, a giant mole right on his nose, and hair growing out of his nose. His hair looked wet, and blond. His stomach huge…. So much that the uniform couldn’t hold it in. “And you don’t look like a guard should” I answered back.

Bramai tried holding in a laugh, but it was hard. He started to giggle, while the man looked extremely offended, as if I had called his mother a Brombi Boomer. “SHE SHALL BE THE ONE!” the man declared. The rustle from the rest of the cells stopped. The silence was weird for a second.

“No, she is not going to be the one” Bramai said “She is the Kings prisoner, and she has to fight tomorrow” The man started shouting words I couldn’t understand, until he at last was willing to discuss it with Bramai. The one to what?

In the darkness I could hear the heavy breathing, and through the bars I could see it. Dark, floating in the air, its head to the ceiling and chains on its arms. 15-30 cm long teeth pointing out of its mouth, with a stink of death on its breath. The eyes were black holes – into the darkness it leaves you in…

Covered in clothing that’s grey dark, and with long slimy looking arms. It looked into my eyes- I think - , and started flowing towards me. I screamed and looked away. Like the cell at night isn’t bad enough! A deep voice began to laugh, and I took a peek. Both Bramai and the guard was looking surprised at me. I felt a hand on my head.

“Don’t be scared, my baby girl” the deep voice said. I looked up and saw what I hadn’t been able to see on the distance. I jumped up and hugged him.

“UNLCE!” His arms went around me, and I felt so happy. I had been too afraid to ask dad were he had went after I was taken. Last time I asked about someone from my past, all I was told was that he was dead.

Bramai and the guard started staring more and more, I could feel their eyes.

“You shouldn’t be in there!” Bramai noticed to him. I smiled at Bramai.

“He won’t hurt me, don’t worry”. I took his arm and closed my eyes. I could feel how the hand became human again, and how he shrunk. But still taller than me.

I looked at the scar that runs over his left eye, I looked at his skin, at his smile, and in his eyes. “I missed you so much, my little princess” he hugged me again “We had no idea where you had gone! We should have known you would be he-“ he started. I smiled at him. “Mom brought me to the human world, dad have already found me, don’t worry”.

He smiled at nodded. “Then why are you here? The kingdom is the last place you should be!”

I smiled again and shrugged my shoulders. “Marking…” I answered.

“You do know that he sucks the happiness out of you by touch right?” Bramai noticed from behind the bars.

“It doesn’t matter for my princess” he noticed “Since her happiness never raises and never falls”.

With that he hugged me again. “I am so happy you are safe!”

“You too ish” I smiled at him “What are you doing here?” he then started to tell me about how he was looking for me when he got captured and then he had been kept here to torture the prisoners…

After two hours he said I should get some sleep, and for the first time in a long time I had no problem sleeping. He left as the creature he was, and Bramai didn’t question it, even though it weren’t hard knowing he was curious.

“What do you want to know?” I walked to the bars.

He turned around at looked like he wanted to say sorry. “You called him uncle… how is that possible?”.

I smiled and looked after the path they had taken. “Well… the creature he is, is called a Fairy. They suck happiness out from their surrounding” I smiled and looked down into the ground. “If you kill one, you take their place. You become the same thing as them. That’s how my uncle became a fairy”.

Then he looked at the path they had walked. “How did you all react when you found out?”

“I weren’t allowed to see him…”



“But daaaaaad!” I looked at him, still looking like a giant. He looked tired, but sat down and took me up on his lap. “I’m sorry my light, but your uncle aren’t completely healthy right now-“ he started.

“Let me heal him!” I proposed. Dad smiled at started to make my hair fine again – I always get it tangled up during fights.

“It’s a little bit worse than that” he said “Your uncle doesn’t want you to see him like he is right now”. I opened my eyes wide and wanted to cry. “Why not?” he smiled and hugged me “Is he going to die?”.

Dad smiled at me. “Of course not my light, but he is afraid he might scare you. You are still young”.

Dad didn’t give up, no matter how much I tried to beg. Even the staff was told to report if I was too close to his room, and Jeremy started to follow me around everywhere. Mom thought it was funny, I can remember her laugh when dad weren’t around. She joked a lot about it, telling me so many lies that I lost count. I overheard my dad telling my mom that there was no cure, and that he couldn’t stay here. It would be too dangerous to let me near him.

One day I got enough. Jeremy tried following me again, but as the fastest at the castle, he quickly lost track of me, so he went to stand guard outside my uncle’s room.

When I was one year younger and had been sick, no one was allowed to go near me, afraid I might get infected again, but uncle took me out anyway… out and out… he made an illusion in my mind so it looked like we were out on a picnic. Maybe I can do the same to him? I sneaked into the kitchen, found a basket, and stole some food. Some of the staff noticed me but just laughed and thought it was cute that I wanted to have a picnic. The guards were still looking for me, but I didn’t mind. The castle is my playground. I found the trapdoor. If the kingdom ever finds us, I’m supposed to go in it, so they others can find me. But it leads right into the room my uncle is staying in! With the basket I avoided the spiders as good as I could and opened the little hidden door relaxed. With the basket in my arms I looked around. The fireplace was lit, and the only creature in the whole room was dark and scary looking. I closed my eyes and looked after other life signs in the room. He was the only one. I started breaking down the barricades and went through the memories. I found it. The picnic just us two… I took a deep breath. It’s uncle, that’s all I need to know… I took one foot in front of the other and started walking to him. He was a sleep, flowing in the air. I took a part of the clothes and started to heave a bit, so he would wake up. As the black holes became visible, he started turning around before looking down and seeing me. He looked scared for a second. “Princess, what are you doing in here?” he didn’t sound mad so I raised the basket as high as I could. “I want to have a picnic! Dad said you were sick!” Even though the teeth looked sharp and scary, he smiled.

“You shouldn’t be in here” he noticed. His hand went down and was about to touch me, before he stopped himself and sighed.

“I want to have a picnic with you!” I declared.

“I can’t eat like this” he noticed smiling “But you’re really sweet”.

I have had enough of other people telling me I shouldn’t do things, and that they can’t do things either! I let the basket fall to the ground and jumped to his hand. I took a hold on it, and closed my eyes. I changed it back. As much as I could. When I opened my eyes, he looked like himself. He let go of my hand and looked at his body. Then he smiled.

“I forgot you could do that, my mouse” he said and smiled. He had the picnic with me. And he fell a sleep.

At last Jeremy gave up guarding, not being able to find me around the castle, he figured out I must have been able to get past him, and he find us sleeping, me in his arms.

Dad was told, and he came running. He seemed so amazingly happy.

Of course it weren’t permanent, but they let me see him as much as I would like after that.



I feel a sleep not long after. When I woke up I was ready to fight.

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