Holding My Breath

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14. The fallen has risen

Mom had problems holding back the tears during dinner, somehow the news of her early death was tearing her apart. I didn’t know what to say. Somehow I felt happy for her not leaving me for The prince of Amalion, just because she is running out of time. Even Vergile seemed quiet after that statement. 19. I can’t believe it. Quinn as the only one who didn’t know why the table was so quiet, kept talking about her drawings with Rachael who seemed so interested as like she was. If I had a year left, I wouldn’t be wasting it like that.

“Hm… the sun seems to be showing, I thought it would be dark all day” Rachael noticed, looking out the window. I wanted to kiss and hug her and ask her what she wanted to see. Some things she would like to try before her death.

Quinn was the first to be sent to bed, other than that there was quiet. Rachael was working with some papers, and tried keeping her eyes open, but she could barely do that.

“You should go to sleep” Bramai noticed “You didn’t sleep last night”

“I’m fine” She said “I have to work”

When Vergile and Marianna had left, mom and dad was the only adults aside from Bramai.

“Shouldn’t you be doing something else than working?” Crish noticed “Since… you know?”

Rachael looked confused at him. Then she smiled and shrug her shoulders. “I love working”.

Crish looked scared at her “Really? Nobody likes working”

Rachael waved a paper in the air. “This is a contract I’m signing for my dad. The nobles are opening a new orphanage in the lower town” She took another one up. “And this one is a check. It will make sure that more healers can get jobs”

We stared at her. “But… “ Mom smiled suddenly “You are thinking on others, even though you only have one year left”

Rachael shrugged her shoulders. “ All of you could die any minute. You still don’t think you’re ‘wasting’ your time. I know that I only have one year left, but I don’t feel like I’m wasting my time”.


Bramai told me later – after we all went to sleep – that despite she tried not to, he woke up during the night and saw her sleep with a book in the window, holding around her necklace. He had given her a blanket – he didn’t dare move her, he was afraid she might wake up again – and then went back to sleep.

“I woke her up, so she doesn’t miss the marking” Mom said. I nodded.


“Come on!” I yelled up the stairs “If you don’t get down now, we’ll be late!” She hadn’t come down for breakfast, Bramai had went up there, but she was changing, so he couldn’t be in there.

“She’s coming now” Bramai said with a cheeky smile as he past me.

I saw her on the top of the stairs. Her hair had grown longer than the short she had had. Now it was down to her legs. Her eyes seemed big and shiny, probably because of the mascara. Her hair had silver in it – I couldn’t see what it was. Some places in her hair little flowers of silver was sitting cute and swinging around. Around her neck her necklace of the time glass was hanging and a thought hit me. Maybe it’s counting down to her death.

Her dress was white. Perfectly fairytale white. Sitting tight around the waist, and having in same place silver branches making her look more and more like something pulled out of a fairytale. Around her chest it was just plain white – no fancy transition of any sort. On her shoulders, a silver branch pattern was shown. And at her sleeves a white part of it went up into a triangle and into her hand, until it hit a little silver ring around her longest finger. It did that on both hands. Her nails where colored shining silver – probable because of magic. She started walking down, and I could see her shoes. They where white. No high heels. Just ballerina shoes. Her dress wasn’t full blown, it was loose after the waist, plain white and didn’t make her look huge. Her legs looked beautiful under the white cloth.

“I got my luggage back,” She declared when she hit the bottom of the stairs and smiled to me.

“Where did you get that?” Mom looked jealous “I want one!”

“My dad had a few dresses made for me… before I came here” She said.

“Let’s go” Her normally red cape turned white, but inside it was shinning silver.

Walking behind her, I could see the silver in her hair on top. It was a beautiful little fairytale part: Little fairies were flying around, and flowers was shown, so beautiful. I wanted to kiss her so bad.

“You look beautiful” I told her, when she got up on the horse, covering herself with the cape, and sitting like a woman should on a horse.

“Thank you” She said.

We got to the castle, and waiting outside the door, she was told to take her cape off. The guards seemed shocked, while I took her cape.

“Open up” she said, and they opened the door.


Jaime tells…

I lost my breath. It felt like someone had punched me. The aggressive walk the other they might have scared me, but the walk today made me breath less. Her legs looked so beautiful under that dress, walking so perfect, looking so… So woman-like!

My heartbeat went up.

She didn’t bow today. As she entered the Jem she curtsied. She look like a princess from a fairytale.

“Rachael” Dad said, his voice shivering.

“King” She answered smiling “Thank you for giving me my clothes back”

“You’re welcome” He answered “If I knew you could use it like this, I would have qualified it as a weapon”

Rachael giggled “I’m flattered”

Dad took a deep breath. “The test today is simple. You have to show you can be… creative. Can you play music?”

Rachael blushed. “It depends what instrument you want me to play”


“I can”

“Right now?” The king asked. Rachael took a deep breath. “Actually to make me play today, you should have said what the test was yesterday. The laws gives me a minimum of 24 hours to prepare such a test”

The advisors nodded and agreed with her.

“Then I’ll cancel the marking for today” Dad noticed “Have your time”

“Thank you”



Adrian tells...

She didn’t tell me a single thing, all the way home. She didn’t even speak… somehow I felt she was worried about something.

When we got back, all she did was sit with her book in her arms.

“What are you going to play?” I asked her.

She shrugged her shoulders, and just kept reading.

“You seem worried” I tried. She sighed and shrugged her shoulders again. I have never seen her worried before – not unless her sister’s life was in danger, and it doesn’t look like it right now.

“Is something wrong?”

“I don’t like playing in public” She answered and kept reading. Stage fright?

I started to smile. It’s actually a normal problem. Nothing big.

“Rachael” Quinn came and sat on her lap. Rachael actually put the book away.


“What did you wish?” Quinn asked.

Rachael shrugged her shoulders and smiled. “It’s doesn’t matter anymore”

“But I really want to know” Quinn kept trying. Rachael laughed and hugged her. “Don’t worry about it”


Rachael hugged her. “It doesn’t matter anymore… don’t worry about it”

Quinn gave up, but stayed on her lap.

“Did you really postpone the piano playing just because you have stage fright?” I asked her “You doesn’t seem like the type-“

Mom walked past and padded her on the head before sitting down. “Don’t be like that Adrian. Rachael is a girl like anyone else. People expect so much more of her, anyone would be frighten. What are you going to play?” Mom had made Rachael shocked. She looked completely blank. Mom looked patiently at Rachael, before Rachael’s eyes stopped opening wide, and her smile became more normal.

“I… I don’t know yet”

“How well can you play?” Mom asked smilingly.

Rachael took a deep breath. “I have played piano since I was a half, but after I got separated from My protector I forgot I could… he have trained me in it the last two weeks but I still makes a lot of mistakes”

“Not everyone can hear them I’m sure” Mom said smilingly.

“Jeremy usually makes me do the song over if I make a mistake” she noticed.

“He seems nice” Mom noticed “From what you have told me… why did he became dark?”

Rachael took a deep breath. “It’s a long and sad story. You can say he lost someone dear to him… which turned him evil”

Mom didn’t know what to say. I think sometimes it’s hard to talk with someone with such a background. Her entire life have been a mixture of running, hiding, losing, working, fighting people.

“How was it…?” I asked her “To lose all memory… and be human?”

Rachael looked surprised at me. Then she suddenly smiled. “To be honest?”


She looked out into the air. “It was… unbelievable… Somehow I manage to accept everything my mom told me when I was little, I went in the complete opposite direction of scholar books – and I got really bad grades – I could be as anti social as I wanted to be, and all I had to think about was how my little sister was doing” She started to laugh “I had two friends in middle school. They were the best. We were the weird once, who didn’t interact much with others, they always tried to pull me away from fictional books, and getting me out and spending time with them. In my last grade before entering High school, they got angry at me for entering a high school at the opposite side of town… they choose the same, but I was drawn to the one for magical creatures. Shouldn’t surprise me. Then I decided in a weak moment to listen to my mom and don’t make any friends “ I smiled and she kept telling about her life. “Tyler though…. We wouldn’t let it happen, he kept trying… and at last I couldn’t help to fall for his offer of friendship… He said I would need a friend to survive high school, and I guess he was right…” Suddenly she laughed out loud again. “I played videogames with him for the first time in my life. Call of duty, a shooting game. Because I as little had so many changes in my body I was so fast, and kicked him and his roommates’ ass in the game”

I stared at her for a second, then I smiled. “What did you want to be…? As human?”

Rachael suddenly smiled. “I couldn’t decide. I would have been kicked out as soon as I got a job and was done in high school… I would open my own book store or…” She smiled for herself again, before giggling. “It doesn’t matter”

Mom was sitting with her biggest smile on. “Come on – what did you want to do?”

“It’s silly” she answered with a cute little smile “And it doesn’t matter”

“If you hadn’t met me, all that could have happened” I realized. Mom looked shocked at me, and Rachael started to laugh.

“Didn’t you listen at the marking? I have always been told that I would die in the age of 19, It’s destiny that smacked me in the face”

I bit my lip. “It’s always my fault isn’t it? You don’t even get mad at me… you just tells me ‘you had too’ and lets someone else punch me” I deserved that hit from Tyler. Maybe I can make him do it again when I get back. If she doesn’t survive I hope he’ll beat me up.

Mom looked shocked at me. Rachel took a deep breath and smiled. “Adrian, look into my eyes” I made my eyes move from the table to her. Her eyes was so empty that it felt like I cold knife.

“I’m not mad at you because what you did wasn’t bad. What you did was speed up the process that I would have to go through no matter what” She took my hand. “To be honest I have no reason to be mad at you for that”.

Mom took a deep breath I could hear, and she seemed too misplaced for a second.

“And you know..” she looked at me with a little smile “We fight all the time. I always let you know when I’m mad”

“That’s right” I agreed. And started to laugh. She doesn’t hold back her feelings! She is… she is amazing.


The rest of the day pasted so quickly, it seemed like it just ended like a snap of the fingers.

We all got down in the dining room, and started to discuss tomorrow. Mom was worried she would freeze in fright, but Rachael said “If I do anything in fear I panic”

“What do you do when you panic?” Crish asked. She giggled

“I usually turn invisible and hide”

Crish started to laugh, and mom followed. The chaos tomorrow could be huge. “Are you saying, we can see you panic tomorrow?”

“There is a possibility that I will”

It knocked on the door. I walked out to see a girl. Simone right? The noble?

“Can I come in?” She asked “I would like to speak to Rachael”

We all entered the living room, Rachael as last – she was in the bathroom when I called.

She entered only to stare at her.

“Hey Ra, can I talk to you alone?” The girl seemed happy.

“Stay away from me!” She moved to the other side of the table, holding the Videre up in the air pointing at the girl.

“Relax Rachael, it’s just a nobl-“

“That is not Simone!” She let go of the Videre, and it hit the table with a loud CRACK.

“I don’t know what you are talking about” The girl looked confused at Rachael. For a moment I didn’t know what side to take.

“WHOEVER YOU ARE, YOU DID IT WRONG!” Rachael yelled at us, starring confused at the girl, probably trying to figure out who the hell she is. I looked at her again. I spoke with her a few days back, and she seems so nice. She seems the same.

“What are you talking about?” Dad asked.

“There is a crack on one of the nails on Simone’s body, it’s a wound she got as a little girl, that wound wasn’t on the left longest finger, it was on the pointing finger”

“Fine, you got me” The voice turned deep and old. “I don’t mind, this is easier than try to keep you silent”

“Maria?” Rachael wanted to walk backwards but ended on the couch. Marias arms hit out in the air and made me hit the wall, hitting my head and making my sight blurry.

“STAY AWAY!” Rachael was the only one still walking around in the living room. She was holding up a chair towards Maria, at one point where Maria got to close, she threw it at her, but Maria made the chair fly into the wall and brake into a billion pieces.

“You can’t resist me” Maria said with her deep voice.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT!” Rachael looked all around her, she was corned with nothing around her.

“It’s simple. For you to lay still for a few minutes”. Maria walked closer and closer. Rachael bit her lip and looked around before standing up with her hand towards Maria.

“GET AWAY!” She yelled another time. She fired what look like a dissolving ball, but Maria made it hit the wall instead. She came close to Rachael, took around her neck and tossed her into the wall. Rachael looked up at me for a second, before being dragged to the middle of the floor.

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