Holding My Breath

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4. Soulless reaper

“My king!” The man fell on his knees. As I recognized him I felt disgust. One of dads army leaders – a real heartless bastard. He does everything dad asks of him. Not every soldier is able to do that. Even dad sometimes seems distant after giving an order so evil.

“I have seen this” Dad waved with a piece of paper. The man was still looking down into the ground. “If… if I gave the order to you, are you sure you would be able to do it?”

“I have no doubt” The man replied. I forgot that. Sometimes they can apply to get orders. What are these orders?

His hair was short and bright, as he got up his size felt enormous.

“I’ll consider giving it to you, but you know the risks, right?” dad asked, while laying the paper on the table besides him. 

“Her dad will follow me” he said “I know the risks, and I don’t care. I think it’s only fair that we take from him, what he took from us”. Dad nodded, and he left. I have so many questions, but I can’t ask them.

“You all talk about her, like she is soulless” I noticed “Like all she want is war”. Dad smiled to me.

“This girl will do everything to provoke me son, whatever you do, don’t fall for it”.


As the week got near its end, people from every world gathered in Amalion to see and hear everything. Not a soul on the street was taking her side. Everyone was against her. People who even talked about seeing it from her side, telling others that she is not her father, got beaten up during the night – and in some cases killed. It was hard even walking on the street, without bumping into another wave of people. The day before the marking was a party. Everybody was decorating the street, not to make her welcome, but to say goodbye to the past and their loved ones. As much as I wanted to welcome her, at the gate like the long march of guards was going too, Dad didn’t allow it. He said it would be too dangerous for me to walk around during her coming, since I would be at risk of getting hurt. I wonder how he would feel if I told him, I saved her?

Nobody was told, but when the guards came back from the gate, all they brought was a message. “She weren’t with them”.


Tyler tells…

I was staring at the gate to other worlds. It will be pretty simple. Jeremy will come get me, after I say goodbye to Rachael, and Rachael will leave with Adrian’s family from the human world to the Lighter world. “Are you nervous?” I asked. I was holding her suitcase for her. It was filled with clothes – nothing else. Weapons was she wearing like jewelry, all over her body. I laid the suitcase on the ground and hugged her. We haven’t even left the castle yet.

“Don’t worry” she said smiling, without answering my question. I took a deep breath.

“Before you go-“ Jeremy was standing right beside me, looking down at Rachael “Let me check your Vytma”. She was wearing T-shirt and shorts. Apparently, she wanted to be able to fight good, so no matter how hard Jeremy tried to make her wear a dress she denied it. Since Jeremy was the one packing the suitcase I’m pretty sure that she will eventually wear one. He looked at the marks who was still bloody red under her skin, but at the same time, had gotten a little bit dark water blue. “They look bad” he noticed “and there aren’t any medicine with you…” Jeremy acting like a worried father, told her not to go anywhere, while he ran after some bandage. She already had said goodbye to her father. That had happened behind closed doors, where not even Jeremy was allowed to enter.

“It may be a good idea” she noticed “If I bleed during the night, I won’t have anything to make it stop”. Jeremy didn’t stop and said hey again, he just went directly for her stomach and started wrapping her in bandage. “Thank you” she said, when he was done.

“Don’t mention it” he said and hugged her “See you sooner or later”. “See you” she said. I took the suitcase and we started walking.

The weather was bright and blue. I have missed the human world, it’s easy to get lost in the nobles way of living. We walked in silence. I wanted to say goodbye, but at the same time I don’t want to cry. This may be the last time I see her.

“You know…” I started “You know I love you, like a sister right?” I asked. She looked at me with a smile. “I know brother”. She took a arm around mine, and we walked through the grass.

“Aren’t you afraid?” I asked silently. I would be terrified for my life.

“No” she started “I’m excited” she smiled at me, with that big smile and that glans in the eye I couldn’t help but smiling also.

“You really don’t fear the trial?” I asked. She nodded, while we walked in silence. “To be honest” she said “I’m more afraid about having to speak with so many eyes on me, than being on trial”.

I laughed. “You really don’t want to talk to a crowd, huh?”.

She nodded with a smile. The forest ended at the giant rock, where Adrian’s family was standing. They all greeted her so warmly, that I felt bad… we’re all sending her to her death.


Adrian tells…

Mom and Dad seemed reckless and scared as the clock started. Crish looked at me, knowing what we discussed during the night. I can’t be the one making her go through this. I won’t. As Dad and mom fell back, and talked to Quinn I walked to Rachael, and Crish did as we agreed. He started talking to Tyler.

“Rachael” I smiled to her and tried seeming normal “Are you ready?”.

She nodded without really answering.

“I have an idea” I noticed. She looked me in the eyes looking confused. “What do you mean?”

“Let us run away!” I said “We’ll run away to some far away world, where this won’t happen, and you’ll be safe and-“

She started breathing heavily. “I’m sorry Adrian, but I can’t do that. You may not understand this, but a life on the run aren’t fun…” without saying anything else she started walking away.

“What?” I asked “Why don’t you want to-“ I stared into her serious eyes. “I’m sorry Adrian, but no matter the judgment I’ll make it through” After that she refused to talk any more about it.

When the clock had counted down to the final second, she turned around and hugged Tyler, without saying another word, we all entered the portal.


Crish tells…

It looked exactly like it always does. Green and boring. My eyes turned toward our guest. She was smiling for herself while looking around. Why is she smiling like that? Is she plotting something?


Rachael tells…

Oh the smell! I took a deep inhale, while closing my eyes. I have missed this so much. The delightful easy scent of grass and flowers surrounding me, the sound of the wind making everything move, the scent the water leaves in the air, the flowers, the animals! I could feel many eyes on me, all coming from the forest behind us, but my eyes only looked straight out. Giant fields of grass with self made roads of dirt! Flower fields, filled with so many different kind of flowers that my room in the castle would be filled up just by one flower of each kind. So many different kinds, different smells… uses. How would it feel to fall down into the flowers? In all my time in the human world the scent of this air has always been unmatched. The sun was shinning bright and actually making me warmer than usual. A drip of sweat fell from my head and to the ground. I wonder if the house still stands? I looked in the direction. Dad told me where I could fine the house, if I wanted to visit it. To see the old house… find my old belongings… my old horse! I wonder if he’s still there? The garden! Does that still stand? And the view! Is it just as beautiful as I remember? And at night… do the night sky look the same? The same stars… the same beautiful moon!

I turned towards our little group. “They’re late” Adrian noticed “unbelievable!”.

“I don’t mind” I  noticed. Some stones was actually carved to sit on. They all looked confused at me for a second. “What did you say?” Adrian looked fascinated.

“I don’t mind” I repeated. As I spoke the words extra loudly and clear I could hear the words behind it… I’m speaking the old language!

“I don’t understand you” Adrian said “It sounds like you’re trying to speak our language, but you-“

I bit my lip. I hope this won’t be a problem. I forgot I grew up with the old language from when our people started building in this world. They are used to hearing now times language.

“Sorry” I said in English. Adrian stared at me. “What is it?”

“I grew up leaning the old language, not this times” as I said it they all stared at me.

“How did you talk with anyone when you were a kid?” his mom asked. Crish was starring like a maniac.

“Well… the people around me knew how to talk to me” was all I could answer.

“This is going to be-“ his dad started.

Troublesome. I looked at Adrian. There is a way for me to learn the new language – something I could have done from Jeremy…

“WHO even uses the old language anyway!?” Crish was the only one questioning it. I smiled at him.

“The thirteen noble families of Amalion”.

They stared at me for a moment. Haven’t I mentioned that my family is a noble one? Guess not…

“What?” His dad was starring more than the others “Which one?”.

“The seat that is always empty” I answered. Not that they can see it good. The thirteen nobles are only requested to be at the most important markings. I think this count as one – I know a few of them would love to mark me dark for a good laugh. My family has never joined the nobles at the highest seats – where the people can barely see them. When a noble has to vote, everyone will hear what they say, and the noble will have to look into the eyes of the judged as they give them their judgment. A thing that my family hates – so we took the easy way. Got friends with the kings and queens, and got the job of advisors. In the long term it actually seemed like that was the best place for my family… until trouble arrives.

“But-“ His dad was stunned.


Crish tells…

Dad was stunned, and looked confused at her. Ever since I was once dad told of the honors of nobles, how they was so perfect, loving and caring and made the kingdom a better place. One day his love for them was crushed, when one of the nobles refused to let him work for them. Put a while after that he just said they were right. They need honorable men that does everything they said, and dad isn’t like that. So he gave up on his dream of helping a noble.

“So your dad is-“ Dad was starting to wake up.

“Yeah a noble” she said it so calm, that dad and her could look like yin and yang. Mom smiled a little bit – I guess it’s easy to see why. Dad loves them so much, and here he is serving one of them – helping one… and he is actually stunned!

“But if you’re nobles then why-“ he started. She smiled at him.

“Even nobles turn dark, but those who do isn’t speak of” she said “Unless of course they turned light again” Then she smiled for herself, and looked at our dad. “I know all of the noble families of course. Those that hate my family and those who doesn’t. I met them all as a kid – for nobles there aren’t no good or bad, that only happens if a noble kills another”. She said it like she was standing on the sideline commenting on animals and their behavior.

“So… why… why are you going for a marking?” he asked confused.

“Well my mark needs to be looked at from normal view… while the nobles will give their opinion on me, by telling me if I’m dark or light. If they tell me they are dark, that means they feel I’m not bringing the honor to the title noble” but then she stopped to smile for herself “but there are those who just want me to look dark and get hunted because they personally don’t like me”.

She kept smiling. After that only silence was heard. Dad was too shocked of the nature of Nobles, to say a word, mom was waiting for dad to react, and this news were not so new to Adrian, And Quinn just relaxed on a rock.

Suddenly she took a deep breath. “I hate when people are late – it’s so boring to wait for them” suddenly she got up and smiled “I think I’ll go visit my old house, the king knows where it is anyway, so if you’ll excuse me-“ and before anyone of us had said a word, she had ran away. After a minute where all of us was stunned we stared after her confused and scared. When she was out of sight, the soldiers appeared.

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