Holding My Breath

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31. Lock out

Thump, Thump, Thump. My feet were dragging up the stairs, at 2 am in the morning. Work had been tough on the feet, and the arms weren't better. The stairs seemed to old under my feet, ready to break at any minute. I rounded the corner and got the view of a low figure, sleeping up our door. In the dime light of a soon broken light, she was barely visible. She could be a silhouette for all I knew. I walked closer and turned on my phones light to get a better look. Her eyes were closed, her cheeks red and wet. Her breathing was relaxed and calm, like someone in a deep slumber. My hand found her hair, and I felt how soft it was. Why is she asleep here? On the one hand I didn't want to wake her up. She must have had a tough night, worse than mine I guess. On the other - this isn't a safe place to sleep. My hand went through her hair again and I smiled. "...Jere..." She mumbled and gripped my hand. Her eyes were closed, but her hand was firm. Firmer than a sleeping person, but it was still loose. I sat down in front of her and smiled a bit. Wondered why she had cried, and why they hadn't let her in. I took my key out and unlocked the door as silently as I could. My arms went under her, and as calm as I could I lifted her up. She moved a bit, but nothing so hard that she woke up. Like her body was used to it, she fell closer up on me, making it easier for me to carry her. I looked at the worn out sofa, after gently pushing the door closed with my left foot. Can her body handle to sleep on that? She looks so feeble. So fragile....

Better not risk it. I couldn't help but smile when I opened the door and laid her on my bed. She turned over to one side, and I laid a cover over her. Why was she out there? I closed the door to my room and got down on the couch in the living room.


I woke up to the smell of pancakes, filing the whole room. That seems weird. My feet dragged themselves up, and over to the kitchen. Right – on the counter, there was a big batch of pancakes. How did these come here? My feet dragged me on to the bathroom, half-done peeing I noticed the heat of someone showering. Someone had showered… I finished my business and turned around to see Tyler’s towel hanging close by. I took it down, still a bit wet. I sniffed close by it, but the scent was too small there. I sighed and put my nose down in it. Sniff. Rachael! I had forgotten she was here- I threw it back in the shower and walked out to my room. When I opened it up she wasn’t there. The other guys came out their rooms and I asked if they had seen her, but they hadn’t. Tyler found the note on the kitchen stand – next to the pancakes.

“Sorry, had to go! – Rachael” Tyler read out loud, I explained it for them, how I had found her. Tyler shrug her shoulders, but looked curious towards my door, and George just ate some of the pancakes. It took a few hours for us to get some answers – she came back with Tyler after school.

She sat down on the couch, and looked tired. Like she was an old lady. The age that comes from torturing a soul.

“I know… I have only known you a few months…” she started “I was just… I had a fight with my mom, and she told me to get out… she locked me out of the house, and I needed somewhere to go” She looked down in the ground, like it was embarrassing. My hand went towards hers, but I forced it back. “Why didn’t you knock so I could let you in?” Tyler asked her. He was calmingly stroking her hair, while standing behind her.

“Well… when I got here… I noticed the light was turned off, and none of you were making any noises, so I guessed you were sleeping” Her cheeks turned red “I didn’t want to wake any of you up” Tyler’s eyes and mine met in surprise.

“Anyway, why did she throw you out? It wasn’t just because of the fight-“ Rachael smiled a bit, before looking up. “We fight often, sometimes she throws me out, because she thinks it will ‘teach me a lesson’”

Tyler stopped shocked. “Where did you go before you knew us?”

She shrug her shoulders “When I don’t have anywhere to go, then I just go into the forest and sleeps on a bench” Tyler walked around the couch, and looked her straight in the eyes. With George on one side, me on the other, and Tyler in front of her, she must have felt trapped.

“Do you ever realize how dangerous the forest is?” He asked. His finger was pointing, but he wasn’t yelling or scolding. It was pure concern through his voice.

“Where do you think I should go instead? Everything is closed, and I don’t have any money for a hotel” She noticed.

Tyler took a deep breath “Your own lawn is more safe than the forest”

She shrugged a bit, before leaning back in the couch and smiling. “And give my mom the satisfaction of seeing me lay there? Not going to happen, then I’ll much rather sleep on gravel”

Tyler changed language to talk with himself. I was fascinated by his voice. It was much deeper when speaking our own language, than the human one. It took me some time, but then I realized she was sitting there. George had stiffened. Tyler stopped walking, and I slowly moved my head to look at her. She was sitting calming looking down on her feet.

“Anyway, sorry I left that fast this morning” She noticed “I had to go get Silencia to school” I stared at her, she got up and moved to the bathroom when none of us responded. We looked at each other when she was gone.

“Idiot!” George said and hit Tyler softly on the side. “You are not supposed to talk like that near humans” He nodded “I know, I know”.

“Your bathroom isn’t soundproof!” She yelled from the bathroom. We stared in terror at it. When she opened up, she smiled at us. “Don’t worry, it’s not the first time he speaks with himself like that, he does it like once a week or something. It’s not my business so I’ll stay out of it” She went towards the door, and I sighed relieved.

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