Holding My Breath

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26. Hangover

Urg. My head hurts a bit.

I rolled around on my bed, feeling heavy and slow. My memory failed nothing, especially the fear of have lost not-just my girlfriend, but my first assigned subject to protect.

I can’t believe I weren’t more careful! Some stranger could have done the same thing Jeremy did! They could just have taken off with her – used her. Beat her up and might even – I tried shaking the bad thoughts and nightmares away, but somehow they kept getting visualized for my eyes, making me terrified and angry at myself.

Those terrible things could have happened – she could have ended up a place like the scum of the earth would, and might even end up dead-

I sighed and got out of bed. How could I be so stupid? Verimon and I was even the ones to persuade her into drinking!

My clothes were laying casually around – I picked them up and put some of it on. When done I walked out in front of her door, and tried opening it. The door went up, and I closed it behind me as I walked in. The sun was shining beautiful in through the window, and making me look at the lit up bed. The first I saw was the light hitting the pink glowing skin of her finger tips. They were laying casually out on sheets, which was laying in chaos, around her, on her, below her, and with her. I followed the trail up her arm, and looked at her eyes. They were so peaceful, so silent. I looked around her room for her dark light protector. He wasn’t anywhere to be found. I guess she is sober enough to make decisions?

I closed the door behind me and walked downstairs to the family. They didn’t ask about the after party – mom had heard rumors from the neighbors already. Apparently everyone had been watching the tired girl, who drank a lot and scolded another noble for something –

Mom was angry at me, mostly because Crish had told them about the unwanted guest in her bedroom.

I couldn’t ignore it, so I just waited until mom was done scolding me. Then they asked about the party – the one where the king attended. Mom loves a bit of gossip.

I told them about most of it. I didn’t tell them about my little incident with the girls, or the fact that I saw Jaime and her leave together – only to return, and walking around like a couple.

They kept talking to each other, then to others and then alone again. They seemed like a couple, and they really got their part of admiration, and attention from the people around. Even the king nodded happy about it. I still want to hit something for that, but I can’t. I wonder if she only did that as revenge for me telling the kingdom about her?

She walked down. She was tired, and her eyes were red.

“You look tired” Mom noticed “Are you alright?” she nodded and smiled. “I just need a quick shower”. I hope she soon goes into one. She was right now only wearing a bathrobe, I felt tension rise in my body when she sat down beside me, and looked at my mom.

“We heard your dark lighter took your home” mom noticed.

Rachael nodded and smiled apologetic. “Yeah… Sorry about that… he weren’t so happy about me drinking… and the fact that I was walking practical alone made him mad “ she smiled to her “But he left a long time ago-“

Mom nodded and made a pancake to her. She ate it smilingly, before we went into the living room.

I want to talk about it – I want to know if she is angry with me.

“About what happened at the party-“ I started, when we were alone in there.

“Huh?” She looked confused at me.

“You know… I know you know I kissed another girl…” I started “I get if you are angry at me-“

“I’m not” she interrupted, and was reading the magazine from the party.

“You kissed another girl?” Crish appeared in the door way and looked judging at me. I pointed at the door to make it clear for him I wanted to talk to her alone. He didn’t move an inch.

“You actually kissed two-“ Rachael noticed “If I recall correctly you had one on each arm….” I looked surprised at her, she was looking up, she was still reading it.

“As I said, I understand if you are angry-“

“I’m not. I’ll call it even” She noticed.

“Even?” Crish looked just as surprised as me.

“Even” Rachael nodded and kept flipping through the magazine at a slow pace.

“That means you--- YOU KISSED SOMEONE?!” I stared at her, and then I sighed. Of course! While I was kissing the girls, did fancy mister prince take her somewhere, where they could be alone, and get it on with her? IS HE REALLY THAT LOW? How can he take advantage of my girlfriend in her weak moment-

“Yes – and I you get angry, then I will get angry too” she looked up from the magazine and her eyes were shooting little lighting towards me.

“Who did you kiss?”

Crish asked before I had a chance. Rachael sighed.

“During the trial, I met Jaime – and we might have kissed at one point”.

I stiffened. This isn’t new – it’s old. She didn’t tell me… why didn’t she tell me?

“I didn’t tell you, because you declaring war against the crowned prince of Amalion might look wrong- especially during my trial”. Rachael noticed “I waited until it ended”.

“How nice of you-“ I noticed and leaned forward while looking in the ground.

“Who kissed who?” I then asked.

She sighed. “Jaime kiss me– but… but I could have stopped him. I didn’t”.


Crish tells…

The words was hanged with guilt. Rachael was staring at the magazine, not looking at Adrian, I could see how the magazine couldn’t stand still, because her hands were shaking so much.

“… you could have stopped him…?” Adrian noticed.

Rachael didn’t answer, but her silence was answer enough for Adrian. Really…. I didn’t expect the prince to have a heart for Rachael!

“Did you go kiss again last night? I saw you two disappear-“ Adrian’s voice was trembling with anger. Rachel smiled, and looked above the magazine. “No… the reason why I left with Jaime, was because my wound was bleeding. He took me to the healers, so I could change the bandages”.

“But you two… you looked like a couple yesterday-“ Adrian noticed.

Rachael’s eyes opened wide, and she looked confused for a moment.

“Really? It didn’t feel like it-“

Adrian looked up, and stared at her. I walked closer to them.

“How did it feel for you?” Adrian then asked.

“Well..” Rachael smiled “It was nice.. having a friend, who… who you could talk with, without having to consider every word you say”.

She then smiled at him, “Besides that, if you are sad about the fact we couldn’t be together all night, I can tell you that it was for the best. You girly friend made us looked like a couple and that is bad enough as it is”.

Rachael got up, and left the room. I wanted to tell Adrian he shouldn’t be mad, or that he should be sweeter towards her, but the words never left my mouth.

Instead I walked up, and looked at my arm.


Adrian tells…


The door just suddenly opened up, and I could see a man. Tall, scared and angry, going in, with a gun. A human weapon, how did it get into our world?

He pointed it at my head, and told my family to gather around in the living room. Quinn was crying, hiding behind Crish. Mom and Dad was looking worried at me, and I could feel Vergile trying to calm me down. Trying to use the water in my blood to slow down my heart rate.

“What do you want?” Dad asked.

The guy didn’t answer him.

“Your house are surrounded by air lighters. If I die, they will kill you. If you try anything, you will die”. He looked into my eyes, and I didn’t see the eyes of an insane lighter. I have seen such eyes before, out of controlled, scared. His eyes was battle eyes. He have just left a big battle – making him calmer than he have been in a long time, and confident because he survived.

“What do you want?” I asked him, and tried getting some answers.

“We wait” He said, and didn’t move.

Quinn’s tears was the only thing I could hear. Slowly I tried to feel the water in the shower  - can’t I warn her?

When I felt the water, it was just leaving the drain. She wasn’t in the shower anymore. Click. The door from the bathroom opened, and calm steps were taking as she walked down the staircase. I could feel the water in her body. She peeked around the corner, to see me and my family.

huh” I could hear her say. She walked forward, and dropped down in a chair. The gun moved so it was pointing at her.

She smiled “What idiot brings a gun against a wind lighter?” My head turned to look surprised at her. She was sitting in the big chair, legs crossed, with wet hair and a cheeky smile.

“The house is surrounded by wind lighters” He told her “You have no wind power here”

She smiled and got up, the gun was touching her forehead.

“You got 12 wind lighters surrounding the building. 3 of them is making sure the door can’t be opened, and you can’t get through the window”.

She looked in the ground and smiled.

“Three of them is making sure air is getting in, so we don’t die”.

She looked up, with a smile reaching her eyes.

“Three of them is making the rest look invisible, so other people won’t discover you are here”.

She stopped smiling. “And the three left is trying to hold my powers back”.

She looked out the window, where everything looked normal.

“Try to look outside” she noticed.

He didn’t move the gun, but glanced outside. I followed their gaze. A guy got visible, then got blown back, left on the grass unconscious.

Rachael turned to look at him again.

“Three wind lighters aren’t enough to hold back my powers” She noticed.

He didn’t blink, as he looked her in the eyes again.

“I don’t care about them. I need something from you”.

Rachael giggled.

“Really?” She said “You really are an idiot” She laid her hand on the gun, and made him lower it.

“If you want to ask for something, you should never point a gun at the hand that can give it”. She sat down in the couch and looked at him.

“Set down, and tell me what you need”.

He didn’t move, other than raising the gun again.

Rachael sighed, and looked at him. “If you don’t tell me, then you can’t hear if you can get it, can you? Tell me all ready-“

He didn’t talk.

“Enough!” She got up, knocked his hand with the gun down, and reached towards his chest – her hand hit his chest, and continued into his flesh. I looked scared at Rachael, who had made him stiffen.

“Did you forget I’m ferike too?” She asked him.

She took her hand out from his chest. It was covered in blood, but all she did was sit down, making sure the hand wasn’t touching the robe.

“ What did you do?” he asked her.

She smiled to the ground.

“I have infected you with a sickness. You have seven minutes before you are dead, I’ll remove it when you tell me what you want”.

I looked shocked and Rachael. This isn’t white-lighter behavior!

Rachael looked up into my eyes, and she was cold. Completely cold.

“Fine!” He started “I need your army. Our settlers world is getting taking over by another army, they are carrying this weird mark-“

“That’s actually Maria’s army” Rachael told him.

“It is enormous… it isn’t just lighters… it’s other creatures too… they attacked us, and the king have denied to lend us any  army-“

Rachael sighed. “So you came to me because…?”

“We now every noble have their own army, I guessed since you have been away all this time, than your army wouldn’t be used-“

She sighed once again. “Sorry, I can’t help you”.

He looked shocked.


“I lend out my army a long time ago. A third is it work for the kingdom as guards, to make sure war won’t be here. Another third is lend to Androsali, who is fighting the same army on another front.  The last third is in the human world to make sure no humans will discover us, and reveal our existent to the rest of the human world” Rachael told him. “I can’t take any back at this rate. Sorry, can’t help you”.

“But- But” He was shaking, “A little people is all I’m asking-“

Rachael sighed. “Make contact with my dad, I’m sure he can spare some people”. With that she got up, and took the gun from him.

“I suggest you leave now” Rachael noticed.

“What about the sickness?” He asked.

She walked towards the stairs laughing. “A sickness that kills you in seven minutes? Please! That doesn’t exist!” She then walked up to her room, closing the door as she reached it.

He looked at us, and fled out the door.

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