Holding My Breath

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10. A treasure Spirit

“What do you think?” He stared at me like I had told him a joke.

“You can’t give her that!” He finally said and took it out of my hands “Do you know anything about girls at all?”

I bit my lip. No. I don’t. She acts like a princess, that I know. But I don’t know how to act like a prince around her.

I wonder what her favorite color is? Her favorite smell? Flower! Clothing? Weapon?

“We know she is used to gifts like this” he hold tightly around the dress, making me blush instantly. He is right…

“If you really want to give her something that stands out from the rest of her presents, then you have to do something” he gave it back to the shop-lady and we walked out.

“Like what?” I asked him.

“Like… Like climbing a mountain to get a gem! Or a necklace with magic inbound in it!” He smiled “Or go in the treasure chamber in the castle”.

I bit my lip once more. Dad would guess one of us gave that to her then… Hell would start.

“Her friends are thieves, murderess – people who doesn’t care of the consequences” he noticed “So they will not have troubles finding something that only she will have”. I followed him out of the shops, into the castle. “I can’t give her something from the castle. Dad will recognize it”

He nodded and smiled. “But the library is a good place to gather information”. We walked and walked and walked. When we finally arrived to where-ever he wanted to be, all he did was open a book and keep turning pages. He mumbled for himself, for me it seemed like he had lost his mind. But to be honest he have seduced more than enough women to make me trust him completely on this area.

I waited… and waited… and waited. It seemed like hours was wasted, and I kept getting the idea that he might just be doing this to piss me off, or teach me a lesson.

“HERE!” He outburst happy and showed me a picture.

“Huh?” I asked confused.

“You see” he said “It is kind of a… ‘good luck’ bracelet. It belonged to a female warrior in ancient times!” he showed me a picture of an old girl. “She hid it in this cave, there is a map, but no one have ever gotten it out of the vault”.

I bit my lip. That sounds strange! Most treasures around the world gets collected and brought here! Why isn’t this collected yet?

“It belonged to Natrona” he said “He gave all his lovers things like this. It’s made out of dragon shells”. I looked at the bracelet. It can be used as a small shield then! Dragon shell is the hardest thing in this world. Some people think the shell is made of crushed diamond. In the middle an eye was displayed. It looked like an eye actually. A cat eye.

“Cool” I noticed “Where is it?”. He gave me a map, and instructions on how to get there. “Let’s get going” I noticed. He started to laugh “You are going alone! Then you can brag to her”.

I didn’t know what he talked about, but it didn’t sound so bad. I took my horse I got all the way to the south mountain. People around there always acts strange, so I don’t think I’ll be going into the village.

…. The horse started to act strange, and a fog surrounded me completely.

“WHO IS OUT THERE?” a little scared girls voice “WHO IS IT?”

“Just… Just me!” I tried.


Silencia tells…

I… I miss her! I looked around the room, staring at all her things, everything that makes my sister who she is. From the slutty dress hidden under the bed to the little teddy bear I won her at last Christmas. I know it is for my protection… but I want to talk to her, I want to meet with her! This is her birthday and we always goes to the movies and watch a kids movie… then she takes me to a restaurant, and when we get back home her… mom have made a cake. It’s the only time a year where they don’t fight…

For once her room was clean, but only because I did it for her. Mom aren’t mom. She didn’t say anything about it being her birthday, she didn’t even blinked when I asked if I weren’t right. But then again, I have never seen mom give her a present. Or a hug… or a kiss.

Why does she hate her so much? What have Rachel ever done to her? Mom won’t allow her to do anything and I have heard her calling her the spawn of Satan. My eyes fell on the Pokémon teddy bears on the bed. I got down on it. Sniffed to the covers and smiled. It still smells like her. I wish it was her. She is always so nice… Tears started falling down. She does what she have to for my fault. I’m sure she would still love mom if I weren’t here. I’m sure mom would still love her if I weren’t here…

Knock, knock, knock. I walked out to the door, got the tears away and smiled. “Yeah?” I opened the door, to see Jeremey on the doorstep.

“Hello, are you alright?” nothing gets past his eyes. I nodded and tried not to start crying again. I love my sister – I have to be strong too!

“Rachael is fine – don’t worry” he said “I came to talk to you”.

“Come in” I said. He got on a kitchen chair and smiled to me.

“Rachael had me make sure you were fine” He smiled once again “So I had a guard watching the house” I nodded.

“And he noticed someone watching the house other than us” he looked serious “So we’ll make sure that whoever it is, you won’t be watch by anyone else”.

I nodded again. I can’t get a word over my lips. Even when she aren’t here she protects me.

“I’ll have to get going” his hand got on top of my head, and he smiled to me. “Take good care of yourself”


Jeremy tells…

Such a sweet little girl. I walked out of the door and started walking away. I wonder why Rachael is so protective about her. I have never seen her like that with anyone else. Maybe because it’s her only sister?

“ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR” A scream from the house made me look back. The door was open.


Silencia tells…

“ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR” My head is bleeding, and I can’t move my body. Someone help! The creature was giant and black. I looked like a spider with jelly bones. It couldn’t stand still, and its tongue must be a meter. I can’t…. I can’t do this. How does she stand up to these creatures?

I could hear it sniff. Where is its eyes? There is only holes! It started to move closer to me, dripping salvia over my head.

“YOU WILL DIE!” How can it talk? I started to scream again.

Its head moved fast towards me, I closed my eyes.

This is it. I’m going to die.


Rachael tells..

Is it just me, or did someone scream? I think I heard someone scream. I looked around, but Bramai didn’t look like he heard anything. Fine, I guess. I didn’t hear anything.

“It’s getting hot out here” he noticed “A pond look like a good place to cool down. Do you mind?”

“No, not at all” he jumped in, and started swimming around.

“Why don’t you jump in? “ he asked me with a big smile. I just laughed. “I don’t know about you, but I’m fine, thanks”.

He laughed and swam around again. This is a nice way to spend ones birthday.

I closed my eyes to sleep. It’s more comfortable here than in the cell.


Jaime tells…

I climbed the mountain, while having the little girl on my back. She told me this was the only way, but I’m starting to doubt if this is a good plan. Dad never let me go out with other guards. “They aren’t allowed to see you fight” he always tells me. But when my card was active I did it a lot. Adrian have seen me fight before.

“Just a bit more” she said, holding on tight on my back. This is the last time I follow directions from a child.

I crawled to the top, and stared at the bottom. The fog is not just normal fog. I tried using my wind powers to fly, but I couldn’t. They don’t work here. Already there I should have turned around.

It’s a giant cave! She got down and ran away. Great. This is better – now I won’t have to protect her. I walked into the dark cave with no light. I could feel bones crushing under my feet. Great, I’m not the first to enter here.

I could hear swords on the ground, clinging against each other when I hit them. Just the bracelet. It’s all I want.

“Is anybody in here?” I asked not very loud. If there’s a creature, I’ll have to fight. If it’s sleeping that gives me an advantage.

The cave got bigger and bigger, and at last I saw some light. It came from a celling, in the next opening. I went through what looked like a door cut out and saw the light coming down from the highest point in the cave.

“WHO DARES TO ENTER MY CAVE?” I looked around, waiting to see a man, old and filled with energy. Instead, the door cut out behind me got filled, and I stared up in the air. Dragon. I pulled my sword. My magic still don’t work, this is it, I’m going to die!

“Just… me”  I answered. It’s giant, its tails on its smallest point is as high as me. Its eyes bigger than my body. Blue and glowing.

“WHO ARE YOU?” I bit my lip.

“I want your treasure” Was all I could get on my lips. It started to laugh. “You got to get through me first!” Then it attacked, and I jumped to the side. Its tail came swinging me, making me hit the wall. I miss my powers right now. I took a deep breath and got on my legs again. My sight got unfocused for a second, but I could see well enough to get out of the way when its tail came. I jumped up on it, and tried running up on it, but I fell off and hit my head on the hard ground. I can’t believe this. Am I really that useless without my powers?

“Give up puny lighter!” The dragon screamed at me. I got up and took a deep breath. Even if I wanted too, I couldn’t leave. The dragon needs to die.

I took my sword from the ground and looked at the dragon. “Never”. I jumped on to it, while it walked around trying to get me off. I made the shells go up and hit it with my sword, blood came out and it screamed.

I got thrown off, once again into the wall. My eyes couldn’t focus, but I could see the angry dragon walking towards me. I closed my eyes and tried moving against the wall. Damn. I could feel my cold blood, running down my head. I’m as good as dead.


Adrian tells….

I looked at the letter irritated. I know it’s her birthday! But isn’t it a little harsh to do all of this, just because of it? You are not allowed to go near the noble Rachel, due to her birthday. I started walking back and forth. I wonder if they would throw me in jail for visiting her? I got her a present! And I’m not allowed to give it to her. I took a deep breath and got down on the couch. Mom was just as shocked as I was. The rest of the family – the ones that hardly know her – was more shocked that it actually got canceled because it is her birthday.

I miss spending time with her – even if we fight! We are never alone, and last time she kissed me... We haven’t even spend one night in the same bed! I know Tyler and her always sleeps in the same bed. I bit my lip and took another deep breath. Why can’t she just be normal?


Jaime tells…

I opened my eyes and starred at the dragon who was sniffing to me.

“Hey, you breath is really bad….” I started, then I stared at it.

“Why aren’t you killing me?” I asked it.

I sat up, and looked at the moon. “You are special; I’m not allowed to kill you”.

I stared at him for a second. “So can I just take the bracelet?”

It nodded without answering normally. I took a deep breath. “Which way?”

“That way” it nodded towards a giant door that opened. I got on my way when I turned around. “How… how… special?”

“You blood is sacred” it answered. I got on my way again and found the bracelet.

When I got back to the castle, night had already fallen and I had been late for dinner. I attended with my wounds – I barely had time to cover them up. Dad didn’t come. My brothers asked about my wounds but I just laughed and said it was a long story. Rachel looked at me, looking at my wounds, and then smiling to me, with a worried glimpse in her eyes.

“How was your birthday?” my brother Kevin asked.

“Good” she replied “Like most of my days”.

Further conversation at the table just seemed awkward.

When she had eaten, a guard came.

“It’s time to get transported to the cell”.

She took her hands to her back. “Sleep tight boys” then she walked out, giggling.


Quinn tells…

It knocked on the door. Vergile was the one who opened, I stared at the person in the doorway. Isn’t that the crowned prince of Amalion?

“Is Adrian home?” he asked smiling.

“Um…. Yeah” Vergile looked stunned. “ADRIAN YOU HAVE A GUEST! Come in-“ He got in, and looked shortly around before looking at me and smiling.

“Who is it?” Adrian came down the stairs then took a look at him. “Oh… you”.

Vergile look offended, like he had been too rude, just by saying that.

“Yeah, me” he didn’t look Adrian in the eyes. Adrian didn’t look him in the eyes either.

“So… why are you here?” Adrian asked. The prince smiled at the ground, I could see how Vergiles eyes followed every movement the two of them did.

“Well… I heard you aren’t allowed to visit her today” he said “I guessed… since you know each other so good, that you might had bought a gift beforehand”

Adrian just bit his lips.

“If you have I can bring it to her” he noticed “That’s why I came”.

Adrian took a deep breath, then he smiled. “Sure. Wait a sec”. He ran up the stairs, leaving us in silence. Vergile was still stunned. Nobles, now royalties. His house have never been so visited before.

Adrian came running down with a soft package in his hands. He gave it to the prince, and then the prince left. He didn’t talk much about it afterwards, but as soon mom and dad came home, Vergile told them about how Adrian acted, and how the prince had talked with him.


Jaime tells...

I got her in the same room as before. When I finally came in, she was half sleeping on the bed.

“Goodnight” I noticed and sat down on the bed. She smiled to me and stretched out. “Hey” she answered. I laid the packet in front of her. “It’s for you”. She sat up and opened it. She looked curiously at it, before I helped her get it on.

She asked me how I got it, and I started telling about how I met the little girl, that led me to the cave. How my powers wouldn’t work, and about the dragon that almost killed me but called me special and let me go. “That wasn’t a dragon” she said. She sat over my lab, looking at my wounds. “Do you mind?” she asked. I smiled at her. “Not at all”. Her fingers glided over the wounds on my head. “The people and creatures you met are Spirits”.

I stared at her beautiful concentrated look. Spirits?

“Spirits?” I asked her. She smiled once again. “Yeah” She was so close and looked smiling into my eyes. “Spirits. When this kingdom was just made, people didn’t trust people to stay away from their treasures so the right heirs could collect them, so they made spirits, who could hold the treasures safe”.

I looked at her bracelet again. “When it said you were special, it means you have the qualifications to collect it”.

I smiled and looked her into the eyes. “So thank you, very much” she hugged me, it felt nice having her so close. I wish it could be like this all the time. Her and I together. Walking in the halls. Hand in hand… taking her out on several dates…

She got off me and sat down next to me. “I hope you weren’t lonely” I noticed. She started laughing. “It was nice for a change. I’m never alone, so I like it once in a while”.

Huh, so he was right. I took a deep breath and gave her the other gift.

“This is from Adrian,” I noticed.

She looked at it, then smiled for herself a second. “I’ll open it later”.

“Okay” I made her tell about her day, it sounded boring, not something that I would call a good day, but she seemed like she liked it.

“You better get your sleep” I noticed, and gave her the packet. I let her go after kissing her on the forehead.


Rachel tells…

I got back in my cell and smiled looking at the bracelet. It’s amazing how this is actually the best birthday I have had in a long time. I opened the gift from Adrian and smiled. It was a hunter jacket. Big and black without a scratch. There was pocket to small shields and knives inside, and outside two pockets to potions. I smiled as I put it on. It’s way to big! It could be a short dress. I smiled as I laid down on the mattress ready to sleep.

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