Holding My Breath

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29. A faint memory

‘Mom! The other kids have dads… why don’t I?” I asked her, sitting on a stool. Mom was changing diapers on sis. She was weirdly silent. Mom was just moving her arms around, kept changing her.

“Where is my dad?” I asked her. She sighed and sat down in front of me. She did not smile, but there was something in her eyes that made me think she was.

She took her arms around me, and brushed mine off before talking.

“When I got pregnant with your little sister, not long after – your and her dad – left us,” She said “He ran away, like the coward he is”.

I sat down, not knowing if I should cry or hit the wall. Mom looked unsatisfied and decided to go back to Silencia. I got up and walked into my room, leaving no trace. When I got inside, I closed the door and locked it up good, before removing the carpet and finding the wooden plank that was loose. I removed it, and took my top secret box.

My hand went to the chain with the beautiful little figure. I took it on and held around it – feeling like it brought me closer to something. I don’t know what.

I opened the letter again, irritated since I couldn’t read. I wouldn’t show the letter to mom – she would just take it away. The handwriting is so beautiful, I wonder who it is?

There was a drawing of the chain, so I knew I should keep it safe. From mom, dad or Silencia? I remember a man – a man with creepy eyes giving it to me. He looks old enough to be a big brother. I smiled and crawled together into a ball and laid on the side on my floor. “Big brother” I mumbled “Come and get me out of here”.


‘Huh’ Jeremy said, standing like something had hit him. An image of himself and his chain. His girlfriends necklace – the one he gave to me. He could feel a faint connection. He smiled – he had waited to long for this! Of course she must have waited ‘till she was safe!

I ran out to my coat and quickly threw it on, while yelling to someone to get a horse ready – I ran into him, and told him I could feel the bond between us again. He almost threw me out on the horse himself. I pushed the horse to it’s limits, trying to follow the bond, the memory of her. Is she thinking about me?

I tried connecting to her mind – but it wouldn’t let me in. The bond was still there, but somehow it was getting weaker. Is something wrong with her?

It head a quick snap in my head, and I was pushed of the horse. I looked around to see another lighter – one in the service of the kingdom. I don’t have time for this! I followed the bond with my eyes, trying to remember where it would end. Am I close? Is it long?

Suddenly a fist hit my face, and I had enough. I kicked him into a three, and started to run out of the forest. The second my feet left the dirt and hit the pavement, the bond disappeared. I stood – hit by the realization that I just lost the connection to her again. Weeks ago, I heard her scream – the feeling of being choked. When I told her dad, he seemed worried. He didn’t say it out loud, but she could be dead. Tricia would do it – no doubt about it.

At least we have hope now. Rachael doesn’t have her full powers, but it’s okay. She can manage. She is really smart. I bit my lip and sunk down on the ground. But she trust Tricia, she have had her concerns about her, but she never really disobeyed her. I turned around to see the lighter stick a knife into my stomach. My hands pulled it out and knocked him out in the process. I took his arm in my hand and started to pull him back with me. I could have gotten longer, if he hadn’t stopped me. Before walking into the woods, I turned around and looked at the houses. Small, not really worth much, maybe she is close. We could send out scouts to look out for her.


Mom had covered the windows, and was peeking out the curtain. Being on watch suddenly hit my head. Who is she spying on?

“Rachael, did you take your medicine every night?” mom asked. I thought about it and shrug my head. “I forgot the day before yesterday” Mom kicked a stool, and I ran in after my backpack.

“Mom! If I don’t leave now-“ I won’t make it to school. I grabbed after the handle, but mom brushed my hand of, and smiled to me. “What about staying at home, and playing with your little sister?” I looked at my backpack and shrug my head. “But we are getting cinnamon buns today! It’s Christy’s birthday!”

Not getting goodies since last birthday, I take ‘em home and eat little by little of them.

“You are staying at home, and that’s it!” Mom was close to yelling, so I sat down, on the couch next to Silencia. Silencia was almost silent, she was looking at my angry face. I looked at mom again – she was paying attention to me. I ran into my room and slammed the door.


At dinnertime mom gave me a brochure. It was for ‘self-defense’. She read out loud for me, and told me it would help me. “The road you take to school is dangerous; I want you to be able to defend yourself”. I didn’t take much note on that. When it was nighttime she brought me out to a nighttime class, I was standing as the youngest in a large group.

“I was wondering” I heard mom say – I knew she didn’t think I could hear her. “If your could give her some private training? I know it’s not much but-“ I didn’t turn around, but I had guess he had gotten more money from her.

“Sure, but if I might asked… why?”

If I turned around I would have seen mom’s eyes turn wet, and her cheeks red. She uses that often to get her will.

“Racheal’s dad… he was abusive… and an alcoholic… and I’m afraid he’ll try to kidnap her” She said, low enough to only herself, the trainer, and Rachael could hear it. I smiled – my dad wants me back!

When the class was over the guy took me to a smaller room, and said I would be training another hour. I felt something in me – something that awoke during the training. My body felt uneasy, like it wanted to move. When I fought him, I almost hurt him again and again.

All the stuff I didn’t get to question, Mom’s actions, moms constant irritation…. I got it all out, fighting him.

He told my mom how advanced I already was, and I told him I had learned it from my dad. They both looked shocked. Then, when we were going home, mom asked me why I said that, and all I could answer was ‘I don’t know’.


‘Take your little sister and her friends to the mall’ Mom ordered the second I got home. I looked at the three girls and nodded. The girls kept talking the whole way. When we got in, they were hungry and ordered some fries.

We were sitting together, and I noticed a person taking photos of everyone, something told me to go over to him and ask why, but I let him do whatever it was he was doing.

We were walking around the mall, looking out over the giant mall from third floor, when one of the girls dropped her wallet over the edge. She started to cry – something about the wallet belonging to her mom. I sighed and looked close to the elevator – a tube of a sort. I ran and jumped up on it, gliding down to the bottom. I heard people gasping and could see them pointing. When reaching the bottom, I took her wallet, and took the elevator up again. The girls stood like frozen, but when I gave her the wallet back, they started to clap. After that we saw a movie and went home.



I had forgotten all that – I smiled as I sat with the book in my hands. Jeremy was close to finding me – I hope he doesn’t mind I match up our memories.

Adrian sat next to me, and I leaned up against him. Closing the book, and letting him hold around me. It felt nice – being close and relaxed with other people.

“What are you thinking about?” He asked. I shrug my shoulders. “Just some old memories”.

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