Holding My Breath

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25. A Dark Stranger

I was somehow happy to know she was not voted dark. I’m not sure why – she seemed so weird, when I spoke with her. Clarissa sent me into training again, I kept doing the same movement again and again. This is my punishment for leaving home. Or what ever this place is. I kept hitting the tree, again and again. I could feel the sweat leaving my body, and the strength leave my arms. But I kept hitting the tree. The pain is worse if I stop. Behind me, my true punishment is waiting. A guard with a whip. I kept hitting. Swooze, swooze, swooze. I held my stand. Drip, drip, drip. It was annoying my skin as it rolled down it. My eyes feels so wet, they are probably red too. Swooze, Swooze, Swooze, Drip, Drip, Drip. My hand and arms did the movement again and again without slowing down, without losing the grip on the branch I was holding. I kept looking at the tree, and I kept hitting it.

Drip. I breathed tired out, and sighed for a second, but I continued in the meantime. I kept hitting it, I kept forcing my body to do the hurtful thing. This is what it means to me. You might be my child, but you are not more worthy to be near me than anyone else. My eyes was filling up as I continued hitting the tree, no longer out of force. From first day she told me. She never lied to me. I take the punishment as anyone else. But if I misbehave just a bit, I won’t get near her. My own mom. I would be left with no-one, left with nothing, and probably end up dead. So I kept hitting it, never letting it slip, never letting myself miss my target. All I want, all I need. Is to get this over with. After 12 hours, I forced myself back to my room. I couldn’t see anything else than the bed, where I collapsed.


Adrian tells…

Rachael was the one to get the drinks this time. We all was worried when she got up, mostly because she had trouble going straight. But now… she was walking back with a tray of shots.

When she arrived she gave us each two, and started to take the rest of them down. There was 10-15 of those, all in different colors. When done, she laid the tray on the table, went further back on the sofa, and continued the conversation she had with herself.

“Maybe she shouldn’t drink more” Verimon noticed and looked at me. I nodded.

“Too late” Jaime noticed “Somehow she got a bottle of something-“

I turned around – true enough. She was holding a bottle of Jack Daniels.

She took the lid off and drank directly from it, in shock I didn’t know how to react. “Rachael!” I took the hand out towards her and she grabbed it. She looked at me, turning her head from side to side, as she looked confused, but trying to concentrate.

“Sorry” She said “My eyes aren’t working properly”

“Then don’t drink” I answered and took the bottle with the other arm.

“But-“ She leaned over me and went for the bottle, I quickly got it out of her reach, and Verimon took it from me. I forced her back in the couch and she sat down, irritated and looking like a child who had just lost its toy.

“Do you work much?” I asked Verimon “Rachael do-“

“Not as much as her” He said “But I’m in charge of mostly business here. Rachael take all kinds of assignments”.

“Du you know what… exactly?”


“Rachael!” Jaime outburst I looked at her, and could see another bottle.

“Oh my god, where do you get it from?” I tried taking this one from her as well, but I couldn’t see her when I got near her. She just straight up vanished.

I sighed and got back on my spot, and sure enough, she got visible again.

“Amazing! You can still use your powers in that state” Verimon noticed.

She giggled. “There is so much I can do in this state-“

She started to mumble with herself, and we just had to ignore it. We couldn’t understand it anyway.

We had a lot of trouble, the rest of the night – trying to keep her from drinking. Her eyes was tired in the end, her mouth had shut, and she was half asleep behind us. Verimon had left us – he was standing with a drink in one hand and a brunet on the other.

“I thought the nobles had to behave-“ I noticed to Jaime.

Jaime shrugged his shoulders and looked as well.

Verimon suddenly held her close and kissed her. She didn’t hit him, and she didn’t push him away. He was pulling her closer to him. I felt I should be looking away – it looked so sexual. I sighed and looked at Rachael who was observing them as well.

“Nobles-“ she sighed “Isn’t forced to live like glance figure” She got up and took a deep breath, like she had trouble breathing. She held around her stomach and sighed.

“Did you fall a sleep?” I asked her. She didn’t answer but got up “I’ll be back in a sec”. I followed her with the eyes, to see her go to the bathroom. I took another sip of something, and looked at Verimon again. He was whispering in the ear, while dancing back to front with her. I sighed and looked around, when my eyes hit him again, Rachael was standing next to them, and talked with Verimon. Even though she could barely stand straight somehow she maintained a serous face, and got angry when he said something. She suddenly took a hold of his ear and dragged him back to the table with us.

“If you want to do that kind of stuff, then break of your engagement with her” Rachael told him and looked angry. She crawled behind us on the couch and laid down.

“Says the girl dragging two guys along while being engage herself. Have you even visited him?” I felt my heart stop for a moment. Is she engage? To WHO?

He is dead, there is no one to visit and no engagement to withstand” Rachael told him “I was told at once when I woke up”.

Woke up? From the … from the deadly vampire poison in her veins… at first…

“You never told me about him” I noticed.

Rachael sighed. “There is nothing to tell. It doesn’t matter”.

I wanted to hit something, but I sighed and behaved.


She fell half asleep again, and Verimon was sulking over the loss of his girly friend.

I looked at Jaime for a second, he didn’t seem strange with this situation.

“I’m sorry guys” Crish was right in front of us “Mom wanted me to come get you too – we’re locking up the house soon. Come on-“ He stopped and stared at Rachael, who was sleeping.

“What happened to her?” he asked. I took the bottle from her, and gave it to Crish.

“Well – she drank too much”.

He started drinking too, eventually he was half drunk, I was too, and Rachael was still sleeping.  We woke her up, and she said bye to Verimon and Goldilocks.

We walked home, but she was on the lead. We were having so much fun, seeing her having so much trouble with walking straight and not falling.



So blurry. Why isn’t the ground even? How can’t it be? Wait… wait a second. How much did I drink again? I leaned up against a tree and looked around, but I could barely see a thing.


Crish tells…

It was fun, watching her stumbled her way towards the house.

The moon wasn’t that pretty, actually I could barely see it for clouds now. The forest seemed scary, but I didn’t really pay that much attention to it. I looked at her again. She stumbled forward and moved like a wounded animal. Her steps were slow, and barely considered, he balance was off, and her hands were carelessly hanging as she moved.

Suddenly a man was running. Towards her – I pushed Adrian on the back, and we started running too. How could we be so careless and let her be on her own, on that distant? The man was cloaked in a black cape, but I could see holders for knifes from a long distant. His head was covered, but the cape let his legs and arms show. He isn’t that old – not much older than us. Colors of his clothing suggest someone who needs to hide in the shadows. So a dark one… what creature? Our feet tried their best to reach her before him. We were more than 10 meters behind her, he was 5.

Adrian’s breathing was deep, and sounded like a struggle for air. Our feet seemed so slow!

The man reached her, and before she even noticed him, she was picked up by him, and caught.

He kept running, faster than any of us could – it didn’t take long before they were out of sight. We ran and ran and ran in their direction, but after some time, we couldn’t do anything but fall over on the grass and struggle to get the cold icy air in our lungs. The darkness was surrounding us, but I felt watched. How did this man come out from nothing? He had the perfect disguise, but still… it doesn’t make any sense to me.

Adrian was on his feet cursing to the skies, yelling how he was a worthless protector, not capable of watching over her, for even one day. I sighed and pulled him home.

“We’ll find her tomorrow” I told him “With the help of as many people as possible”.

I still had to pull him with me. When we got home, mom was smiling, sitting at the table waiting for us to come home.

“You too are so slow!” She laughed “Come in and go to bed, you need to sleep-“

“But-“ Adrian started.

“Rachael already went to bed – you should too” Mom made us come in, and she closed the door. After that she locked it up good, and walked to her own room. I was stunned. Rachael already went to bed.

“Do you really think it’s her?” Adrian asked me “Or is it… Maria again?”.

We raced up to Rachel’s room. When standing at the door, not one of us dared to open it up.

“How would we even know?” Adrian noticed “She could pretend to be –“

“Let’s just-“ I took my hand on the handle, but it wouldn’t open up. I kept trying to jack it down, but it denied opening itself.

“Open it!” Adrian noticed.

You shouldn’t come in here” it was a voice, dark and creepy, making Goosebumps arise on my arms.

“He sounds familiar” Adrian noticed “where do I know that voice from?”

I took a deep breath. “Why not?”

She’s sleeping”. So what?

I tried opening again, but this time my hand got red. It ran up my arm, and stopped before reaching my elbow. It was irritated, and I wanted to scratch it.

I told you now to” The voice sounded amused anyway. I sighed and looked at Adrian, who hit himself in the head, and closed his eyes, while I sighed. “Who are you?”

Some time past, as we waited for an answer.

Her protector” I was stunned – the dark light protector! I saw Adrian giggle for himself. “I should have thought so. He was at the party too-“

I wanted to hit the door, and bust it open. How can he trust him? How can anyone trust a dark stranger running around and picking her up?

Don’t be mean, Jeremy” Rachael’s voice was tired and loving. She really trust him, don’t she?

I’m mad, you know you shouldn’t be drinking! What if someone tried kidnapping you? You are the easiest target right now!”.

He got a point, but Adrian, Verimon and Jaime was the one convincing her into doing it right?

But it isn’t their fault~” Rachael said. “Remove the rash you put on Crish… he’s just worried. He doesn’t know you won’t hurt me”.

I wanted to object, but before I had a chance, the rash was gone, and I wanted to bust in.

No one is getting in, as long as you are drunk” he declared, loud enough to make us understand it too.

I’m not drunk anymore~” Her voice sounded the same as before, so yes, she was in fact still drunk. I started laughing, Adrian looked surprised at me.

“Isn’t there anyway I can come in there, and talk to her?” Adrian asked through the door. The was a sound of footsteps, moving quickly over the floor, before being stopped.

Rachael! Back to bed!” The sound of an object hitting the bed reached us. Did she jump, or did he throw her?

But I want to play~” I smiled a bit for myself. So the reason he jacked her away from us, was actually to make sure nothing happened between Adrian and her? I glanced at him, he looked worried. I guess the thought of them doing it because she is drunk didn’t occur to him.

“Do she often become like this, when she is drunk?” I asked him.

I don’t know. This is first time I’m around her, while she is”. I smiled a bit for myself. “I see”.

Many people would take advantage of that-“.

Adrian was still looking concerned at the door, I sighed.

“Do you know if she have ever been drunk before?” I asked Adrian.

Adrian nodded “Well… she have. She was in this magazine that Verimon brought… dancing and drunk”.

“What kind of magazine was this? What origin?” . Adrian looked at me for a second. “A demon one, I guess. They told me that at least, I couldn’t understand it…”

Rachael, when you thought you were human, did you drink a lot?”.

Rachael was laughing loudly from the room. I guess that was a yes.

Go to sleep, we have to talk about this tomorrow”.

I took a hold of Adrian “Goodnight, and take care”.

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