Holding My Breath

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24. 24 Hours

“HOW DO YOU DARE?!” We all stared at Trixie who was yelling at Rachael. Rachael was standing and talking with Goldilocks out on the floor. I tried – with the others - to keep her mouth shut, but it didn’t help, she got free and was pointing her finger at Rachael while yelling.

“Huh? I don’t know you” Rachael noticed “Should I?” With that Trixie got more angry, you could see the heat rushing to her head.

“I AM THE LIGHTER YOU STOLE THAT ASIGNMENT FROM!” Rachael suddenly looked down in the ground with a smile. “Oh”

“HOW DARE YOU!? THAT ASIGNMENT WAS MINE!” I wanted to face palm. Trixie is so touchy around her assignment. Losing it to Rachael most be worse.

“That assignment was illegal for you to take” Rachael noticed completely calm “Taking care of Dragons are for nobles only. The king was wrong to give it to you in the start”.

“WHY? DO YOU THINK NOBLES ARE BETTER AT THIS JOB; THAN NORMAL LIGHTERS?!” Trixie was still yelling her heart out. I tried pulling her a bit back, but Rachael took it all so calm.

“No. Of course not, I know I’m better at this than you, but that is not because I’m a noble, but because I have spent time with dragons” As she said it she smiled “Besides that, Dragons and lighters have a pact stating that as long as it’s the noble that are killing Dragons who leaves their own country, it’s fine. If they find out a normal lighter, as yourself, took such a job, they would be angry and attack the kingdom. I guess some know, but doesn’t mind” She looked in the ground and smiled for herself. “Don’t take it so personal”.

Trixie made fist and I could see she was ready to hit her. I hold her back, made sure her fist was on her back, “Not the right time to hit anyone Trixie”.

Rachael suddenly smiled “You are one of Adrian’s friends? Nice to meet you – Funny, he never mentioned you”.

God damn it Rachael! Trixie suddenly stood still and I could feel her anger growing. Trixie and I have had a thing, a few times, and I know this is going to make her explode.

“Funny, he never mentioned you either,” Trixie noticed “But then again, he only thinks about real women”. Rachael suddenly smiled a bit for herself, but I could see a killers look in her eyes.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Rachael asked.

“Adrian aren’t into your kind-“ Trixie started. I wanted to hit her hard, but Rachael surprised me by laughing.

“W-what? Do you really think I would date a protector? For god sake I knew you where a little nuts from yelling out in such a public event, but to think you suspect me to have an affair with my own protector” Rachael kept laughing, and I tried. I tried keeping it in, I tried not feeling it, but it hurt.

“Adrian and I are only friends” Rachael smiled and looked at Goldilocks “I have my interest in another person, who is dear to me”

With that Rachael turned her back to us, swung her arm around Goldilocks’ and walked to the buffet with him.

“What a bitch” Trixie looked at me and then walked away, the boys followed her, and I sat alone in the couch.


Rachael tells….

I looked at Jaime, he looked tired – I guess we all are.

“Sorry about that” I told him “But if anyone suspected-“

He smiled, and hugged me with one arm around me.

“It’s fine, I know” After that we just talked and talked. It seems like the party would never end, so I was just happy that I was in good company. When we could talk alone, we talked about us growing up. He told me of his brothers and the competitions they had held, I told him of my life as a lone child, shielded from the world. When there was others we made small talk. It felt nice to be around someone who could understand me just a bit. Adrian is too – but he was sulking on the couch alone. Drinking I could see.

I took glass of water myself, and returned to Jaime’s side. He asked a waiter to make me a special drink, when he discovered that all night I had been drinking water. “I shouldn’t get drunk to these event, and it doesn’t take much alcohol to make me drunk” “Then I’ll make sure you get something that is light”. I got a pink glass of something. It tasted sweet and I could feel the alcohol, but not to an extent that it became too bad.

“Thanks” I smiled to him. “You’re welcome”.

Jaime was smiling. He too looks ridicules in the uniform. I smiled a bit for myself and looked away.

My eyes spotted my boyfriend. He was no longer alone in the couch, a girl on each arm was leaning provocatively up against him. Two blondes, both water lighters, he was kissing one of them, while holding around the other one. Even their wardrobe is provocatively! I can’t believe him. He knows I didn’t mean any of the shit I said – is it because his drunk? I looked away and took a sip of the special drink.

“I’m sorry” My stomach! Fuck! I walked as good as I could until I was in the shadow of a column. I held around my stomach. It’s bleeding again, and this time more violently. I coughed and saw blood in my hand. “Pff” I relaxed a bit, closed my eyes and tried once again. Why can’t I just… feel nothing? It would be so easier. I cursed away all the Gods as I tried get back to myself. I opened my eyes and in the shadows I could see another person. “Are you okay?”

It’s Jaime. “My wounds are acting up-“ I told him, he grabbed my hand and walked in a slow pace with me. He got me to the infirmary, and turned around while I took the bandage off, and laid a new. When done I had to sit for a moment. Taking that drink weren’t such a good idea now. Less blood in my system, and more alcohol. Great. But Jaime took my hand, and waited with me. Even though I started to sweat and feel bad, he didn’t say anything, and he didn’t look away. He just smiled as he waited for me to feel better. When we got back to the party, Adrian didn’t have the girls on him no more, and the party continued.

I wonder how other people manage this? I was standing by the buffet looking at the small amounts of food. Knowing it would be rude to attack it, I merely took a piece and bit of it, even though my stomach was growling. I should be better at eating more. Since all the food I eat is used to do my Ferike magic, I’m getting more and more thin. I hate being this skinny – I have nothing to use, and nothing to make me look just a little bit good. At least the bandages can’t be seen, because of it. I moved along the table and looked around in the room. Adrian’s friend is gone – and the boys that followed her. I guess this will be hard on Adrian…. I can’t believe he has so destructive friends, but then again… he almost slapped a kid for trying to steal from me. I looked in the ground, and moved to the balcony again. Not all lighters are bad, and not all are good. But everything is grounded in love. I looked at the moon, and smiled a bit for myself. Things will only get worse from here, and in the end, I have to smile anyway. Might as well enjoy the ride.


Jaime tells…

She came back in, looking like a goddess. She was still smiling, but the smile was in her eyes for a while, something I haven’t seen all night. A noble grabbed her hands and dragged her to the floor before she could say no. She looked surprised and almost fell when he pulled her. I tried moving closer to them, without seeming creepy.

“Cheer up” He told her “You look like you want to kill someone”

She smiled “I thought I was smiling-“

“You are” He answered back. She giggled and was swung around on the floor. “People will think you are creepy if you doesn’t look out of balance just once-“

“I get angry-“ She told him “That should be enough”.

I smiled a bit for myself. She doesn’t look out of balance when she’s angry – she just looks scary.

“Also that act-“ He notice “Drop it”.

“This is what I’m trained to do” She noticed with a smile on her lips.

So you are trained to pretend you like the crowned prince, just because you love your protector?

She looked irritated, and almost stepped on his foot. I stepped away, and didn’t want to hear more. I know it’s illegal, but if he knows it’s just… pretend – then why is he discussing this with her now? I took another drink, and dumped down next to Adrian. He looked a bit drunk, a bit angry, and partly sad.

“She didn’t mean it” I told him “You know that-“

“I also know she kissed you-“ He answered back and looked in the ground with his drink in his hands.

“and I know she saw me~”. Did she already tell her about the kiss? When did she have the time to do that? I could feel my heart race a bit – I wouldn’t have sat down if I knew that! She could have warned me!

“I can’t believe she kissed you, just because you saved her” He said “She didn’t kiss me-“ he mumbled on. I couldn’t help but smiling. This isn’t that bad – I thought… I started to laugh a bit.

“Don’t worry about it” I told him “I have already told her, I’ll wait until you break her heart-“

He looked at me for a while “I think I might did it with the girls-“

I looked at Rachael, still dancing with the creepy noble. She didn’t seem heartbroken, not when we were alone, all she wants is to survive this night.

“I don’t think she’ll be mine just yet” I laid a hand on his shoulders and smiled at him. “If she was really heartbroken, would she then still be dancing? Would she still look over at you every fifth second to check if you are okay? I don’t think you realize it, but she really likes you. And she is afraid you will get hurt”. With that I leaned back and looked at her. I could see it on her eyes, when her eyes met his – she wasn’t angry, she wasn’t sad. She was just… there.

“I wonder if she can shut everything out-“ He noticed “Everything bad… “

She was moving towards us, she sad down on his side, she didn’t say a thing, she just sad there for a while, in silence.

You could hear other people talk, you could see people smiling, and the noise in the room was amazingly high. But, you could hear the silence around them.

“Are you angry?” Adrian asked at last.


Adrian didn’t turn around, I know something that is worse than angry and that is disappointed. Sad. Emotions like that.

“I’m sorry-“ He started.

“I don’ want to talk with you about it… not right now-“ She sounded tired “So… let’s forget it happened and… and talk about it in the morning”.

I smiled at bit for myself. She doesn’t want to mix business and pleasure together. It doesn’t wonder me – a girl like her must… have trouble separating the two.

“Anyway” I looked at them “Are you coming to the after party?”

She looked confused at us. “Is there such a thing?”

Adrian smiled and looked at her, he nodded a bit “It’s for the young… like us”.

“What happens there?” She was sitting on the edge of her seat.

“We drink without being supervised” I answered back “Get drunk… dance to human music… “

She smiled at bit to herself “I think I’ll ditch that-“

“No, my fine child of Natrona” Verimon was here again, he had obviously heard our conversation.

“You need to go- it’s just like this party. You have to be there”. She laughed a bit for herself. “I know what kind of after party this is – I don’t drink, I aren’t going”.

I smiled at bit for myself. “You told me, you easily get influenced by alcohol… that means you have tried it off before… Got any interesting stories to tell us?”

We all looked at her, and she blushed and didn’t know where to look. I smiled a bit for myself. “So yes I guess. You are in the best company in the whole kingdom – nothing can go wrong-“

“I aren’t suppose to get drunk around people” She answered

“Like who?” Verimon asked. She pointed at all of us, and got longer in on the couch. She was sitting like a little child, with her knees to her chest. Good the dress covers so much.

“Why not?” Adrian asked.

Rachael smiled a bit for herself “Why shouldn’t the darkest lighter’s daughter who knows of secrets this kingdom has that even the king doesn’t know, who knows species that shouldn’t be known to any lighter, and who can talk so many languages that it’s hard hitting one she can’t talk would be hard, get drunk?”

Adrian smiled. “When you put it that way… Then don’t drink”.

She sighed. “But I don’t want to go-“

“It would look weird for the people if you didn’t attend… like you would say you are too good to do something like that-“

“That’s not what I’m saying!” She looked frustrated around, and rested her head on her knees, while we looked at each others with smiles.

“You need to go-“


Adrian tells…


It was at the end of the night for the grown-ups. I was waiting –patiently – for Rachael to get done changing. With Goldilocks and Verimon we had convinced her she couldn’t deny the after party, so she had went to her room to change outfit.

Goldilocks threw himself beside me on the couch. I looked at him, he was smiling a bit, and holding more than one folder. He messed his hair a bit and laid the folders in front of me.

“You know how I told you, I knew you would hurt her, right?”.

I looked at him. Yes – his irritating opinion on our relationship.

“Yes” I answered.

He smiled and opened at folder. “Since – in my opinion – that you have already hurt her, but she doesn’t have the heart to punish you… let me do it for her”. Before I could object, he gave me the folder. “Did you know that her Family have a repetition, of being amazing in almost anything?”

I laughed and laid the folder on the table. “You can see Rachael is an example of that herself”.

His punishment so far makes no sense, but if this is the best he can do-

“Did you ever wonder if their abilities also went into the area of sex?” He asked smiling. My heart skipped a beat, and I drank my salvia.

“Umm… I didn’t” It hit me. Then I smiled. “Rachael have never done anything with anyone, and that area needs expertise”

He started to smile.

“If you look in the first folder, you will find the reports from the women who was together with him. Apparently he was mind blowing for them”. I tried imagining the dark lord getting down with women, and it hit me I couldn’t see it for me, but then again. If he couldn’t get laid, then Rachael wouldn’t be here.

“So what, it could be he had practice” I answered. His head started shaking. “Even his first told it was fantastic”. Suddenly he smiled. “and to be certain I checked it out. Her Uncle, got the same feedback, even her granddad got the same feedback”. I sighed and looked at him. “I guess you are right, I need to have sex with her, because her ancestors gave mind blowing sex” He laughed. “You don’t get it do you? Rachael once said she would never have sex, outside of marriage, and don’t you realize that this means, she can’t have sex with you?”.

I bit my lip and looked over the ball room. He is right. But I’m not together with her, only because of sexual reasons!

“It doesn’t matter” I answered “Rachael is so sweet and innocent, I can’t imagined her being… like that”. Like that, I was thinking back on all the girls I have earlier been with. Girl who gave it away for almost nothing but a cute smile and a few compliments.

“Are you ready to go?” Rachael’s voice was sore. She had talked all evening, and I remember how tired she looked when she walked away. I turned towards her. “Wow” Goldilocks reacted before I had a chance.

“What? A bit too much?” She asked. I smiled. “It looks… It looks perfect”. She smiled and laughed. The dress she was wearing was short, like… really really short. She wasn’t wearing anything like sox, and her skin was looking so soft and smooth – I wanted to let my hand slide over it. The dress was sequins, black, with two thin straps. Her hair had gone from the big hair doe to a little ball of hair pointing out to almost every direction. I looked at her heels. That is so sexy!

“Can you two, stop staring at me?” she asked us. I sighed and looked at Goldilocks. He smiled happy about himself.

I took her hand and we changed to next room – we entered the room with real music, and darkness surrounding us. She rushed to a couch. We followed her, she was sitting on the couch on her legs, making sure her dress didn’t show anything it shouldn’t.

“Are you always so anxious?” I asked her “Around these clubs?”. She smiled a bit for herself without answering me.

Goldilocks sat down next to us, and we just sat there for a while, until Verimon arrived with some shots – something strawberry flavored.

Rachael was sitting with it in her hands.

“Come on – I paid” Verimon told her and padded her on the head. “Just one is fine isn’t it?”.

She sighed and took it in one.

Verimon smiled and looked at us.

“Tell me boys – what is your score on?” I looked in the ground “I don’t count-“

“Score?” Goldilocks looked confused.

“How many girl have you…” I told him.

“Oh… “ He smiled “None”.

“Really?” Verimon looked skeptics “ You are a prince of Amalion – the girl must throw themselves at you!”

He smiled a bit and shrugged his shoulders. “I’m not interested in any of them”.

I looked surprised at him – really?

“Above or under 50?” Verimon asked me. I looked in the ground for a while. “Above I guess”.

“Slut” I turned around and saw Rachael smiling a bit for herself.

“What about you Milady? Ever shagged one?” Rachael was blushing, but answered with a clear no.

“I heard you didn’t want to until marriage” Verimon noticed “Isn’t that a bit… much?”

“Doesn’t your dad demand it?” Goldilocks asked.

Rachael smiled, and Verimon laughed his ass off.

“No! This is the most funny part about their family. There is a law in the kingdom that states that their family in particular, written down with last name, can have sex with any one they want to ( as long as the other parts agree of course), This is not just lighters or protectors, or princes for that matter. It’s every creature they come across”

We looked back at Rachael who was smiling a bit for herself.

“So… miss “Not until marriage” why not exploit it?”

Rachael smiled for herself. “Because I’m not forced to do anything I don’t want to-“

We looked surprised to her.

“Have you ever done anything with another creature?” Jaime asked Verimon. Verimon smiled at bit for himself for a moment before nodded satisfied.

“What creature?” Rachael asked curious.

“Vampire” He answered.

I looked surprised at him – How the hell did he survive that?

“What rank?” Rachael continued. I stared at her.

“Low one” Verimon answered “I don’t really get in the same crowd as you”.

“What kind of vampires are you friends with?” Jaime asked Rachael before I had a chance. She shrugged her shoulders “All of them-“

Verimon laughed. “I heard a rumor that you got the vampire prince to play dolls with you”.

Rachael looked confused at him for a moment, then she smiled. “That’s false, and you should know that – I don’t play with dolls”.

“Fine- what did you play?”

Rachael closed her eyes and obviously tried to remember. I thought she had her memory back?

“I think we raced a few times – while he was waiting for dad”.

Verimon smiled “You got the serious prince to let down his guard. I heard you did that to everyone”.

Rachael shrugged her shoulders and looked out over the dancing people. I looked down in my hands and tried relaxing. I feel alone here. This is where I normally am, why am I so lonely? I looked around in the room, and could barely recognize my friends. I’m sitting with the prince, a noble and the darkest lighters daughter. I’m sitting a weird place.

“IF you had to have sex with another creature, what would it be?” Verimon asked Jaime, he was blushing, while thinking about the answer. Rachael suddenly smiled.

“I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything like that with another creature?”

“You would fit with a Bui” Rachael said. As soon as she did, she covered her mouth and started to laugh. Verimon and I stared at Jaime, and he was staring at her.

“Are you serious? What is that?”

Rachael didn’t want to answer, so she just kept her mouth shut.

“What about me – what do I fit with?” Verimon asked her. She still didn’t want to answer. I turned my concentration on the people again. Bored, I decided to collect some more alcohol. I found some different cocktails, but had trouble deciding what to get miss “I-don’t-want-to-drink”. Knowing she would hate the color but love the taste I bought a pink drink tasting of strawberry.

“Here” I gave it to her, and watch her give me a “You-shouldn’t-have”-look. She took it anyway, and sipped of it. We drank the rest of it and Verimon kept talking with Jaime about creatures and sex. They even started to discuss her dad’s traces.

“Really? His first time lasted 24 hours?” Verimon looked surprised.

Jaime nodded, and explained about the report  - that his dad had made. Rachael didn’t comment on any of it, actually she just sat looking cute, while drinking the pink drink I bought her.

“Enjoying the night?” I asked her, and smiled to her. She looked at me, and then sighed. “I can’t drink and talk”.

“Then stop drinking for a bit” I smiled at her. She shrugged her shoulders and gave the drink to me. I held on to it for her, and wondered for a bit if she couldn’t stop drinking if I took it from her hand.

“So our little I-don’t-drink, want to dance?” Verimon asked her.

She smiled a bit and said a low, but hearable No.

“Why not? We danced to the other party!” He noticed and pointed “Why should this be any different?”.

Rachael smiled “Because I don’t dance with people at parties like these”.

Verimon took something from his back pocket. It was a magazine. He gave it to her, and she was on the front-page. She was surely dancing alone – in a very beautiful dress. She is not just sexy, but looking like something from an Amalion fairytale.

“Huh” She just said and she looked. Then she opened it up and I looked over her shoulder. There was an article about her, showing her dancing, and drinking. I don’t even know the night club!

“You can’t read it Adrian, it’s a demon-magazine”.

Jaime leaned closer to her as well, I watched him carefully.

“What does it say?” I asked her.

“Just some rubbish” She answered.

“Rubbish? They are calling you a mysterious princess,” Verimon noticed.

“As I said – Rubbish”.

She kept reading though.

“Is it a demon nightclub?” Jaime asked “Since it’s for demons?”

Verimon nodded. “But humans who doesn’t know go to it too. Rachael surely didn’t know…”

“No, but demons know how to throw a party” She noticed and gave him the magazine back.


Verimon went away to get some more drinks, while she drank the rest of hers. Jaime and I discussed the royal duties, and I faulty thought they had a lot more than they do. “That’s the nobles job” He kept saying, and nodded at Verimon at the bar. I never realized how much they work for the kingdom. What do they do without the 13th house? Without Rachael? Rachael works her ass off lately.

Jaime then told about which duties he had, and which of them his dad had he could take off. Rachael had started talking to herself in the meantime – she had finished her drink, and was now talking in another language with herself, giggling and laughing aloud.

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