Kids of One Direction

It's been 30 years since One Direction have been together. They all got married and had kid(s). What happens Harrys', Louis', Zayns', Liams', and Nialls' kids all go to the same schools? Either the same high school or the same elementary school. The boys don't know that until one of the kids hangs out with the others kids.

What happens to the boys? What happens if the kids discover love? Read to find out.

(A/N Some swears, and a little mature content very little though, Hope you like it!!!!!!)


11. Chapter 8

Eli's p.o.v

I walked into Math with Ellie by my side. Since Ellie, Darcy, and I go to Algebra-2 for first hour together. Don't judge us. So we are math geeks. So what? And Darcy is great at it. She looks so beautiful in math class. Her hair flipped to one side of her neck, her left hand writing down the answers to the problems, her beautiful green eyes focused on the paper. She is truely beauti-

I was cut off by someone snapping their fingers in my face.

"Oh hey, Darc. What's up?"

"First of all, the sky and ceiling. Second, you have been standing in the doorway deep in thought blocking mine, and everyone else's entree way, for about 5 minutes." I laughed nervously.

I didn't want Darcy to know i was thinking of her. So I had to think of an excuse quick.

"Oh, um. I was just thinking about the history homework, if I was going to get it all right or not," I chuckled nervously.

"Of coarse you are going to get it right. Your my little smart pants," she smiled and pinched my cheeks. I blushed and just laughed and so did she. We went to sit in our seats.

"So I was wondering if you-" I got cut off again. Ugh why does that always hapeen?

"All right class, enough chit chat. Let's get down to buisness. Open your books to page 93," said Mrs. Curry.

"I will ask you later ok?" I whispered to her.

"Ok I will meet you by our lockers," She whispered back.

"Hey you two. You want a detention?" She asked furiously.

"No ma'am," We said loudly together.

"Ok. Now...." I tuned her out as the teacher turned around.


Ed's p.o.v

My friends, from my band, and I were sitting in my garage. We always go here to rehearse or just hang out.

"Dude you have got a bad case of love there," my best friend and also the bass guitarist in our band, Eric, had told me.

"I know! I have no idea what has gotten into me! I mean, usually I flirt and leave. But it's just different with this girl, I have no idea why."

"You should see if she likes you back, you know do the 'secret admirer' thing," my other best friend and is also our drummer, Danny, said while smirking.

"You know what I should what should I write about? I have never in my life done this befor eto a girl so tell me? How did you guys get your girlfriends?"

"I just had the balls to ask her out in person," said Eric.

"I did the love note thing. I passed it through a line of people during class since i was on one side and she was on the other side, " Danny smiled, porbably remembering the thought.

"Danny, what did you put in that love note?!" I said impatient.

"Chill man, I just put in how long I have liked her, and how much I like her, and asked her in it if she wanted to be my girlfriend, and then a little sweet poem at the bottom."

"Great that is what I shall put."

"Dude don't say shall, it's just weird," said a laughing Eric.

"What's weird is you."

Then we had this whole argument debating who is weirder. It got strange.

We then heard a knock on the garage door, "COME IN!!" I yelled.

I saw my mum walk in with a platter full of cookies.

"What are you boys talking about? You guys are so loud, I can hear you in the basement where I'm trying to work out in peace," she chuckled.

"Sorry mum, thanks for the cookies. Now bu-bye," I said pushing her out.

"Oh ok, bye boys!" she yelled back to Eric and Danny.

"Goodbye Mrs. Styles!!" they said together right before I closed the door. I turned around and sat back down on the couch.

"Man, dude your mum is so hot. And she works out!" said a smirking Eric.

"Two things boys. One! Hands off my mum! Two! Ewwwww you are a disgusting child!"

"Haha fine let's get back to that note," I agreed and got a piece of paper.

Dear Jade,




A/N Ooooo what does he have to Jade?! Omg, I have this ALL planned out for you all. So stay tuned! Please comment on my wall! Love you all! Muah :*


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