Kids of One Direction

It's been 30 years since One Direction have been together. They all got married and had kid(s). What happens Harrys', Louis', Zayns', Liams', and Nialls' kids all go to the same schools? Either the same high school or the same elementary school. The boys don't know that until one of the kids hangs out with the others kids.

What happens to the boys? What happens if the kids discover love? Read to find out.

(A/N Some swears, and a little mature content very little though, Hope you like it!!!!!!)


8. Chapter 6

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Louis's p.o.v

"Zayn?" I whispered.

I was whispering because the twins were in the same room as me watching the big football game. I didn't want them to hear me because they would fill my head with questions.

"Yeah, it's me. Can you talk?"

"Yeah give me one second here," I put my hand on the part of the phone where you speak into, "Girls, I'm going to be in the kitchen. What do you want for dinner?" I asked them.

Mikki turned to me, "Can we order chinese food?"

I nodded and left. I didn't have to ask for what they wanted 'cause I am their father so I know.

I left and remembered I had Zayn waiting on the other line, "Oh sorry mate. So what's up?"

"Uh, so you know how we talked on that one day about the news?"

"Yeah...Why is there something wrong?" I asked concern.

"Um, well. Did you know that the other boys had kids?"

"Umm, yeah. Why mate? Your scaring me."

"No, no. No need to be scared mate. Um well....All of their kids that are in high school are in my flat!" he said so quickly I just barely understood it.

I froze. How could they know each other? It is such a coinsidence that they all just happen to go to the same school in the same year.

"Lou, you there?" I heard Zayn's voice snap me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah sorry. Um. Seriously?"

"Yup. They are in my daughters room right now."

"Do you want me to call the boys over to your house? I still have their numbers."

"Yes, of coarse. They will need to pick them up anyway from my flat. Let me know when they are coming over so Perrie and I can be ready and prepared."

"Okay, well see you later mate," I said into the phone while pushing my finger on the end button.

Ok well, now it's time to call the boys.

(H=Harry, LT=Louis, LP=Liam, N=Niall)

LT-Hey Haz, yeah um could you come over to the house your daughter and son are in please. It's urgent.

H-Umm ok? Why, I'm not picking them up til six-thirty. It's five.

LT- I know just please Harold, just please come now.

H- Ok see you there I guess.


LT- Hey, Liam. can you pick up your daughter and son please at the house they are in right now please.

LP- Um. Why? I'm at work now.

LT- Oh well could you send Dani, I'm sure she will tell you what's going on. But I can't tell you now.

LP- Oh, well ok then. I will ring up Danielle. Um bye Lou.


N-Hey Lou. What's up.

LT- Oh uh nothing. Just can your come over to the house Winnie is at please. I know it's not time to pick her up yet but you need to please.

N- Slow down, is something wrong?

LT- No but yes at the same time. Just please go over there, I will be there already.

N- Ok fine be there in five minutes tops.


(End of convo)

I guess I should tell the girls we are going now.

"Girls, we are going to have dinner later. We are going to visit some old friends of mine, so let's go. Get your coats and boots and meet me in the car," I said to Nikki and Mikki while getting my own coat and shoes on. They nodded and left to get what they needed and I did as I said, I waited in the car for them.

As soon as they came in and buckled up we left. We didn't really need to take the car because Zayn's house is just a few blocks away from mine but it's cold out and if the girls get sick because of me, Eleanor would not be happy with me.

We arrived at the Malik house and I already two of the boys' cars there.


I rang the doorbell with the girls behind me. When the door opened I could already hear the sound of Harry's voice arguing with what sounded like a teenage girl and boy. I thanked the maid that Zayn had who opened the door for me. As I walked into the living room, my prediction was right.

There Harry was, face red angrily speaking in a stern voice to his children.

"Haz?" I asked calmly so he would try and be calm like me.

"What?!" he spat. Then he realized it was me, "Lou? Is that you? Oh dear God. You have changed so much," Harry said while coming over to me giving me a hug.

"Yeah, it's me. Please don't yell at your kids. They don't know what's going on. I called the other boys to come. Then we will tell them because you know we have to, sooner or later," I whisperd in his ear since he was still hugging me.

"Ok but I still want to know why my kids got detention," he chuckled.

We pulled away from each other as soon as we heard two familiar voices, "The party train has just arrived, and your all gonna be on it!" We heard a thick Irish accent come in.

"Dad!" Winnie, his daughter said clearly embaressed at her father who is an absolute nut.

Then we saw them. All grown up like we all had in the past thirty or so years.

"Hello fellow friends, boys and girls," Liam chimed in with a smile.

We all sat down in the living room, my girls and I on one couch, Harry and his kids on another, Winnie sat on an armchair with Niall sitting on the arm part, Liam and his kids on another couch, Jade, Zayn's daughter, on the floor with her back against the wall and Zayn and Perrie on a love seat.

We were all quiet until Darcy spoke up talking to all the boys and I and Perrie, "Well can someone swallow the lump in their throats and tell us what's going on?"

Liam cleared his throat and started explaining everything, "Well kids, you see. Harry, Louis, Zayn, Naill, and I were in a boyband. A boyband call One Direction. We all came together at his old show called The X-Factor. We were all single cotestants looking forward to be a solo artist. Then when we didn't get through boot camp, some of the judges put us together. Our mentor and manager was named Simon Cowell but we called him Uncle Si because he was like an uncle to us. Then we lost at third place, but then Simon realized that our fans who supported us really loved us. So we became this world wide known band that every girl loved. We had so much fun on tours, playing concerts, doing interveiws, and much more," Liam smiled.

"Well what happened to you if you guys loved it so much?" Ellie asked.

Then Harry spoke up, "Well sweety, we did love it very much. But when we all got girlfriends in our late 20's, we didn't care much about our career.  We spent so much time with pour girlfriends/wives, that our popularity went down. Fans thought we had given up on them so they gave up on us. We didn't create many more songs after that. So then we just quit music forever. And we never, ever thought we had kids all at the same times and that they would go to he same high school but here we are," he chuckled, "And now that we are here I want to know why all six of you got detention on the first day of school!" he said in his stern voice again.


The kids just stood up and walked carefully backwards and ran up into what I think Jade's room.

Well then.



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