Kids of One Direction

It's been 30 years since One Direction have been together. They all got married and had kid(s). What happens Harrys', Louis', Zayns', Liams', and Nialls' kids all go to the same schools? Either the same high school or the same elementary school. The boys don't know that until one of the kids hangs out with the others kids.

What happens to the boys? What happens if the kids discover love? Read to find out.

(A/N Some swears, and a little mature content very little though, Hope you like it!!!!!!)


6. Chapter 4

-----------A/N Hey guys I decided to continue this movella, seems that i already have some people reading this. So here is a brand new chapter for you guys! Hope you like it!------------------------------


Darcy's p.o.v

So here I am. In the detention room, I'm the first one here like I always am with my classes.

As the bell rang signalling that school has ended the kids who are supposed to be in detention all piled in and went to find an empty seat. Then I noticed a mop of curls that looked too familiar with me.

Harry is going to kill me once he sees me, is all I could think of.


Apparently I spoke to soon because as I finished thinking that one sentence I saw those green eyes that can haunt me forever.

"DARCABELLE!! What the hell are you doing here?!" Ed yelled storming towards me.

"Shhhhhhh," a bunch of people shushed him 'cause he yelled in a very quiet room.

"Sorry!" he whispered, "Anyway, what are you doing here? Why are you in detention? Huh I want to know why Darc!" he said as quietly as he could in his surprisingly calm voice.

"I was late to class I'm sorry Ed. I was talking to someone who is now my friend. I'm sorry if I want to make at least one friend since we moved here from our hometown that we lived in all of our lives. Can't I have a friend who I get to have a laugh with?"

He hesitated for a little bit but then eventually said something that made me smile, "I guess you can. I'm sorry for overreacting. You know how I am. Anyway who-"

He got caught off by Mr. Lincoln, he is on detention duty," Okay students now there are only six of you guys , but that doesn't mean that you guys can fool around. Now I'm going to go but I'm locking the door and windows so you can't go wonder off. Now behave."

And with that he left a bunch of seniors in a medium sized room with some music instraments in it.


A minute after he left, I heard someone tapping their pencil on the desk to a beat all to familiar with me.

I turned around to see Eli with his eyes closed and tapping away. I looked around to see a girl with black hair and blonde tips tapping her nails on her desk while matching the beat of the pencil. I looked at another girl who looked exactly like Eli but longer hair and you know, a girl. She was playing with her hair tie like it was a couple of bass guitar strings adding to the other sounds. Next, I looked at a girl with light brown curly hair and pink tips. She walked over to a piano in the corner of the room. She started playing the chords of an old song, The A Team by Ed Sheeran. She was really good, that girl has talent.

 Then, I looked at my brother who looked like he didn't want to be a part of this. So I took that as a chance to get up from my desk. I love to sing so I'd figure this is a great moment to sing with the music, and I know my brother sings too I hear him all the time in the shower. So this would be a great time for him to show everyone he can sing.

I started the song as I made my way over to Ed,


White lips, pale face.

Breathing in the snow flakes.

Burnt lungs, sour taste.

Lights gone, days end.

Struggling to pay rent.

Long nights, strange men.

And they say she's in the class A team,

stuck in her day dream, been this way since eighteen but lately,

Her face seems, slowly sinking wasting, crumbling like pastries.

And they scream worst things and life come free to us.


I looked around to see everyone smiling at me and staring to stand up. But Ed still chooses to sit down. I figured that was a sign for me to continue,


Cause we're just under the upperhand, go mad for a couple grams.

She don't wanna go outside tonight,

and in a pipe she flies to the motherland,

or sells love to another man.

It's too cold outside,

for angels to fly,

for angels to fly.


By this time, I got Ed to smile at me and stand up. He started to harmonize with me. He used to do this with me when we were kids,


Ripped gloves, rain coat.

Tried to swim and stay afloat.

Dry house, wet clothes.

Loose change, bank notes.

Weary eyes and dry throat.

Call girl, no phone.


Now, Eli has gotten up to go to the drum set, the girl with brown hair and pink ends is playing the piano still, the girl who looks like Eli's twin is at the string bass, the girl with black hair and blonde tips is at the acoustic guitar, and then there's my brother and I singing our hearts out.


Suddenly, we heard footsteps coming. We figured it was Mr. Lincoln so we all ran to our seats. And just as we all sat down, the door opened revealing the teacher.

"I heard music! You kids better not be playing music! This is detention, not the musical!" he yelled.

There was a bunch of mumbled, sorry's.

"Well then. You are all free to go. Call your parents."

We all ran out and to the front of the school.

"Oh my god! That was amazing! You two are great singers!" Eli was the first to speak up.

"Thanks, I guess. I don't normally sing in front of other people. But a little someone had to get up in my face and make me," Ed said.

I just put on my best innocent, puppy face that he can't ignore. We all laughed together.

"Hey why don't we all go to my house? We can just walk there and I'm sure it's ok with my mum and dad. They loves guests," the girl with the jet black hair said.

"Ok I agree but shouldn't we learn each others names?" Ed questioned.

We all nodded and sat in a circle.

We all said our names and one thing about themselves.....

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