Kids of One Direction

It's been 30 years since One Direction have been together. They all got married and had kid(s). What happens Harrys', Louis', Zayns', Liams', and Nialls' kids all go to the same schools? Either the same high school or the same elementary school. The boys don't know that until one of the kids hangs out with the others kids.

What happens to the boys? What happens if the kids discover love? Read to find out.

(A/N Some swears, and a little mature content very little though, Hope you like it!!!!!!)


4. Chapter 3

Darcy's p.o.v

Once Ed and I got to the schools, we went our seperate ways to our lockers. Even though we are in the same grade, his locker is on the total oppisite side of the school. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love being by my brother but now that he has a locker away from me, I can talk to which ever guy I want without him flipping out!

I looked next to the locker next to me. There was a guy that had glasses with black rims, light brown hair, and was wearing a blue jumper with dark green horizontal stripes, black skinny trousers, and black converse.

He was putting everything he needed so far into his locker pretty neatly. I could tell already he was a straight A student and I don't even know the kids name! I mean he looks-

"Can I help you with something? You've been staring at me for 5 minutes now," the boy said without even looking out of his locker. How did he know? I thought.

"I know because I can see you at the corner of my eyes," he said still without looking at me.

Did I say that out loud?

"Yes, yes you did. Think before you speak, darlin'," he chuckled this time looking at me. I rolled my eyes.

"Ok well now since you know I speak my thoughts a lot, I'm Styles, Darcy Styles.

"Payne, Eli Payne," he copied my word play.

We just both laughed. I started to put my school supplies in my locker as he closed his.

"So, I never seen you at this school before....Did you move here this year?" I asked him as he leaned on his locker.

"Yeah, I did. I moved here with my dad, my mum, and my to sisters."

"How old are your sisters?" I asked as I finished putting in my stuff. I closed my locker and copied his actions and leaned on my locker facing him.

"I have a twin sister the same age as me and my other sister is 10 months old."

"No way! I have a twin my age and a younger sister!" I high fived him, "What are your sisters' names?"

"My twin is Ellie and my other sister is named Alison but we call her Ali," he said smiling as he said those names, "How about you? What are your siblings names?"

"Well my twin, his name is Harry but for fun I call him Hazza," I chuckledat the nickname, "and my baby sister who is two years old, her name is Gemini even though she isn't a twin."

"Nice." I nodded.

The bell suddenly rang, signalling that the students should be in class now. I had just realized we were the only kids in the hallway.

"Shit! I have never been late! I gotta go! Bye I will see you later hopefully!" Eli yelled as he started to jog/run down the hall. I started walking to my class and I entered it but not before muttering, "Stupid school."

"Your late Ms......" The teacher encouraged me to say my name.

"Darcy, Darcy Styles," I said while curtsying (A/N I'm sorry, I have no idea how to spell that hope you guys know what I'm taking about). The whole class laughed at my actions but quickly became quiet because the teacher gave them a stern look.

"Well Ms. Styles. Seems if you already have students fonding over you. And for your late mark you get a detention. And on the first day. I'm surprised," he said concerned.


DETENTION?!? Harry is gonna kill me!  I thought.


The kids in front of us laughed," Would any of you like to join her in detention?" he asked the class clearly furious. The whole class fell silent, "That's what I thought now-"

He was cut off by a girl and boy standing up, "We would!" They both said at the same time and smiled. That when I realized that boy was Eli!

"Well if it isn't 'The Payne Twins'. Fine, I know you too will find a way to get into trouble anyway. So fine. Get your slips after class you three," and with that I took my seat and zoned out til the bell was going to ring.

Jade's p.o.v

I was sitting in my seat taking in my surroundings. I looked back down at my hair and started to play with the blonde dipped ends. I looked back up and found a boy staring at me from across the room. I quickly turned my glance away from his face and to the board in front. In the corner of my eye I saw him smirk and stand up. Oh crap! Please don't come over here, I thought. But of coarse no one can hear my thoughts and before I knew it, he was in front of me.

He had dark brown curly hair styled into what looks like a quiff, interesting forest green eyes, and he is staring right into my ice-blue eyes.

"What is your name love?" he asked me still looking in my eyes.

"J-Jade," I stuttered.

"Pretty name. I'm Styles, Harry Styles."

"Hi," I, being the shy person I am, whispered.

"No need to be scared of me love. I'm harmless."

And with that he left my desk and went outside of the classroom. I inhaled deeply but my exhale was shaky.

The bell rung loud and clear as students filed into the classroom hoping not to get in trouble.

Then Harry casually walked in two minutes after the bell rung like it's no big deal.

"Mr. Styles. Why must we always meet like this? Detention," Mr. Lincoln said blandly while rubbing his temples.

The whole class erupted with laughter. Everyone except me.

"Ok. If we are being so funny today, who wants to go to detention with Harry. Hm?"

The whole class fell silent. You could hear a pin drop but then suddenly we had soft muffled music. Everyone including me looked to see whose playing it. I saw a girl wiht her headphones in her ears.

"Ms. Horan!" The teacher yelled. The yelling caused the girl to look up.

"Oh.....Sorry Mr. Lincoln."

"I'm sorry to say but you have a detention Winnie."

I just frowned and as the teacher turned his back to us the kids started silently teasing one another with who knows what. As that was going on I put in MY headphones and I crossed my arms on the desk and laid on them.

I felt someone tap my shoulder. I looked up to see a mad Mr. Lincoln. I took out my headphones and listened to what he had to say.

"Ms. Malik. Detention. Since you are new to this school, you need to know where the office is."

I nodded shamefully, and walked with him to the office. When we reached a door we stopped.

"This is where you are coming straight after your last class ok?"

I just nodded and went to my next class.

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