Kids of One Direction

It's been 30 years since One Direction have been together. They all got married and had kid(s). What happens Harrys', Louis', Zayns', Liams', and Nialls' kids all go to the same schools? Either the same high school or the same elementary school. The boys don't know that until one of the kids hangs out with the others kids.

What happens to the boys? What happens if the kids discover love? Read to find out.

(A/N Some swears, and a little mature content very little though, Hope you like it!!!!!!)


14. Chapter 11

I just wanna say, thank you to all my supporters and people who have read this movella so far. I told you I would give you another chapter after like 130 reads but I have been so busy with school, homework, my musical practice (that's right, I'm in a musical!), and my talent show practices. And I'm sorry I haven't updated in FOREVER, so sorry bout this shitty update it's been a while, gots ta get back in the zone. Haha but anyway, I'm rambling on. TO THE STORY!!!!


Hannah's p.o.v

I was at school, sitting in the front next to these very loud girls. They definitely are twins, I could tell from the start. They both had light brown hair, the color of a milk chocolate bar, and blue eyes, the color of the sky on it's lightest, brightest day of the year. They both have perfectly straight teeth, like me.

One of them turned to me and stuck out her hand, that's when I realize the one tooth missing on the side. I shook her hand and said, "Hi, I'm Hannah!"

"I'm Mikki."

"I'm Nikki."

"How do I not get you two mixed up?"

"Well, Nikki has braces. I, Mikki, have this birthmark on my forehead," Mikki said pointing to her mark on her forehead. I just made an 'O' shape with my mouth and smiled.

We kept talking until I heared a tapping coming from infront of us. The three of us turned around at the same time smiling at our teacher.

"Ahem, girls. Why are you talking while I'm teaching?" Our math teacher, Mrs. Lynn said sternly.

"We, uh, we were talking about this math question I had trouble on," said Nikki winking at me.

"Oh well ok then girls, carry on."

We all smile and kept talking til the day ended. Best day ever.


Jade's P.O.V

I was walking in the school building when all of a sudden I heard a scream and nxt thing I knew, I was on the ground. I turned around and saw Darcy laying on top of me, rubbing her head.

"Ok never doing that again! Damn that hurts!" she said while laughing, I soon joined in with her.

"Please don't," I said back.

We just sat there looking at the sky then she suddenly sat up, with a paper in her hand?

"," she stuttered while handing me the paper.

"Thank you? Who is it from?"

"I can't tell you but you will find out when you read it AFTER school ok? Please promise me you won't read it until you get home please?"

"Fine, I promise," I sighed.

"Good, now I think we are late to class so let's hurry before Mr. Lincoln kills us!"

"Nah, let's go to starbucks and chat! We haven't had time to hang out! Plus I'm craving for some double chocolate chip mocha frappachino!"

We laughed and she finally gave in and went in my car. As soon as we got in, a very old song from 2013 came on. Best Song Ever. We knew it was our dads song so we laughed and sang along to it, yes we know all of our dads songs they ever sang.

Maybe it's the way she walked OW!

straight into my heart, and stole it.

Through the doors and pass the gaurds, OW!

just like she already owned it.

I said can you give it back to me

she said never in your wildest dreams.

And we anced all night

to the best song ever

we knew every line

now I can't remember

how it goes but I know

that I won't forget her

cause we danced all night

to the best song ever

I think it went

oh, oh, oh,

I think it went

yeah, yeah, yeah,

I think it goes


By that time we were at starbucks, we couldn't stop laughing!

"Ok that was like awesome! We need to do that more!" Darcy said while laughing and slowly getting out of the car.

"Come on slow poke!!"

"I'm coming, I'm coming!"

We entered the building and waited in line. When it was our turn we stepped up.

"Can I have a double chocolate chip mocha frapp please?" I asked politely to the fairly old lady behind the counter.

"Umm can I have the same please?" Darcy asked.

"Yes you girls may, may I ask why you are not in school?" She asked smiling.

We both looked at each other, "Umm, we have a late start today?" I said in more of a question form.

"Uh huh. Sure. Well don't worry, I won't tell anyone," she winked and turned around and started making our frapps.

"Thank you," we both said in unison. We moved to the side and waited for our coffee's.

When we got them I payed and gave the lady a two pound tip.

"Thank girls so much, have a nice day," she winked again.

We just smiled and left together and got in my jeep. Once we got in I turned on the radio and then plugged in my phone and put on my music. The song Should've Said No by Taylor Swift came on.

We started to sing at the top of our lungs with the windows rolled down. We finally came to a red light and we were still singing.

We heard a wolf whistle and we both stopped and turned to our left and saw two boys in a convertable starring at us like bait. We just laughed and started singing again like we didn't care.

I turned around again and they were video taping us. I felt myself blushing but kept singing.

Then the light turned green and we drove along  and we stopped singing. We just laughed.

The day went along great but the only thing that has been on my mind all day was that note. What does it say? Who is it from? Why is it for me?


Hope you guys liked it! Comment on what you think of it! Also Like and Favorite it please! It would mean a lot to me! Love y'all!!!!!! Bye!

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