Im His Sister (A Cryaotic Fanfiction)

"Felix I'm your sister"


6. Trapped

Cry's pov



I was walking around the familiar dungeons of the Amnesia castle trying to find my way out.

The door that was normally the way out was gone.

I figured I'd explore and look for any sign of Lilly or Felix.

I finally came across a note.

"Hello Ryan. It has come to my understanding that you've been searching for Lilliana and Felix. Well that's what I've put you hear for. If you do not find them in approximately 48 hours they will die." I stopped reading for a moment. Felix.. Dead. I couldn't. Lilly... I was developing feelings for her she can't die either! "This castle seems in escapable to you at the moment because you think it's the normal map. The doors in this building have been moved making it more difficult to find our 'Hostages'. Good Luck!"

It wasn't signed.

I started panicking. The doors were moved... If Felix was really here he might be given a similar not as me. Maybe Lilly too.

Oh who am I kidding they were called hostages so they must be being held captive.

I ran around for what felt like hours looking for an exit. It really was only about forty-five minutes though.

I found a door and almost screaming in joy.

It was locked.


I screamed at the non existing force that put me here.

I want to know who took the time to take us in our sleep and put us in their stupid maze.

Felix's pov

I looked around and sighed. This wasn't very normal but I knew it would be best to stay calm.

I was in the middle of a forest but I could see a small cottage and a huge castle to my left and right.

I first decided to check out the cottage in case someone could tell me where I was.

I walked up and knocked on the door.

"Hello?" I called.

No one was home, the lights were off to an the chimney emitted no smoke. The door was locked too.

I trudged off towards the castle and then it hit me.

A tree branch fell out of a tree with a bit stuck to it.

"Ah Felix I've been expecting you. Your precious sister and friend have been trapped inside the castle and you must find then before It is to late. With in 48 hours they will die. Hurry up! Times a tickin'!" I dropped the note and ran towards the castle.

I knew the front doors wouldn't open but I tried anyway. They didn't budge. I looked for any sign of a side door but there wasn't one. The back door was about the size of one of the front doors and it was locked. I searched around the door for a key and saw one a few feet above dangling from a brick.

I found the nearest broken tree branch and threw it towards the brick. To my delight the key fell. It got into the door pretty easily and I was in.

There were two sets of stairs, up or down. I could hear two people but they obviously couldn't hear each other.

"LILLY?!?!" One screamed. Cry.

"RYAN?!" The other cried out. Lilly.

It was obvious the walls were more sound prop then the doors at the end of each stair well.

Going up the stairs I herd Lilly's voice getting louder. I stopped at the top of the stairs. The door was locked. With MULTIPLE locks. Different shapes and sizes.

Same with the door to the dungeon where Ryan was.

A/N Hey guys! I hope you like it so far! Sorry for any typos as I've said in earlier authors notes. Thanks for reading my books! :D

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