Im His Sister (A Cryaotic Fanfiction)

"Felix I'm your sister"


3. Meeting Felix

I had to sleep outside that night. The next day though I took a cab to the nearest airport and bought a tv key to the U.K. To go see Felix.

When I got on my flight I was so ready but it was so boring!

Skip flight

I got another taxi to where he supposedly lived and told the Taxi driver I was family so he didn't get to worked up.

I walked up to Felix's door and knocked once.

"Hi I'm Lilly, I'm your sister."

"I don't have a sister..." He started

"I have blood samples and DNA... Your my brother"

"I'm sorry I don't have a sister" he persisted

"I was adopted as a child. Felix I'm your sister... Look!" I showed him the DNA and blood samples.

"Well uh... I guess you can stay here with me. Where are you from?"

"Well I lived in Denver, Colorado until three days ago." I explained to him hearing the conversation and everything with the blood testing.

"You came all this way just to meet me?" He said.

"Yes I did. By the way I'm a huge bro, and I flipped out when I found out that you were my brother."


He helped me settle in and then he had to make a video explaining that I was his sister.

"Hey Lilly do you want to watch me Co op with Cry?" He asked me. "We're playing Bloody Trapland again"

"Cry? Who's that?" I asked

"OH MY GOSH! Lilly you will laugh so much he's a great one if my friends!"

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