Im His Sister (A Cryaotic Fanfiction)

"Felix I'm your sister"


5. LittleLilly

A/N hi guys sorry for any typos or anything in the story I have to use my iPhone app. :P it's not that fun having to deal with autocorrect XD. Anyway I'll get back to the story now.

By the time we had gotten Cry all un packed into his room, it was across from mine, it was time for dinner. Felix attempted to cook us all some Waffles, and only a few ended up burning.

"so Cry-" I started

"Please call me Ryan." He jumped in.

"Okay, so Ryan how can you see out if your mask?"

"Oh this?" He said taking it off. "Ive kinda just gotten used to it."

Looking at his face I almost melted. He was so.... I can't even describe him. He saw me looking and blushed a bit then put the mask back on.

The next day I created my own YouTube account, LittleLilly. I made one video, explaining who I am and our living conditions. I hadn't expected it but Felix made a video about my channel so a bunch of bros subscribed to me! It was totally awesome and I decided to play a quick game of Amnesia so the Subscribers had a video to watch.

Felix Ryan and I went and got me some Cameras and other equipment and I got my own computer too! Each of our rooms looked like these total technology places.

We all ate dinner and then went to bed not expecting anything unusual to happen.

When I woke up I screamed.

Taking a look around I wasn't on my bed, or in my room. I was in a different bed. I a different room. In a different house for all knew. I went into the hall as careful as possible.

Looking up and down I saw nothing but really old dusty carpet.

"FELIX?!?" I screamed "RYAN?!?!"

I didn't hear them an then it hit me.

I knew exactly where I was.

I was in the game, it was the castle in amnesia.

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