Im His Sister (A Cryaotic Fanfiction)

"Felix I'm your sister"


4. Cry

I sat down in a chair next to Felix and he adjusted the camera so I was in the view with him. He set or all up and I herd Cry's voice. I knew I was his because it was a voice from the game and that's who Felix was playing with. I watched the screen and the two little cats ran around and got killed from time to time.

"Oh hey uh Cry my sisters here" Felix finally said.

"You have a sister?" Cry's voice called back.

"She was adopted as a kid and she found me so yep"

They kept playing and I watched, having tons of fun and screaming at the game when the brofists killed them. They finally beat the level and decided to end the video.

"All righty Broday everyday!" The guys said and Felix brofisted the camera.

He quickly uploaded the video and didn't edit it at all.

"Hey uh Lilly, Cry is suposed to move in to this house tomorrow too so you'll get to meet him face to face, of probably face to mask..."

"Mask?" I said

"Oh yeah Cry wears this mask type thing."

We spent he rest of the day talking about how we grew up and how our lives were. We went to sleep and in the morning I woke up to him jumping on my bed.

"Ah Felix!" I yelled "stop it!"

"Come one Lilly get up! Cry will be at the air port in an hour, get UP!"

I laughed and pushed my new brother out if my room, and I sighed. I looked around the room at the dark blue walls and the wood flooring.

I looked at my bed in the middle against the wall next to the bathroom door. I looked at all of my bags, now emptied into the big black dresser and my closet. I grabbed out a nice pair of jeans and a plain purple top and half sweater that was striped blue and green. I ran into the bathroom and brushed my hair and put on my clothes. I opened my make up and put I a bit of blush and mascara and a small bit of light blue eye shadow. I quickly put I a layer of lipgloss and picked up my purse.

Down by the front door was the kitchen so I ate a bagel and waited for Felix to come down.

When he did I expected a lot more than a topless half wet him looking for a shirt. I face-palmed and looked for a shirt for him. He found one before me and we were off.

We pulled up at the airport and walked into the arrivals area. We waited roughly about ten minutes for Cry to show up after the plane landed. Just like Felix said, he was wearing a mask. I looked at him and smiled.

"I'm Lilly." I said putting my hand out. To my surprise he put his out and we shook hands. Then he ended up hugging me some how and i was blushing over the blush.

Felix cleared his throat.

"Oh uh yeah Sorry, Hey pewds" Cry said.

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