Chance It

"Why won't you give us a shot?" I screamed at the brown eyed boy in front of me, not understanding why he was being like this.

"Because I can't! Okay? I can't." He said, frustrated. I could tell because he always ran his hands through his messy brown curls when he was frustrated.

"Why can't you? Just tell me! I deserve to know!" I said, still fed up at him for doing this to me. I just didn't understand it. Maybe was being shallow and selfish, but it was killing me, knowing that we both had feelings for each oher and he wasn't man enough to give it a shot.

"Because I can't lose you! Okay? What if it ends badly and we end up hating each other for the rest of our lives? Huh? Then what? I'll have no one that understands me like you do!" He screamed, desperately trying to make me see things the way he does and seeing him like this with his eyes ablaze with passion, his hands flying around him wildly as he talked. In that moment, I was aware of two things. He was scared and wrong.


1. 01. Charlotte

The day it all started was a day full of adrenaline and sweat. A day we all sat seated in the huge gold and black stadium of Appalachian State University, screaming as our high school marching band program once again won grand champion for our performance of this years show entitled 'Tonight We Dream'. Out of the many shows I have performed, this one was my favorite hands down. The reason being that the song selections-I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables, Dreams by Van Haylin, Dream On by Aerosmith and Tonight from West Side Story-were absolutely terrific. Not to mention the drill and guard work were amazing as well and the music-God the music-was absolutely to die for. It was a very memorable night to say the least.


I should probably introduce myself before we dive further into my shockingly cliche love life. My name is Charlotte Williams and I am currently a senior in high school. I am obsessed with Disney movies and coffee. I love to write my own stories as well as read anything that picques my interest. The ideal place you could find me is in a Barnes and Noble bookstore, where coffee, books and free wifi is availiable. I also have a huge crush on someone who is cute, funny and utterly amazing. And his name is Charlie Sanders.


"Charlotte! We won at Appalachian! Holy crap!" My best friend, Gracie, screamed as she jumped up and down in excitement as I tried to avoid getting hit in the face with her clarinet as we made our way down the steep steps of the bleechers, trying really hard not to bust our butts in the process. Which was hard considering I am the most uncoordinated person in the world.


As our feet hit the ground, we all took off at a run to make a victory lap for our win at App State. One hundred and ninety seven band kids running the perimeter of App's football field in euphoria, feeling on top of the world as all of our hard work had paid off.


Screaming, we all stood around in a huge blob of black and gold, taking pictures, laughing and just enjoying this moment and making memories at a time where everyone is happy and elated and just having a good time.


Soon enough, it was time to board the actvity buses that brought us here and head home and I started to walk across the field when five familiar people came up to me, winding our arms together, forming an unbreakable chain of friendship with Charlie on one side and Gracie in the other, followed by Scott on the other side of Gracie, Liam and Laci on the other side of Charlie.


Once we got back to the buses, we all changed out of our uniforms and back into our 'street clothes' as our band director liked to call our normal practice clothes. Climbing back onto the bus and taking my seat beside Charlie, who was sneakily eating my Trolli gummy worms as I gave him a look that could only be described as a death glare.


"What?" He said, his mouth full of the colorful worms.


"You just had to eat my favorite candy didn't you?" I asked him as he nodded with a smirk.


"Asshole." I said as I crossed my arms and leaned back against the hard bus seats in an attempt to fall asleep as we had a two hour bus ride and I was exausted from the double competitions we had today.


"You know you don't mean that." He said confidently as he pulled me into his side, volunteering himself as a human pillow.


"Whatever." I said and I could just make out the sound of his laughter as my eyelids fluttered closed and I drifted into a dreamless sleep.


Hola guys! I wrote this at five AM today and now I am sharing it with you! The video to the side is the marching band show referred to in the chapter and this was MY band's marching show this year that I was in! GO COLORGUARD (flags) c:

PLEASE VOTE A COMMENT!!!! Tell me if you like gummy bears or worms if you read this! (I like Trolli sour gummy worms) :)

Enjoyy! xx

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