The accidental skype call.

Katy Young was just an ordinary 18 year old, she partied, went to college and drove. She wasn't a big fan of the boy band One Direction until one night. That one Skype call changed everything.


4. Chapter 4.


I was sat on my bed, on my laptop waiting for my call from Harry to come through. I was actually quite excited.

Suddenly my laptop started to buzz.

It was Harry.

I opened the call to see Harry sat there topless just staring into the screen. His body!

"Hey Katy, I thought it would be even if you saw me topless why I saw you topless before." He spoke.

"Of course. Well get up then and give me a spin." He climbed of his chair and gave me a quick spin. His body is just perfect.

"Your turn?" He said.

"You saw yours this morning cheeky."

"True. So how's your day been?" He asked.

"It's been crap, with college and that."

"If you hate college so much why don't you drop out?"

"Me, Katy Young drop out of college ha yea, of course." I said sarcastically. " I can't take you seriously with out a top on Hazza."

"Aww, you like me?" He teased.

"Yepp of course. You're the fittest guy I've ever seen." I winked.


"No Harry, just no."

"Aww well then. Can we be best friends?" He said. Me being best friends with Harry Fricking Styles. ARGGGGGG.

"Ermm sure whatever." I said shrugging my shoulders. I was freaking out inside.

"Yes, great." He was getting all giddy like a little boy. It was cute.

"Aww little Harry Styles getting exited." I said sarcastically. "Hey Harry?" I asked.

"Yes Katy." 

"Are you single by any chance?" Why did i just ask that? He is going to think I like him now.

"Yes why? Do you like me?" He said winking into the screen.

"No, just curious that's all."

"Oh right, well I better be off. Me and the lads are going out. Speak to you tomorrow." Harry said, waving his hand the screen. He blew a kiss aswell.

"Bye Hazza." I said as the screen went blank.

Well, it's now 10:30 and i think it may be bedtime. I set my alarm for 6:00am and placed my phone on my bedside table before I tucked myself into bed.

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