The accidental skype call.

Katy Young was just an ordinary 18 year old, she partied, went to college and drove. She wasn't a big fan of the boy band One Direction until one night. That one Skype call changed everything.


3. Chapter 3.

It was Tuesday morning at another day at college. Oh I do love it, honest. I woke from a dream which included that Skype call last night. I still can't get over it. I got out of bed and took a shower. 20 minutes later my phone buzzed. It was skype. OMG it was him! I accepted the call when I realised I was in a towel.

"Sorry, bad time?" Harry asked.

"No not at all just got out of the shower that's all." I replied drying my hair.

"I just wanted to talk to you." He said.

"But why? We only met last night." I said.

"Yes I know but it was great talking to a fan."

"A fan? Who me? No I don't like your music. No offence."

"None taken. Just don't let the other lads hear you say that."

"Ok. So why did you call me anyway?" I said turning the camera off while I got dressed.

"I was thinking I should have your number. And you have a nice arse." How did he know what my arse looks like. I turned around and realised the camera was still on.

"Fuck, fuckity, fuck!" I cursed.

"Nice tits too." He laughed.

"Harry you're a pervert, did you know that?"

"No I didn't. Can I have your number or what?"

"Of course." I wrote it down on a piece of paper and showed it to the screen. "I must go college and shit."

"Ok I will text you later." He said before I turned the camera off.

*two hours later*

I was sat in Mrs Langton's lesson when I felt my phone vibrate on the table. iPhones are so loud!

It was just a number.

'Hey, nice tits. It's Harry here just thought I would text you to remind you you had nice tits! Oh and to give you my number obviously xx'

I decided to text him back.

To Harry.

'I can't believe the camera didn't turn off. I only saw you for the first time last night as well. Such a idiot at times. Xx'

"Something on your phone which is more interesting than the lesson Katy?" Mrs Langton asked.

"Yes, everything." I spoke under my breath.

"Excuse me?" She said.

"No Miss nothing is more important than your lessons." I said sarcastically.

The bell rang. Thank The Lord that this is my shortest day at college. It was 12:30 and I was walking towards my car when Sally came up behind me.

"Hey bitch, where do you think you're going?" She said leaning against my car.

"Home I'm knackered." I said unlocking my car.

"No you're not, we are going for lunch." She climbed in my car. "Get in then, I can't drive."

I climbed in the car and drove to our favourite cafe.

*15 minutes later*

We was sat at a table eating our lunch when my phone buzzed again.

From Harry

'Ha, it's no problem I didn't see much anyway. Are we up for tonight? Xx'

To Harry

'Far enough, and yeah of course. 7:30? Xx'

From Harry

'Perfect! Xx'

"Who are you texting?" Sally asked.

"Oh nobody."

"It's a boy, you're smirking." She said scoffing her face. "Tell me about Skype last night."

"There's not much to say just that I typed in your number wrong and Harry Styles' face came up on my screen."

"And...." She said.

"Well...basically he skyped me this morning when I got out the shower. I thought I turned camera off and....he saw my arse and tits."

"What?!?" Sally said.

"And we are skyping tonight as well."

"Oh right. No nudity." She laughed.

"We better get going we've been here for 2 hours."

I drove Sally home and then myself.

From Harry.

'You home yet? Xx'

To Harry

'Just, but it's only 3, I've for tons of college work yet.xx'

From Harry

'Ok, see you later. Xx'

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