The accidental skype call.

Katy Young was just an ordinary 18 year old, she partied, went to college and drove. She wasn't a big fan of the boy band One Direction until one night. That one Skype call changed everything.


2. Chapter 2.

Chapter 2.

"No, I'm Harry." The voice said from inside my laptop. "Who are you?"

OMG it's fucking Harry Styles.

"I'm Katy. I must have put the wrong number in sorry to bother you." I said, " I'll just cancel the call."

I hovered my mouse over the 'end call' button when I was stopped.

"No, stay." Harry spoke. He is asking me to stay. "We should talk."

"Are you fucking serious?" I asked, well shouted.

"Yes if course, and please no swearing. I don't like it when people swear." Well. I did promise id call Sally but I think Harry is more important.

"Ok, I was supposed to call my friend but I'm sure she'll understand when I tell her I was talking to you." I spoke, crossing my legs.

"No, don't tell her." He said. He looked serious.

"But why?" I asked, I was confused.

"Keep it between us two please." He said.

"Hey Harry who are you talking to?" I heard a voice in the background.

"Oh no one, just myself." He said to the voice. "I've got to go. Same time tomorrow?" He asked me.

"Of course." I nodded before he ended the call.

I called Harry Fricking Styles. I leaned back onto my bed. I kept hearing his voice over and over again in my head. He is sex on legs. I opened twitter up on my laptop, I had a mention. @Sally_123 - @Katyjayne_96 did you forget about our skype call bitch!

Oops I should call her.

I typed in her number making sure it was correct this time. Her face quickly popped up on the screen.

"Where the fuck have you been?" She said, she looked angry.

"Sorry, I'm here now. I made a mistake with your number. I will explain everything tomorrow." I said.

"Yes you will. I have been sat waiting for 2 hours waiting for you to call."

"Sorry Salls,"

"So bitch, I want to know about this mistake you made with my number. I can't wait till tomorrow."

"Fine. Promise you won't tell anyone or I'll have to shave your hair off."

"I promise." She said putting her little finger up to the screen.

"I called Harry Styles."

"Bitch please."

"Yes promise you won't tell anyone. I wasn't supposed to tell you but I just had to you being my bestie and all."

*internet connection lost*


"Mum, internet has gone off." I shouted down the stairs.

"I turned it off. You need to study." She shouted back up. Bitch.

I texted Sally.

To Sally - 'sorry mums being a bitch and turned the internet off. I will talk tomorrow!x'

From Sally - 'ok babe, talk to you tomorrow.x'

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