The accidental skype call.

Katy Young was just an ordinary 18 year old, she partied, went to college and drove. She wasn't a big fan of the boy band One Direction until one night. That one Skype call changed everything.


1. Chapter 1.

Chapter 1.

"Katy" my mum hurled out. "You're going to be late for college. Get your fat arse out of bed."

"Fuck off mum, I'm awake." Yes I was awake but I was awake still lied in bed at 10 to 8 when college starts at 9. I dragged myself up from my bed and went into my ensuite bathroom. I didn't have time for a shower so I just quickly washed my face and obviously brushed my teeth. I went back into my bedroom, grabbed the dry shampoo (best thing ever invented) and sprayed it onto my hair. I let it set while I got dressed. Today I am wearing a floral dress, with thermal tights and my back dolly shoes. I brushed my hair and completed my look with my make up. After everything was done, it was half past 8. I grabbed my bag, phone and car keys and ran down the stairs.

"Bye mum." I shouted leaving the house.

I unlocked my car and turned on the radio.

'And live while we're young.' Came blasting through the radio.

"Oh god." I spoke switching the radio station over. I fucking hate One Direction with a passion but I do have to admit I have a soft spot for Harry Styles. He is just sex on legs.

I arrived at my college as I started to walk towards my lesson, I felt someone jump on my back.

"Hey Bitch, wake up late?" The voice said. It was my best friend since we was 11 Sally. I love her to pieces.

"Woah you need to stop that. You nearly gave me a heart attack. Yes I did." I replied.

"Well it's a good job your not going to be late, Mrs Langton is late into work this morning." Sally spoke as we walked towards the stairs together. We arrived at our room when Mrs Langton turned up.

"Nice to see you girls on time." She spoke.

"I could say the same about you, Miss." I replied.

"Just get in the room and sit down." Someone isn't in a good mood today.

"Katy, you didn't skype me last night." Sally said half way through the lesson.

"I forgot, I will make it up to you by doing an even longer one tonight."

The rest of the day went really slowly as Mrs Langton was in a bad mood. I got out of my car and walked up to my house. As soon as I reached my bedroom I dumped my bag on the floor and opened my laptop up. I double clicked on Skype and typed in Sally's number. It was ringing for about a good 10 minutes. Finally the call opened.

"Argh" I screamed. "You're not Sally!" I said.

"No I'm ........

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