One Direction's Secret Agent

Tanya is a 15 year old. She's not a typical teenage girl. Sure she like to shop and other stuff. But she doesn't have a normal teenage life. She is a top notch FBI agent and is the youngest. One day she gets a mission saying that she has to protect the world biggest boy band. What will happen next?


1. Mission Accepted

Tanya's P.O.V.

I just finished a mission. Nothing I could handle. Just some stupid thieves trying to rob the bank. Oh, pardon my manners. I'm Tanya Marie Johnson. I'm 15 years old and I work for the FBI. I'm the youngest agent in the agency. People say I'm the best but I don't really think so. My parents were also FBI agents too, but they got killed during a mission. My Uncle Logan a.k.a Agent Harris was my parents's brother and brother in law. So when they got killed he took care of me. I was 10 when they got killed. Uncle Logan said that they went for a trip for their mission. As I grew up, Uncle Logan taught me all the skills I need to know. One day he told me a group called The Wolves killed my parents. I was so devastated. I locked myself in the room for a whole week.


I walked into his office. Nobody in the agency knows where related. Around people we go by Agent Harris and Johnson. If not, just first names.

"Hi Tan, I see your back from your mission. How was it" He asked

"It was a piece of cake. Nothing the agency couldn't handle."

"Good. I have another mission for you. It involves patients and skills and your the person who has that"

"What is it?" I asked

"You know One Direction right ?" he said

"Yeah..... What about them?" I asked

" I'm sure you remember The Wolves. They've been sending death threats to the boys. The boys don't know anything about the death threats considering management aren't tell them. They have tight security there, but not tight enough. Paul Higgins, the tour manger-"

"Paul Higgin ? The legendary Paul Higgins who was a agent here before ?" I interrupted

"Yes him. He has requested you to come help him protect the boys. Are you up for it?" He asked

"Yes! When do I start?"

"Tomorrow morning. 5 am sharp. I suggest you go and sleep. You'll need. You'll be taking a private jet to L.A. where they are right now. I'll be there before you leave. Now go to sleep kiddo. I'll see you in the morning" he said to me

"Ok Uncle Logan. Good night" 

"Good night"

I walked to my room. What the hell just happened I thought. I went to my room packed my clothes and gadgets, changed into my P.J., brushed my teeth and went to sleep

A/N: Hope you like the story so far. Even thought it's chapter 1. Let's hope that I don't get too much homework so I can update this

See ya

Deanna xx

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