the sorting hat!

find out which house you'd be in, which charecter you're most like, you're wand, an animal you might choose, and take some trivia to find out your grade in you're O.W.L.


4. O.W.L. Answer's

in the 4th book, what was the first task?

A) Passing the dragon

When did Harry start Dating Ginny?

C) His 6th year

Who was the half-blood prince?

B) Severus Snape

In the second book, who opened the chamber of secrets?

C) Tom Riddle

Why was Hagrid Expelled?

B) He was blamed for opening the chamber of secrets

Who is Fluffy?

A) A three-headed dog

Who was James and Lilies  Secret-keeper

C) Peter Pettigrew

What is Harry's Patrones?

B) A stag

What was the last Horcrux Harry destroyed?

B) Himself

What is the killing curse?

C) Avada Kadavera

How did Harry Kill Lord Voldemort?

B) He destroyed the last Horcrux

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