His daughter

What happens when Eminem's manager is in a fatal car crash and his son, Josh has to stay with Eminem and his daughter Hailie


1. The Crash

Josh's POV

I woke up in a pristine white room with a constant beebing machine beside me, pain in my head and a needle in my arm. Thats when it all came flooding back to me, the crash.


Me- I went in head first, never thinking about who what I said first, in what verse.

Dad- My mom probably got it the worst.

We were rapping Headlights by Eminem who my dad was acctually the manager of.

Suddenly a tree fell on the road and the car swerved, then everything went black.


A nurse came over to me and checked my machines then started to ask me questions.

After the small interagation she said I was good to leave, I walked out the room and caught my reflection in a mirror I had 5 stitches on my forehead. I then walked past the front desk and saw Eminem sitting there.

Eminem- Hey man, how u feelin?

Me- Yeah good sup

Eminem- Youre gonna be stayin with me for a while

me- aight sweet.


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