Old Magic

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  • Published: 12 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 2 Mar 2014
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What was the story behind Hogwarts's four founders? What were their lives like, fighting to create a peaceful magical society, and why were they fighting among themselves?


21. Chapter Twenty-one

As Salazar strode quitely out of sight, he couldn't help thinking, "Why do they think I'm the bad guy?" If he was honest with himself, (and he hated to think think of this at the very moment) Godric, Rowena, and Helga had had a point. He was being quite a bit stubborn. "But still," he tried to convince himself as he desended the dark stone stairs leading to the dungeons, "why should I care what they think? They're perfectly entitled to their opinions, and me to mine." Lost in his confusing thoughts, it came as a surprise when Salazar relized he was already at his dormitory. He was staring at a large, mossy stretch of stone wall, illuminated only by the flickering glow of dying torches set at intervals along the narrow corridor. 

"Slytherin," he muttered, leaning close to the wall for some reason. At hearing the correct password, a square gap had appeared in the wall, just large enough for him to squeeze through. The Slytherin Common Room had been built underneath the lake, so the room was reflected in an eerie, greenish tinge. Many glass cases full of ancient looking books filed up to the domed ceiling. There were many carpets and rugs, and strange, scary objects and instruments placed carefully on spindle-legged tables. However, Salazar saw none of this. He entered the dark room, expecting to find it empty, and turned to go upstairs. That's when he heard it. A soft, angry hissing noise. At first it was very quite, and distant, but the longer he stood there listening, the noise became louder, and more eerie. It filled up his ears like a drink, and began to make his head spin. He blinked, then whirled around. Swaying steadily on the spot, it's beady, yellow eyes fixed on him, was the largest serpent he had ever laid eyes on.   

Being nine full feet in length and at least half the size in width, it jabbed it's thick, muscular neck in strange motions as it hissed. The body consisted of deep, electric green scales and ended with at diamond-patterned tip. 

Instantly, Salazar whipped out his wand-though he had know idea of a spell to vanish snakes. He considered for a moment calling for help from the other three, before remembering they weren't on best terms at the moment. Vivid images and ideas swirled his mind as his heart raced and his breath caught in his throat. "What do I do?" he thought worriedly.

No matter now. The snake coiled itself upright so that it was staring eye to eye with Salazar. Then it lunged. 

"Protego!" he shouted. He wasn't ready for the attack quite yet, and it was the only thing he had in mind. It reared and struck again. This time, he was prepared. "Impedimenta!" The snake froze in mid-air, it's small eyes swiveling angrily in their sockets. His breathing shallow, Salaza stooped down to gaze into the serpent's face. He had seen many snakes before, roaming the country-side when he was younger, but this particular snake was different. Perhaps it was a trick of the light, but Salazar imagined he could see the faintest trace of understanding-of pity- in the snake's eyes. Unfortunately, the Impedimenta spell effects were wearing off, and the snake would regain use of it's body at any moment. It shook it's head and reared yet again towards Salazar-but he didn't try to fight it. Salazar wan't to find out what was so different about this snake. Somehow (though he had no idea how he knew it) he knew this serpent was special. He closed his eyes, and braced himself for the attack. At first nothing happened. He waited, clenching his fists, as if that would help. He gasped; the snake sunk it's inch-long, razor sharp fangs into his calf. He felt the warm drizzel of blood on his ankle, and fell over in agony. Suddenly the throbbing pain in his leg faded away, replaced by a wierd sensation that felt as if millions of little things were crawling around in the wound.

Then he was in pain, the worst pain he had ever felt. It felt like flaming, white-hot knives were piercing every inch of his body. He wanted to die, to make it stop. In the midst of this, Salazar could see those strange, yellow eyes of the serpent fixed on him, yet his eyes were still shut. And at the same time he was saying something to the serpent, yet his mouth was opened wide in a painful scream. It was confusing-strange-unnatural. Finally it stopped.

The snake slithered away from him, so he pushed himself upright and pulled out his wand. But this time, the snake did not rear again. Instead, it crawled away, through the hole in the wall and out of sight. At first there was nothing but shocked silence. Then the steady hissing filtered back into the room. It was angrier than before, and this time, seemed deadly.

It filled up inside him, and made his head spin again. Then he fainted. 



Sorry if this chapter was weird;it'll make sense in the next one; i'm currently working on it! Bare with me! =)

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