Old Magic

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  • Published: 12 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 2 Mar 2014
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What was the story behind Hogwarts's four founders? What were their lives like, fighting to create a peaceful magical society, and why were they fighting among themselves?


20. Chapter Twenty

Godric hurried after Salazar, while Rowena and Helga exchanged a look. A few moments later, Godric returned with a very disgruntled-looking Salazar at his side. "I just-I don't understand why you would want magical children to come here, if they would be surrounded by others in contact with the people," Salazar muttered. "It's a silly idea to me, and if I had it my way, I would prepare our kind to face the people."

"Salazar, we're trying to include them in a good way, not become the perfect enemies," Rowena explained. He sighed and looked out a window across the grounds. He seemed to be regretting coming back into the Hall. Suddenly his face lit up.

"I've got an idea," he said. "Why don't we separate the students. For example, the students without people contact could live in my...my-house! And the ones with contact could live in one of your houses!"

"It's an idea..." Godric said slowly. "We'll have to find a way to sort them out, though..."

"Oh! But if we're picking student characters, I want the cleverest ones! Or the witty and resourceful ones, like me!" Rowena said brightly. 

"Hold on! Hold on!" Godric exclaimed, as the three started chattering. "We have to make this official! I think I'd like....the bravest and the boldest! Because I went bravely into the forest, remember?" They sniggered.

"It's not really called 'being brave' if you don't come out in one piece, is it?" Rowena pointed out.

"Fine," he said. "But I still want the bravest ones."

Salazar added, "I think I'll be happy with the....with the...the most cunning! Or the ones with a serious dark sense of 'humor'."

Helga sighed and said, "I suppose I'll be left with the leftovers....the nicest ones I guess?"

"Sure," Rowena agreed. "But Godric...what do you mean 'by houses'?"

"I-well, we...I suppose we'll have to give our 'houses' a name. Perhaps the students could live in a dormitory especially for that particular house?"

"But what to name our houses?" Salazar asked. The four sat there quietly for quite some time. They each needed a different name for a brave, cunning, clever, and nice house. 

When they had sat there so long that the sun had already set, Godric stood up and announced, "We're getting no where with this. I say we simply name our houses after ourselves. Mine would be the House of Gryffindor, or Gryffindor House."

"Oh! Mine could be Ravenclaw House!" Rowena said excitedly.

"And then there would be Slytherin," Salazar said. 

"And last but not least...Hufflepuff!" Helga exclaimed. 

Suddenly Salazar's gleeful expression faded into a dark and gloomy one. "But even if we seperate the students," he said, "the ones with peole contact will still be addmitted into Hogwarts."

"Salazar, can't you let it go?" Rowena said exasperatly. "We know you hate the people, but why?"

He examined her balefully for a moment, before answering slowly and quietly, "If Hogwarts were entirely pure-blood...we wouldn't need to worry any more. We could...protect ourselves...and our kind..from the dangers the people bring. Rowena....you have to think about the greater good. It's for everyones benifit-even the peoples'!"

Helga sighed, causing Godric, Salazar, and Rowena to look up at her. She bit her lip in a thoughtful way. She seemed to be on the verge of speech. "I'm not sure...It's just-I..." She looked solemly at Salazar. "I think your view of the 'greater good' is not quite...as good...as ours." She gestured around the group. "You need to understand why we built Hogwarts in the first place. This castle is to be a school for solitude and study, not a battlefield for the creation of soilders to defend us against the people."

"I never said it was for-"

"I'm saying this meteforically, Salazar. Listen, if you keep convincing yourself-"

"Listen, all of you," Godric interrupted, because Salazar looked as if he were to start arguing. "I don't want another row. But Helga's right, and so is Rowena-"

"Why?!" Salazar demanded. "Why can't you see why I'm doing this? We have to do this for the greater good!" He stood up suddenly and strode stubbornly to the end of the Hall. "I'm going to bed," he said coldly, giving them an evil stare. 

"Bit dramatic, isn't he?" Rowena said in a loud whisper as the hem of Salazar's black cloak whipped around the wall and out of sight. 

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