Old Magic

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  • Published: 12 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 2 Mar 2014
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What was the story behind Hogwarts's four founders? What were their lives like, fighting to create a peaceful magical society, and why were they fighting among themselves?


16. Chapter Sixteen


Helga was trying, for the umpteenth time that day, to place all the school owls in the owlery tower. It wasn't really working. "Rowena! Can you help me?!" she pleaded as Rowena ran past, dragon dung flying from a bag in her hands and a horde of mandrakes running after her. 

"Sure," she panted. "I've no idea how to garden anyways." 

"Oh! I love to garden!" Helga exclaimed. "And I think these owls would like it if you took care of them."

It was midday. Grey thunderclouds clogged the sky, and a wispy, chilly wind was blowing. A light mist had started to fall. Godric and Salazar had dissapeared hours ago. The castle was starting to feel like home. all day yesterday the team had decorated the interior, added furniture, staircases, and classrooms. 

"You know what?" Rowena asked, as the rain drummed down harder, and the wind picked up. "I think we should decorate our towers."

"Good idea," Helga agreed.

A few minutes later, the girls were standing in the Entrance Hall, facing an impressive marble staircase and dripping wet. Rowena wrung her long, dirty-blonde hair out, creating a large puddle, and Helga shook her yellow dress daintily, adding to the puddle. "What do you reckon?" Helga asked, while Rowena magicked the puddle away. 

"I think we should do Ravenclaw Tower first!" she said excitedly. The four had agreed days ago to make a tower for themselves. Godric and Rowena had gotten the two tallest ones, Helga took a large cellar type room near the kitchens on the ground floor, and Salazar had settled for the dungeons.  They tore up the marble staircase, emerging in a long corridor. "Umm...which way?" Helga asked slowly. They were still getting used to the enormous castle, with seven floors, numerous towers, and long hallways and dungeons. 

"I think we go right," Rowena replied. They followed another corridor, up two staircases, and finally came across a tightly spiraling staircase. 200 steps, 500 steps, Rowena lost count. At last they came across a wooden door, with a knocker shaped like an eagle. Rowena gestured at it. Helga grabbed the knocker, and slammed it against the door. The knock sounded like a canon blast in the silence. Then a female voice said, "Which came first, the Pheonix or the Flame?"

Helga looked surprised. Rowena seized the chance and answered," Well, I think that a circle has no beginning." 

The door swung open, and admitted them into a circular room. Ravenclaw tower was beautiful. Above their heads was a large, doomed ceiling, painted a deep blue and with little stars strewn across it in various constellations. There were many bookcases, filled to the brim with all sorts of books. The walls were painted silvery-blue, and on the floor lay an ancient looking rug. Many windows lined the walls, giving them a clear look at the vast lake, now overflowing with the rain. To the left stood two doors. 

"Its gorgeous!" Helga whispered.

"Thank you," Rowena said. "I really wanted it to represent me." she explained. 

"What are the doors for?" Helga questioned, walking over and peering through them.

"Extra rooms," Rowena shrugged. "I had more space than I needed, I guess." 

"Well, I love it!" Helga said. "But I wish Godric and Salazar could see it." 

"You're in luck then, look, here they come." Rowena pointed out an open window. Staggering out of the forest was Salazar, but something was wrong. It seemed as though Salazar was supporting Godric, while Godric's black robes were stained with blood. 

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