Old Magic

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  • Published: 12 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 2 Mar 2014
  • Status: Complete
What was the story behind Hogwarts's four founders? What were their lives like, fighting to create a peaceful magical society, and why were they fighting among themselves?


6. Chapter Six


"What on earth, father?" He began, but his foster father shushed him with a menacing look. Silently, Godric's father whipped out his wand, and muttered,"Diccendium". Instantly, the roots at the foot of the tree started to wriggle like worms, then they tied up in knots with each other, finally forming a narrow, but surprisingly deep-looking, hole. With a hand gesture at the hole, his father ushered him forward. With a backward glance, Godric lowered his feet in the ditch, and let go of the grimy side of the hole. While cold, damp air rushed up his face and made his eyes water and sting, he only fell a few feet into the earth. Suddenly his feet hit solid ground, and his head bumped against the rough dirt ceiling. Not long after he was followed by his father, and finally the rest of the town. 

"Follow me, and keep quiet," Godric's father warned. They set off through a small passage lit with torches and lanterns, arriving in a circular room. "Well," His father smiled. "Take a seat. We'll begin the meeting when the rest arrive." 


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